Who Is Daphne Oz Husband And How Many Kids Do They Have Together?

By every yardstick, Daphne Oz has established herself as one of the most accomplished and popular faces in the media industry where she has been serving as a TV host for several years. She is best known for her bestselling books on nutrition, as well as her successful run as a host on ABC network’s highly acclaimed lifestyle show titled The Chew. Considering she is the daughter of the renowned media guru and television doctor Mehmet Oz, Daphne has had very big expectations to live up to. So far, she has proven herself by becoming a huge success. Owing to her celebrity status, a lot of people have been curious about Daphne Oz’s husband, children, and what her life is like when the cameras go away.

The television host makes balancing her personal and professional life look easy in spite of the hectic schedules she has to deal with on most days. Daphne Oz has built a successful career as a public speaker, writer, and media personality; she has no intention of resting on her oars anything time soon.

Away from her professional accomplishments, Daphne is also engaged in non-profit work and has a number of causes that she actively supports and contributes to. Luckily for her, she has a good man behind her, offering support and encouragement when needed. Let’s look into all there is to know about Daphne Oz’s husband and family life.

Who Is Daphne Oz’s Husband?

Daphne Oz is blissfully married to John Jovanovic. John was born in 1986 to Serbian immigrants, Sretko Dimitric and Nada Jovanovic Dimitric in Chicago, Illinois. John’s father owned and ran his own contracting firm, while his mother Nada worked in the risk management insurance department at Aon Corporation as a client specialist, managing the accounts of the company’s clients for cargo and commercial maritime liability.

After finishing high school, Daphne Oz’s husband attended Princeton University where he studied politics. Afterward, he enrolled at the University of Pennsylvania and secured his MBA with a major in Finance & Entrepreneurial Management from The Wharton School.

What Does John Jovanovic Do?

John Jovanovic is an investment analyst and is well known in the finance sector. He is currently employed at Mercuria Energy Trading S.A as an Investment Director. The company is involved in the trading of commodities on the global market. His career choice was influenced by his mother who was also an established figure in the insurance and finance sector.

Even before he left Princeton, John was already gaining experience in his chosen professional path. In 2005, he worked for the Serbia Investment & Export Promotion Agency. He remained with them for three months. In 2007, he had another 3-month stint with Deutsche Bank as a Summer Analyst. In June 2008, he accepted a position as an analyst at Berenson & Company.

Two years later, he left the company to join Cadent Energy Partners and remained there until 2012 when he took his services to Noble Group of Energy Capital & Origination. John joined his present company, Mercuria Energy Trading in 2016 as an Investment Manager. He began serving as Investment Director in 2017. His other professional accomplishments include serving on the Board of Directors for Pin Oak Terminals and a four-year stint on the Next Generation Leaders Advisory Council at The McCain Institute for International Leadership.

How Did Daphne Oz Meet John Jovanovic?

Daphne Oz and John Jovanovic met while they were both studying at Princeton University. They quickly developed a close friendship which subsequently blossomed into lovers. Their relationship became serious in 2008 when they graduated and decided they would get married to each other in the future.

The investment analyst became Daphne Oz’s husband on August 28, 2010, following a civil ceremony conducted at the Manhattan Municipal Marriage Bureau, in New York. Afterward, they had two religious ceremonies to honor their respective heritages. The first event held at a Serbian Church called Synaxis, in Portland, Maine, and the second took place in the evening at the home of the bride’s grandparents in Cumberland, Foreside.

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How Many Kids Do They Have Together?

Daphne Oz with her husband and their kids
Daphne Oz with her husband and their kids: Image Source

While many high profile marriages are unable to withstand the pressures and demands that usually accompany them, Daphne and John have remained strong in their love and commitment to each other. As of 2019, they have been happily married for 9 years.

Their union has been blessed with four beautiful children. Their first daughter, Philomena Bijoum was born on February 26, 2014. The following year, on October 21, they welcomed their son Jovan Jovanovic. Another daughter Domenica Celine arrived on December 4, 2017. Baby number 4, Giovanna Ines was born on August 14, 2019. From the look of things, Daphne Oz’s husband is a wonderful father to their children.

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