Danielle Busby Biography – 5 Interesting Facts About Adam Busby’s Wife

Danielle Busby is a popular American reality TV star who shot into the spotlight for two reasons; first for delivering a set of quintuplets and secondly for starring in the reality TV show called OutDaughtered. The TV show was created to feature her large family including the quintuplets as they move about living their daily lives. The show has won several devoted fans who have variously expressed their admiration for the kids as they grow in front of the camera.

Danielle’s story is quite a phenomenal one considering the fact that she was initially unable to conceive and deliver babies. However, things cleared up for her and her husband as they soon welcomed new members into their family, a development which kick-started their reality TV career.

Danielle Busby Biography

Danielle Busby was born on the 23rd day of the month of December in the year 1983, in Lake Charles, southwest Louisiana, USA. It was also in Lake Charles that she spent her early days growing up with her family. She was born to a mother called Michelle whom she is very fond of. However, not much is known about her father whose identity has largely remained concealed from the public eye over the years.

Danielle Busby is not an only child; she has two sisters identified as Ashley and Crystal with whom she grew up in Lake Charles. Ashley and Crystal are actually twin sisters. Both girls and Danielle have been very fond of each other as kids and even today as grown-ups.

Details are scarce on Danielle’s educational status. It is believed that she had some form of formal education but the names of the institutions where she had her schooling remain quite vague at the moment.

1. How She Met and Married Her Husband Adam Busby

Danielle Busby and her husband, Adam Busby, met in an interesting manner. The pair met themselves while they were both working at a Target Store in Lake Charles. According to sources, while they were working together, they didn’t talk to each other for some months even though Adam had developed some liking for Danielle.

When Adam eventually spoke to Danielle, the very first words he said to her were “hey beautiful” and then struck up a conversation. The man eventually asked her out on a date and she accepted. The date turned out to be the birthday dinner for Adam’s sister where Danielle met Adam’s family members. That night, Adam asked her to be his girlfriend and she accepted.

After dating for nearly 3 years, Adam proposed to Danielle on Christmas Eve. They finally tied the knot as husband and wife on 22nd July 2006 in front of close friends and family members. Following their wedding, the couple moved from Lake Charles to Houston, Texas in order to start their family there.

2. She and Her Husband Struggled with Infertility

Danielle and Adam Busby are both lovers of children and they were looking forward to having great kids together. However, after their marriage, they found out they had fertility issues. They tried for one whole year to have a baby without success. This was because Adam had a low sperm count, and suffered the problem of low testosterone levels, and sperm motility. On the other hand, Danielle suffered from irregular ovulation.

Seeing that they had issues giving birth, the couple turned to doctors for a way out. The doctor advised them to try and conceive by using a procedure called intrauterine insemination (IUI). They tried this procedure for some months without success, however, Danielle later got pregnant. They eventually welcomed their first baby; a girl whom they called Blayke Louise Busby in April 2011.

3. She is the First American Mother to have an All-Girl Quintuplets

After having Blayke Louise Busby, Danielle and Adam tried for a baby again. Danielle started taking a drug called Femara which was usually used to treat breast cancer. The treatment worked after some months and Danielle got pregnant, however, when they went for an ultrasound, they realized that Danielle was actually pregnant with not one but five babies. This realization both surprised and elated the couple so much that Adam almost passed out.

Danielle finally gave birth to their quintuplets on the 8th of April, 2015 at 28 weeks through a C-Section. The quintuplets were named Ava Lane Busby, Olivia Marie Busby, Hazel Grace Busby, Riley Paige Busby, and Parker Kate Busby.

According to sources, Ava and Olivia are identical twins while Hazel, Parker, and Riley are fraternal triplets. With the birth of the quintuplets, Danielle became the first and only American woman to give birth to an all-girl quintuplet, a fact that made her make the headlines.

Danielle Busby
Danielle Busby with her husband, Adam and their kids.

4. The Reality Show OutDaughtered was Created For Them

With Danielle and Adam already getting some attention from the media because of their status as the first American couple to welcome quintuplet girls, a new TV show was created on TLC, a popular American pay television channel to feature the family and focus on the girls as they grew up together. The show was called OutDaughtered.

The TV show premiered on May 10, 2016, and it has succeeded in gaining lots of fans who watch the show to see America’s first all-girl quintuplets. The show has been on the air for 4 seasons and the fifth season starts by June 11, 2019.

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5. Net Worth

TV business is good business. Apparently, being on the OutDaughtered TV show has brought Danielle and Adam quite a lot of fortune. According to sources, the couple also runs an indoor cycling studio called Rush Cycle in League City, Texas. This is also expected to fetch them some money.

Their participation in the reality show and their ownership of the indoor cycling studio has fetched them some wealth. At the moment, their net worth has been pegged at about $300,000 by celebrity wealth calculators.

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