Dareh Ardashes Gregorian – Facts About Maggie Haberman’s Husband

One of the most respectable and prestigious news publications in the world is The New York Times and one of its recognized journalists is Maggie Lindsay Haberman. Her husband is Dareh Ardashes Gregorian who is also a journalist who works for New York Post. Together, they have been walking the path of finding the truth and reporting it to American and global audiences.

Dareh Ardashes Gregorian has had an extensive career that has made him a successful man in his field. He has been in the profession for over two decades, with experiences that have led him to become an editor. We take a closer look at the life of Dareh Ardashes Gregorian below. Read below to learn more.

Dareh Ardashes Gregorian’s Bio

The New York Post journalist was born on the 24th of March, 1970 in Austin, Texas to parents Clare Gregorian and Vartan Gregorian. Not much is known of his childhood but he is one of three children born to his parents, with the other two siblings being two brothers named Vahe and Raffi.

Following the completion of his high school education, Dareh Ardashes Gregorian furthered his academic pursuits at Boston University where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in 1992.

After that, Dareh began his professional career when he joined The New York Observer as a part reporter and part researcher. After spending a year at The Observer, he crossed over to New York Post, where he began to work as a typist and a part-time reporter. He spent his first two years working in the role before he promoted to a full-time reporter in 1995.

Following his promotion, Dareh Ardashes Gregorian worked as a reporter for the New York Post between 1996 to 2012, covering several major news stories before he joined the New York Daily News in 2013. Over the course of his career, he has specialized in different aspects of news coverage from covering the Supreme Court to the Police to being a general assignment reporter.

After working with the New York Daily News for three years, Dareh was promoted to the role of political editor for the publication and has maintained the role ever since. He has also had a few awards to his name, including the New York City Police Department Crimestoppers Award.

While he has made strides since he joined New York Post, his wife, Maggie Haberman (whom he met at New York Post) has also made considerable strides in her profession. She has become one of America’s most notable journalist, working for two major news publications, The New York Times and CNN. For CNN, Maggie is a political analyst who makes appearances on several shows on the news network.

Relationship with Maggie Haberman

Dareh Ardashes Gregorian
Dareh’s wife, Maggie Haberman (left) during a New York Times summit

Scientifically, it is believed that you are more likely to fall in love and marry someone you share an environment with. While there are exceptions to that theory, it was true in the case of Dareh Ardashes Gregorian and Maggie Haberman. They met while they both worked for the New York Post in 1996.

Four years after joining the journalism industry, Dareh Ardashes Gregorian met his future wife and they dated for seven years and still remained in love with each other despite the ups and downs they faced together. In November 2003, Dareh Ardashes Gregorian and Maggie Haberman decided to take a step further in their relationship and went to the altar to tie the knot. Their marriage was held at Tribeca Rooftop in Manhattan and the union was officiated by a Chief Judge of the United States District Court, Judge Edward R. Korman.

Since declaring their love for each other in front of friends and family, Dareh and his wife have gone on to birth and raise three children – Max Gregorian, Miri Gregorian, and Dashiell Gregorian. They have since remained together in support of one another with no publicized scandal since they met in 1996, culminating to over 20 years as a couple.

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Other Facts About Dareh Ardashes Gregorian

  1. While his exact net worth is unknown, he earns an average of $48,000 to $78,000 per year.
  2. Dareh Ardashes’ father, Vartan Gregorian is a former president of Brown University and the New York Public Library while his mother, Clare Gregorian is the President and Chairwoman of Literacy Partners in Manhattan.
  3. By the virtue of his father’s ancestry, Dareh is an Armenian-American.
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