Danielle Cohn – Mom, Sister & Boyfriend of the Controversial Actress

Danielle Cohn popularly known as Dani, is a controversial teenage American actress, model, social media personality, vlogger, and recording artist signed with the label Audity Music. She gained the attention of the internet community through the app musical.ly, which is now known as TikTok after she started posting under the handle @DanielleCohn. Following the release of her first single “Marilyn Monroe” in 2017, the young girl now has more than 10 million fans on the app. In March 2018, she also released the music video to her song “Little Like Paradise”.

In addition to having over 3.5 million Instagram followers, the social media princess also has a self-named YouTube channel which was created on May 3, 2010, and has more than 148 million views and over 1.3 million subscribers as of June 2019.

Danielle Cohn Bio & Age

Born as Danielle Haleigh Cohn, aka Dani, in Florida, the United States, the issue of Danielle’s age and date of birth have been a subject of considerable online controversy as many people do not believe she is 15 years old as of 2019.

But then, Danielle Cohn took part in and emerged winner of the 2014 Miss Florida Jr. Preteen Beauty Pageant. Among the requirements to qualify for the pageant is that a contestant must not be more than 10 years old. Therefore, if she was 10 in 2014, then she is truly 15 in 2019. Nevertheless, the internet community strongly believes that she is not being truthful about her real age and that she is a few years younger than she claims.

Speaking to BuzzFeed, Danielle’s mother, Jennifer Archambault aka Jen, revealed that her daughter’s journey to fame began when she was just 11. At the time, Jen worked two jobs in order to provide for Danielle and her older brother. When she would work at night, she would leave the only phone they had with the kids. During one of those nights, Danielle Cohn, who was just 11 at the time, stumbled on Instagram where she got to know about an app known as Musical.ly which allows users to upload short videos of themselves lip-synching along to popular songs, and then share them with other users.

Her first 15-second lip-synching video was recorded and shared on the app in 2016 but according to Danielle, she did not really like the app at the start. She, however, got to like the lip-synching part of it and started doing it a lot. She subsequently had enough videos on the app which positioned her at the top of the Musical.ly leaderboard and not long after, attracted one million followers to her account.

In October 2016, the Musical.ly star was sent her first advert request and at this point, she opened up to her mother about what she has been doing on the app and the money she stands a chance of making from it. Daniell’s mom was shocked that her little daughter would be making a lot more than what she makes in one week. According to Jen, an average advert or sponsored video opportunity on Musical.ly offered $400 to $500 at the time and Danielle Cohn would receive many requests in a week.

The total money she made from a handful of brand-sponsored, lip-synched videos was also more than what the preteen’s mom earned from her two jobs combined. Danielle’s mother took up the responsibility of filing the incoming requests and receiving payments on her daughter’s behalf, putting the money she earned on ads in a different account for college.

Following the growth of Danielle’s fanbase and viewership, her payout for ads on Musical.ly also grew and soon, mom and daughter began getting invitations from companies to attend business meetings in Los Angeles. As Daniells’s internet career grew bigger, her mother decided to quit her night job as a cashier to help her manage her personal brand. In 2017, 13-year-old Daniel Cohn, in a bid to convert her massive social media following into a music career, moved with her family from Orlando to Los Angeles as she and her mom were already spending much time there. 

Her mother left her job as a teacher, enrolled Danielle in online classes at a private Christian school, and took up a new full-time job as her daughter’s manager. The teenager now has more than 10 million fans on Musical.ly and she got into 2018 attracting partnership and endorsement deals with brands such as Samsung, Six Flags, and Live Nation, among others.

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Her Parents and Sister

As earlier stated, Danielle Cohn is the daughter of Jennifer Archambault. Her father’s name is not known but it has been reported that he divorced his wife, Jennifer and has not been in his children’s lives since then.

The online celebrity has no sister; rather, she has an older brother named Chad Rock-Cohn, who is also a star on TikTok. Together with her mom, they have been very supportive of Danielle’s career. However, Danielle is often referred to as the sister of another YouTube star whose channel is named Melody Official because of the similarities they share; not in looks but in being very young, in dressing, and doing things not fit for kids their age online.

Who’s Her Boyfriend?

Danielle Cohn
Danielle and her boyfriend Mikey Tua: Image Source

The internet star has been involved with a number of guys including Sebastian Topete, her co-Musical.ly star who was 17 at the time while she was 13. A lot of her followers found the relationship very inappropriate but not Danielle’s mom who said that the duo had been friends for more than one year before they became a couple. They later parted ways in 2018 and in the same year, Danielle Cohn started dating Mikey Tua. Mikey has featured in Danielle’s YouTube videos and also in the video of her song “Only You”.

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Danielle Cohn’s Height

For now, the social media sensation stand at 4 feet 10 inches (1.52 meters). She is still a growing child and will definitely gain more height as time goes on.


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