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For celebrities, finding love is a very hard game. Their fame, combined with their wealth and the reality of their profession makes it extra difficult to find a partner who is willing to navigate the complexities of their world forever, which is why they often look to fellow celebrities for love, because of their mutual realities. Although that solution doesn’t always work, it has provided some interesting matchups, like the relationship between Danny Fujikawa, a musician and Kate Hudson, a very popular actress.

While Kate Hudson is a widely recognized individual with a popularity that extends across the globe, Danny Fujikawa’s claim to fame is his LA-based rock band, Chief. Simply put, their levels of success is in no way at the same level, yet both of them have found a way to build a lasting relationship.

In this article, we take a closer look at who Danny Fujikawa is and his relationship with the actress. Read on to learn more.

Danny Fujikawa – Biography

The musician was born on the 10th of June, 1986 in Los Angeles, California. Considering he was born into a multicultural family, which includes a Japanese father and an American mother with mixed ethnicity, Danny Fujikawa had a very rich childhood life.

This is perhaps what drove him into the creative profession, choosing to study music at the university level after completing his basic education. He did not complete it, however, dropping out a year after enrolling in 2004.

Choosing not to spend his young days in class halls, Danny Fujikawa formed a band with his brother, Michael Fujikawa, and two men he had met during his brief period at New York University – Mike Moonves and Evan Koga. Together, they formed the band, Chief, a folk-rock band. Danny Fujikawa, who was skilled in guitar, became the guitarist of the band along with providing backup vocals.

Since inception, the band has released an EP titled, The Castle is Gone and was subsequently signed on to Domino Records. Since joining the label, Danny Fujikawa and the band has released an album and a couple of singles.

Apart from being an active musician, Danny Fujikawa has also dabbled into the management side of the music business, establishing his own label, Lightwave Records, in partnership with Chris Acosta. He has also made a minor appearance in the film, Scumbag.

Danny Fujikawa’s Relationship With Kate Hudson

Danny Fujikawa
Danny Fujikawa with his girlfriend, Kate Hudson during a trip to Cambodia

While his name might resonate with several residents of Los Angeles as the member of the band – Chief, to the rest of the world, it is his relationship with beloved actress, Kate Hudson that has made him a recognizable name. His relationship with the famed actress reportedly began in 2017 after they were found on a date in a Santa Monica Restaurant in March 2017.

While the tabloid papers and rumor mills went into a spiral about the existence of a relationship between the two, it was never confirmed by Kate Hudson until March 27th, 2017 when Danny and Kate attended the premiere of the film, Snatched, together, cozying up to each other on the red carpet.

Since they began dating, there has been little in the way of scandals about Danny Fujikawa and Kate Hudson. The couple has not only maintained a beautiful loving relationship but they have also added a daughter to their family, who was born on the 2nd of October, 2018 and was named Rani Rose Hudson Fujikawa.

Although that is the only child born to the couple thus far, Kate Hudson has publicly stated her interest in having another child with the musician, confirming that, indeed, everything is well with the couple.

Their child, Rani Fujikawa, is part of a growing list of children born to Kate Hudson, having given birth to two children from her two previous marriages to Chris Robinson and Matt Bellamy.

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Other Facts About Kate Hudson’s Boyfriend

1. Danny Fujikawa and Kate Hudson named their daughter – Rani (pronounced Ronnie) – after Danny’s grandfather, Ron Fujikawa. It is part of a close bond the couple has with their extended family, which includes Danny’s mother, Melissa Linehan.

2. Ethnically, Danny is part Japanese through his father, Ron, and part Danish, Irish, German and Dutch via his mother, Melissa. The family all currently live in Los Angeles.

3. His brothers, Michael Fujikawa and Brady Fujikawa, are also musicians.

4. Danny has an estimated net worth of $500,000.

5. He is 5 feet 11 inches tall.

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