Tom Petty and Dana York
Tom Petty and Dana York: Image Source

Following the unexpected demise of the famous rock and roll legend Tom Petty on October 2nd, 2017, due to excessive intake of prescription drugs, there has been lots of inquiries by curious fans and lovers of the rock genre aimed at uncovering all there is to know about the life of their icon up until his death. Such inquiries would normally lead to a sudden interest in his wife Dana York who put out the 911 call after Petty had the heart attack that eventually led to him giving up the ghost at the UCLA Medical Centre in Santa Monica, California. Let’s learn more about the woman.

Dana York Biography

Dana York was born in 1964 in Flint, Michigan but spent most of her childhood and Teenage years in Genessee County, Michigan. She is an American by nationality and belongs to the white ethnic group. Dana attended Flushing High School and graduated in 1982. She furthered her education and worked as an educator at the University High School in Ferndale, Michigan for several years. Due to her numerous contributions to the school, she eventually its principal.

When Dana York met Tom Petty for the first time in 1991, she was married and just a woman who lived like every normal American. Everything changed in 1996 following her divorce from her husband. Coincidentally, Tom Petty and his wife Jane Benyo would put an end to their 22 years marriage citing irreconcilable differences fueled by their addiction to narcotics.

Both fresh out of their marriages, Dana and Tom’s path crossed again in 1996 and this time they found it easy to connect since they were both lonely and heartbroken. Within a short while, they began dating officially and would go on to date for six years until June 3, 2001, when they tied the knot in a private wedding ceremony attended by a few friends and family members; the event happened at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. Few weeks after their wedding, they held a second marriage ceremony in their home in Malibu which was officiated by Little Richard.

For the next sixteen years, their marriage would serve as a model to other Hollywood stars owing to the fact that they remained together even when Tom Petty’s usage of narcotics skyrocketed. At some point, Petty acknowledged Dana’s contributions in helping him curb his habits of excessive drug use.

Her Net Worth

Being married to a popular musical genius comes with several perks, some of which are living in vast lush mansions, driving flashy cars, traveling to several exotic destinations and of course having a fat bank account. While we are well aware of all her luxuries, one thing that is very much unknown about Dana York is her net worth. Nonetheless, her late husband was known to have an estimated net worth of $95 million before his demise.

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Facts To Know About Tom Petty’s Wife

1. Although her marriage with Tom Petty lasted for 16 years, they never had any child together. Nevertheless, Tom had 2 daughters from his previous marriage with Jane Benyo; they go by the names Adria Petty and Kimberly Violette Petty. Likewise, Dana has a son from her previous marriage; he goes by the name Dylan.

Dylan, Dana York, and Tom Petty
Dylan, Dana York, and Tom Petty (Image Source)

2. A year after the death of her husband, she formed an alliance with his bandmates, producers, and both of his daughters to pay tribute to him by releasing a masterpiece of his greatest hits so as to keep his legacy alive.

3. Dana York is no stranger when it comes to drug abuse as her father was an addict. As a matter of fact, it was her early exposure to drug abuse that made her stick with Tom Petty even when she found out his substance abuse problems. At a point, she succeeded in keeping the musician away from his habit of drugs use, but her victory was short lived.

4. She has a strained relationship with her late husband’s daughters. In April 2019, she filed a lawsuit against both of them claiming they were obstructing her from managing his estate. In retaliation, Adria filled a lawsuit against their father’s widow claiming that Dana intends to keep her and her sister away from being part of the decision-makers in managing the estate as stipulated in their father’s will.

5. On the day that Tom Petty collapsed due to his incessant abuse of prescription drugs, Dana York performed a CPR to revive him before the arrival of the ambulance but it failed.

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