Counting Cars Danny Koker’s Personal Profile, Wife and Net Worth

If you’re a fan of History Channel’s Counting Cars, then the name Danny Koker should not sound strange to you. To state what you already know, Danny Koker is a reality television personality known as Danny The Count, and the star of History Channel’s Counting Cars. If the name ‘Counting Cars‘ does not have a familiar ring then you can take your mind to the Las Vegas-based band Count’s 77 – their lead singer – that’s Danny.

Danny Koker’s life on TV is not enough for his numerous fans, who search tirelessly for more juicy facts about him; his lifestyle and personal life. To those fans, we’ve got all the answers you need right here.

Personal Profile of Danny Koker

Danny was born in Cleveland, Ohio, United States, on the 5th of January 1864 to Mary Koker and Daniel Koker. He developed the love for automobiles from his dad, who was a staff of the Ford Motor Company (Danny’s father gifted him his first car at the tender age of eight, which explains a lot about the man’s preoccupation with vehicles). Apart from his father, most of his relatives also worked for the Ford Motor Company, and as the years went by, Danny developed a flair as well as some good skills in the business. The family’s aspiration of creating their own business empire came to fulfillment when they acquired a TV station in Las Vegas called Channel 33, and it was at this station that Daniel launched his television career in 1990. Today, he fixes cars.

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Before then, Danny Koker moved to Las Vegas in the late 1980s and opened his famous restoration shop named ‘Count’s Customs.’ He has been on TV for many years in various reality TV shows. He featured in popular shows like Pawn Stars and American Restoration.

Koker’s flair for automobiles led him to start up his own reality TV show – Counting Cars. The television show, which aired its first episode in 2012, follows the activities of Danny “The Count” and his staff as they renovate and modify classic motorcycles and automobiles.

Presently he stars in the reality TV series Counting Cars which is the third spinoff of Pawn Stars, filmed in Las Vegas, Nevada. The show chronicles the daily activities at Danny Koker’s “Count’s Kustoms”. In the show, Danny is also seen in occasional conflicts between the cast members.

Is Danny Koker Married With Kids?

Danny Koker is married to his wife Korie Koker, who co-owns his Count’s Vamp’d Rock Bar and Grill in Los Angeles. The couple has no kids together yet. Danny and Korie, who seem to be enjoying their family of two, have shown no plans of expanding the family.

However, this could just be our opinion as the couple keeps every information about their marriage and personal life very private. They always talk about each other in interviews. Korie, in an interview, once described her husband as a very supportive man who puts his trust in her and allows her to make her own decisions.

Danny Koker
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A little insight into Korie’s background reveals that she was born in Las Vegas, Nevada, on the 8th of August 1965. However, the major part of her formative years was spent in Chicago, where she did high school and college education, graduating with a BA in broadcasting. The wife of Danny Koker got her first job working as a camera operator and then a production coordinator at a local TV station. At the same time, she was equally involved in building a career as a vocalist, and formed a live band with a few friends, even though the band was short-lived.

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On her marriage with Koker, the duo met in Nevada, after which they commenced a relationship that culminated in marriage. Though the date and venue of their nuptials is unknown, their wedding was a private affair conducted in a small ceremony. The couple has been inseparable since then, as they enjoy both a business partnership and a private relationship.

A Look At How Much He Is Worth

Danny “The Count” Koker is worth an estimated $13 million, quite deserving we must say for such a vibrant hard worker. In addition to fixing vehicles, he is a part-owner of a TV station in the Las Vegas area that runs B-rated movies. The serial entrepreneur is also part-owner of a restaurant and tattoo shop with the frontman of Mötley Crüe, Vince Neil.

His greatest asset is Counting Cars. Danny reportedly receives $100,000 as salary for each episode of Chasing Cars. This show has continued to air and has continued to garner more viewers by the day. We must not fail to mention that Danny Koker is also involved in philanthropy, though his interest runs to providing support for abandoned animals.

His Car Collection And Motorcycles Form Part Of His Assets

Danny Koker
His car and motorcycle collection image source

For a man who deals with cars and automobiles generally, Danny has quite enough. This description may become an understatement when we tell you that he has up to 58 vehicles and 78 customized motorcycles, just enough or too much? You decide.

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It doesn’t stop there; it may amaze you to know that Danny, who drives a 1965 Cadillac Fleetwood daily, also keeps adding to his collection of cars. The TV personality once said that his most prized vehicle is the 1972 Ford Roaster, which is the original Mattel Hot Wheels car. Again, we’ll leave you to decide how outrageous or soothing that is.

Why Was Danny Koker Rumored To Be Dead?

Death hoax is not new among celebrities as many of them had suffered a worse faith than Danny Koker. There were claims that the American television personality had passed on, but those allegations were promptly debunked when it came to light that the victim was his father, Daniel Koker, and not Danny Koker. It was thanks to the similarity between his name and that of his dad that the confusion arouses in the first place. Thus, when the news broke that Daniel Koker was no more, fans quickly assumed that it was the ‘Counting Cars’ star.

The automobile enthusiast’s bio cuts the figure of a man dedicated to his business and is always ready to pursue his passion, leaving a trail of success in his wake. His talent is multi-faceted as he engages in a wide range of family, business, and recreational activities. What’s more, Koker makes performing all these tasks seem so easy and effortless. It is not every day that we come across a singular man who functions as a business owner, a car enthusiast, a television show star, and also doubles as a rock star.


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