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The impact of reality TV shows in American television goes beyond the exploration of niche interest for its diverse group of viewers or the endless advertising revenue for TV networks. It has also been an avenue for regular Americans to become famous without necessarily having a career in Hollywood. An example of this is Danielle Colby, who is one of the stars of American Pickers.

Colby’s presence on American Pickers, which she has been starring on since its creation in 2010 has transformed her from an unknown burlesque dancer to a known cast member of television celebrity working in the famed antique shop, Antique Archaeology. In addition to her role on American Pickers, she is also a fashion designer.

You will learn more about this and every other interesting information about her in this article.

Danielle Colby Biography

Danielle Colby was born on the 3rd of December, 1975 in Davenport, Iowa. Much of her background is unknown but we can confirm that she was raised by parents who were Jehovah Witnesses. According to Colby, she had a difficult childhood, which involved sexual molestation at the hands of an unknown man. After a few years in Davenport, Danielle and her family relocated to Chicago where she came to fall in love with burlesque dancing.

We do not know much of her academic history but Danielle Colby, through watching burlesque performances of Margaret Cho, fell in love with the performance art and sought out training, becoming a burlesque dancer with the intention of making a professional career out of it. She later created her own burlesque dancing troupe, Burlesque Le Moustache, which has nine performers along with herself. The troupe is known to perform in Iowa and Illinois. As part of her love for burlesque dancing, Danielle also has a burlesque academy where she trains aspiring dancers in the art. The academy is named Dannie Diesel’s Bump ‘n’ Grind Academy, and it is based in Chicago.

With her burlesque dancing career established, life took another turn for Danielle Colby when her friendship with Mike Wolfe, which at the time had spanned a decade led her to begin a recurrent appearance on the show, American Pickers in 2010. On the show, which is a reality TV show about collectors who travel around America seeking to find and collect antiques and other valuable objects, Colby works at the office of the antique shop, Antique Archaeology.

She has remained a part of the show since its debut, appearing in over 270 episodes. Other TV show appearances we have seen her on include Tempest Storm and American Pickers: Best Of.

Net Worth

Danielle Colby started her professional life as a burlesque dancer but while it is a profession she fell in love with as a child living with her parents, it wasn’t as lucrative as her role in American Pickers, which, along with other sources of revenue has earned her a net worth estimated at $1.5 million.

Her income, apart from the show, is also believed to have come from a retro clothing company she owns and her burlesque academy.

Details of her Husband and Children

Danielle Colby
Danielle Colby with her longtime friend and American Pickers co-star, Mike Wolfe

Since she became a known public personality, we have come to learn that Danielle Colby has been married two times, first to Robert Strong and the second time to Alexandre De Meyer.

Her first marriage to Robert Strong began in 2004 and their time together, they were able to give birth to two children. Sadly, the demands and navigation of life as a public personality after she began to star on American Pickers led to the end of her marriage to Robert Strong. The marriage is believed to have ended in 2012.

After three years, Danielle Colby gave love another chance and went into another marriage with Alexandre De Meyer, who is an artist and a graphic designer.

There hasn’t been confirmation of a separation between the couple but she has been subject to rumors of a relationship between herself and her friend, Mike Wolfe, a rumor she has repeatedly dispelled. At the moment, it is believed that she continues to maintain her relationship with Alexandre De Meyer.

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Other Facts About Danielle Colby

  • Her retro clothing company is named 4 Miles 2 Memphis.
  • She used to be an owner and a participating member of a roller derby team named The Big Mouth Mickies.
  • She is a big fan of tattoos and has several of them all over her body, including her arms and neck area.
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