10 Most Dangerous Prisoners Who Broke Out of Jail In Real Life

Several successful prison breakouts in the world have resulted to dangerous prisoners escaping from the bars of detention centres. Who are these dangerous criminals?How did they escape and where are they now? These dangerous prisoners are neither faceless nor nameless for sure. Here’s the list of 10 most dangerous prisoners who escaped from prison.

1.Pascal Payet:

Born in 1963, Payet is a French criminal who is widely known for making two successful prison escapes using helicopters. Payet, arrested and sentenced for a 30-year jail term in France’s Luynes prison for a murder committed after a robbery of a security van in 1997 planned and executed a prison escape that continues to stun many people. He made two prison escapes using a helicopter. He was captured on September 21, 2007, after his second escape. He is one of the most dangerous prisoners in France

2. Jay Junior Sigler:

In his eighth year of a 20-year jail prison sentence, Jay Junior Sigler an inmate charged for armed robbery at the infamous Everglades Correctional Institution decided to plan a prison escape strategy that saw him escape from prison with the help of his mother, Sandra Sigler and a few of his friends. He escaped in broad daylight when three of his friends rammed an eighteen-wheeled truck through four prison fences followed by a car driven by his mother. After escaping successfully, Jay and his friends swapped vehicles at a local mall. Jay was killed in an attempt to flee after realizing that they were being followed. The car he was driving slammed into an oncoming vehicle resulting to his death.

3. Antonio Ferrara:

Antonio Ferrara was sentenced to an 8-year jail term at the age of 29 years after being arrested for two counts of armed robberies. He had also been suspected for taking part in at least fifteen more such cases. On March 12, 2003, Antonio Ferrara escaped from Fresnes prison in France using an explosive that no one knows its source. This was five years into his prison term. Six of his accomplices had stormed the prison gates firing AK 47s and launching rocket-propelled grenades, ruthlessly killing the guards. Ferrara was arrested after four months of a police manhunt.

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4. Frank Morris:

Frank Morris and two other inmates came up with a master plan on how they would escape from prison using a ventilation shaft that was housed on an unguarded utility corridor that led to the roof of the prison. They used stolen drill bits and a vacuum cleaner motor to make a drill that would successfully help them to dig their way out of prison. After two years of planning, Frank Morris and his friends broke out of prison into the waters of surrounding Alcatraz. It is widely believed that they drowned in these waters, although the body of Frank Morris and one of his friends were never found.

5. Steven Jay Russell:

Russell was born in 1957 in the United States and is believed to have escaped from prison on multiple times. He is still serving his term in a solitary confinement at the Texas Department of Criminal Justice with only one free hour to exercise in a day. These efforts are aimed at taming him from making any further successful prison escape attempts.

6. Alfred George Hinds:

George Hinds escaped from Nottingham Prison after sneaking through the locked doors of the prison and going over a 20-foot prison wall. He then used his charm to make a second successful prison escape until his arrest two years later after he was stopped in an unregistered vehicle. In 1966, Hinds published a personal account of his escapes and his clashes with the English legal system in a book he titled Contempt of Court which earned him celebrity status

7. Richard Lee McNair:

McNair escaped three times from three different correctional institutions using various creative methods. It is believed that he used a lip balm to squeeze out of a pair of handcuffs in his first attempt and crawling through a prison ventilation duct in his second attempt. In his last escape from a federal prison in April 2006, McNair mailed himself from the prison using a crate.


 8. Joseph Bolitho Johns:

Joseph Bolitho Johns is well known as Moondyne Joe, and was a Western Australia Bushranger who escaped from prisons on several occasions. His notoriety made Moondyne Joe a household name in Western Australia and the surrounding areas.

9. Jack Sheppard:

Sheppard was a thief and a burglar in the city of London in the late years of the 18th century. It is believed that he escaped four times from different prisons leading to his hanging at Tyburn when he was arrested on the fifth time. This led to an end of his two-year-old criminal/crime career.

10. Brendan McFarlane:

Brendan McFarlane was born in 1983. He is widely known for escaping from Hm Prison maze on 16, January 1986. Brendan McFarlane is regarded as one of the guys who launched successful prison attempts in the late 80s.

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