Daniel John Gregory – Bio, Family & Facts About Martha MacCallum’s Husband

When Donald Trump became the President of the U.S. in January 2017, the world waited to see how a businessman with no political experience would run the country. As such, Fox News Channel decided to document the early days of the Trump Administration by creating a program named The First 100 Days. The program anchored by Daniel John Gregory’s wife Martha has been renamed The Story With Martha MacCallum after her.

That’s how famous Daniel’s wife is. On the contrary, he is not very popular. Thus, this post is all about Martha MacCallum’s husband, Daniel John Gregory.

Early Life and Career

Daniel is a veteran businessman who was born in 1963, in Upper Montclair, New Jersey in the United States of America. He manages a family business known as Gregory Packaging Inc – the producers of the Suncup line of products. The Suncup brand mainly includes fruit juices. Daniel rose to become the vice president of the company that is located in New Jersey, Arizona, and Georgia. However, in spite of his obviously rich background in business, Daniel is unarguably better known for being the husband of the FOX news anchor and broadcast journalist, Martha MacCallum.

Concerning Daniel John Gregory’s education history, we have no information about where or when he went for his elementary school. As for high school, reports have it that he attended Father Judge High School, a respected Catholic high school in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Daniel is said to have been a famous dude in high school as a result of being very active in sports. He excelled in a number of sporting activities such as track and field events, as well as hockey and soccer. Afterwards, Daniel proceeded to Villanova University to study Business Administration.

After graduating from college, Daniel John Gregory immediately put his qualification to use by focusing his career energy on the family-owned company, Gregory Packaging Inc. His business acumen was part of the reason the company expanded its base from New Jersey to Georgia, as well as Arizona.

Who Are Daniel John Gregory’s Family?

Daniel John Gregory and wife Martha MacCallum
Daniel John Gregory and his wife Martha MacCallum: Image source

Daniel John Gregory’s birth family resided in Montclair, New Jersey, where he was born and raised. He was born to father Edward R. Gregory and mother Mary Gregory. Apart from the foregoing, we do not have more details about Daniel’s folks.

On the personal front, it is on record that Daniel is married to the famous news anchor Martha MacCallum whom he met at a wedding. They went ahead to get married in 1992 and have remained so since then. Divorce rumours were once massively peddled against the couple. The rumour was based on the obvious rapport that exists between Daniel’s wife Martha and her fellow FOX anchor Bill Hemmer. Eventually, this turned out to be no more than just a rumour. Martha MacCallum denied it and continued to show marital commitment towards her husband. Daniel himself has also never flinched from showing love towards his wife.

In spite of his wife being a media personality, Daniel John Gregory manages to keep much of his family affairs away from the public. So, much of the relevant facts relating to his family are not available to us yet. While we know that their marriage has produced at least three children, we do not know exactly when they were born or their names. One of them is said to be aspiring to be a broadcast journalist like her mother. To actualize it, she chose to study Broadcasting at her dad’s alma mater, Villanova University.

Other Facts About Daniel John Gregory

1. Daniel John Gregory enjoys an estimated net worth of $1 million as of late 2018 while his wife was said to be worth $8 million.

2. Daniel’s wife Martha is known for interviewing high-profile personalities like former President Barack Obama, Senator John McCain, General David Petraeus, former first lady Laura Bush and former New Jersey Governor, Chris Christy.

3. Daniel’s wife is also known for covering high-profile events like the U.S. Presidential elections of 2004, 2008 and 2012, as well as the visit of Popes John Paul II and Francis to the U.S.A.

4. Daniel Gregory has no social media presence as he does not seem to have time for it.

5. His height is listed as 5 feet 10 inches and his weight is 75kg. His eye colour is brown.

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