Daniel Craig Net Worth: How Much Does He Make From playing 007?

Although he has been acting since 1992 and has featured in several notable projects like Zorro, Obsession, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, and a few others, Daniel Craig is most known for his work playing the British spy, James Bond. He began to play the role in 2006, with his first movie being Casino Royale. As a result, Daniel Craig, over the course of other appearances as James Bond, has amassed a huge net worth.

In combination with other movie and TV appearances, which has totaled over 70 since he made his debut as an actor, Daniel Craig has built a net worth large enough to make him one of the richest actors in the world. Check out the actor’s net worth below, including details about how much he makes from playing James Bond.

What is Daniel Craig’s Net Worth?

Daniel Craig has a net worth of $130 million, according to the popular website, Celebrity Net Worth. His net worth right now is a huge contrast to the early period of his life as an actor where he worked as a waiter in a restaurant.

He was trained a classical actor and was a member of the National Youth Theatre before he got his first onscreen role as Sgt. Botha in The Power of One in 1992. In the same year, he appeared in his first TV show, Anglo Saxon Attitudes as Gilbert Stokesay and the shows, Covington Cross and Boon.

Before he became a Hollywood movie star, he made several appearances in British productions, starring across several movies and TV shows, including Obsession, Elizabeth, Love & Rage, and while they were not the big payday that his role as James Bond has been, they were significant income sources that contributed to his net worth.

His first major paycheck came when he starred alongside Angelina Jolie in the adventure film, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider in 2001. It was his first major introduction to the American audience and after starring in several low budget movies, such as Enduring Love, Layer Cake, and Munich, he got his biggest break by getting cast as James Bond, appearing in his first film in the role in Casino Royale in 2006.

Since then, Daniel Craig’s profile has increased and so has his income, commanding sizeable salaries in subsequent movies like $6 million for his role in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, $5 million for Dream House and $6 million for Cowboys & Aliens.

Aside from the earnings from his earnings from his non-James Bond films, which have been substantial, the commercial success of his role as James Bond, which has fetched over $3.5 billion at the global box office from his first four movies in the franchise, has made Daniel Craig one of the highest-paid actors to play the role of James Bond.

With huge salaries as James Bond and an extensive filmography with over 70 movies and TV shows where he has earned millions in salary, it is no wonder that the Chester, England born actor has a net worth of $130 million.

How Much Does He Have From Playing 007?

Daniel Craig net worth
Daniel Craig during the filming of Skyfall

The role of 007 is one of the most iconic roles any actor could play throughout their career. Not only is it a prestigious role with a global following but it is one of the most lucrative ones and Daniel Craig has built a considerable net worth from playing the British spy. His movies as James Bond have fetched over $3.5bn at the global box office and he has earned over $100 million for his roles in all five Bond movies.

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Daniel Craig earned $3.2 million for his first movie in the franchise, Casino Royale. The movie made almost $600 million worldwide. His second movie, Quantum of Solace, also fetched almost $600 million at the global box office and Daniel was paid $7.2 million for it. His third Bond film, Skyfall, was a huge commercial success, fetching $1.1 billion worldwide and giving Daniel a $17 million payday. Daniel’s fourth film in the series, Spectre, fetched him $47 million through acting, endorsement and backend deals. His fifth and final film in the series, No Time to Die, will reportedly earn him $25 million in base salary and an estimated over $75 million in backend deals, depending on the film’s commercial success.

With such huge income from starring in the Bond franchise, it is no wonder that a lot of major actors want to play the role.

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