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The creators of Instagram and YouTube may have simply wanted to create an avenue for people to share their photos and their creativity with people around the world but while that still continues to be the model of the platforms, they have become so much more than just a place to mindlessly express yourself. For people like Dannie Riel, Instagram and YouTube are digital workplaces, where they make money from their published works.

Dannie Riel is among several millions of men and women who have taken advantage of the social platform to create a source of income for themselves. Dannie Riel, through her travel vlogs on YouTube and her modeling on Instagram, has become a notable name in the online community with the financial clout to match.

You can read all about Dannie Riel and her life below as we take a closer look at one of the women driving the redefinition of online existence.

Who is Dannie Riel?

Dannie Riel is a Canadian born model who came into the world on the 16th of June, 1988. Born to parents with Asian origins, she was born in Manitoba to Chinese and French parents. As for her inter-racial parents, very little is known about them and that is a status that includes the childhood years of Dannie herself.

Along with her education history, very little is known about Dannie Riel until she exploded onto the social media scene as a model and a travel blogger. As a model and a travel blogger, she has traveled to several countries all over the world and has been the subject of several magazines, including those celebrating her Asian heritage, with one of them, bestowing her the title of Sexiest Asian Model alive.

Riel has been able to build a solid career that has combined her love for traveling with her physical perfection as a model, through the use of social media. Having uploaded her first video on YouTube in 2008, she has built a brand across all major social media platforms from Instagram to Twitter to Snapchat.

The French-Chinese model has also collaborated with other online personalities like Jason Chen, AJ Rafael, and Swoozie to further establish her online profile.

Who is Her Boyfriend?

One of the many implications of public life is the increased interest in their personal life by members of the public. The case hasn’t been different for Dannie Riel whose good looks and popular personality has drawn the interest of fans in her personal life. The answer to that question was Ken Nguyen, whom she dated for several years.

Ken Nguyen is a noted financial advisor whose close relationship with Dannie Riel included being her financial manager. The couple was never married but they shared two dogs. Unfortunately, everything that has a beginning must have an end and sometimes, that applies to relationships.

Dannie Riel and Ken eventually went their separate ways and while Ken is believed to have found love in the arms of another woman, Dannie is very much still a single woman.

What is Her Net Worth?

Between her travel vlogs on YouTube (@therielworld), which has earned her over 220 thousand subscribers and over 25 million views, her Instagram account, @dannieriel where she has over 1.2 million followers, and her fashion store, Dannie Riel is estimated to be worth over $2 million.

Dannie Riel
Dannie Riel at the Streamy Awards with Jus Reign

With her brand on an upward rise, Dannie Riel is expected to be worth a lot more in the near future as she draws the attention of travel companies and airlines.

How Tall is She?

Dannie Riel’s popularity has not only come from the interesting and fascinating places she has shown the world via her travel vlogs, but also her modelling career on Instagram. Dannie has not been shy to bare her body with the world in celebration of her sexuality or an advertisement for a fashion brand or sponsor.

The celebrated body has a height of 5 feet 2 inches with a body weight of 47kg. While she is not particularly skinny, Dannie Riel has a slim body with a body measurement of 34-24-22 inches, for her bust, waist, and hips respectively.

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Other Facts About Dannie Riel

  1. Dannie Riel is a fluent speaker of the French, Chinese and her natural language, English.
  2. As a big fan of food, Dannie Riel loves cooking.
  3. Her social media reach includes Facebook, where she has over 1.3 million likes on her profile as a public personality.
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