Who Is Dan Greiner – Lori Greiner’s Husband? 5 Things You Should Know

One thing that is probably not appreciated enough is the vast difference between how celebrities experience seemingly normal things every regular person experience, particularly relationships. The need to factor in the publicity that comes with everything you do or say in public is an important element that plays on the dynamic of a celebrity relationship. How you feel about that depends on the individuals involved but this is something Dan Greiner has come to experience as the husband of Lori Greiner.

It is difficult to determine how exactly the public nature of their marriage and particularly the career of Lori Greiner as a television personality on Shark Tank has affected their marriage but seeing as they have been together for over 20 years, it suggests that it isn’t playing a critically negative role.

Take a further look at who Dan Greiner is by reading below.

Who is Dan Greiner?

The popular quote might say ‘behind every great man, there is a great woman’ but it should have read behind a great person, is an equally supportive great person, because that is what Dan Greiner has been as the spouse for one of Shark Tank’s popular personalities, Lori Greiner.

Unfortunately, despite the extra attention, background information about the life of Dan Greiner hasn’t made it onto the public sphere and as such information about him like his parents, date of birth and birthplace are currently unknown. When it comes to his education too, there is not much to tell but one can be assured that whatever his education history was, it was of enough quality for him to become an important cog in a corporate wheel and marry a prestigious woman like his wife.

Regardless of the wealth of non-public information that plagues the life of Dan Greiner, we have been able to gather five interesting facts you can learn about the man and his relationship with his wife.

1. He is the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of For Your Ease Only

Let’s be honest, you can’t be the husband of an influential and wealthy personality like Lori Greiner if you are an unremarkable person and as for as being remarkable goes, Dan Greiner is one. The course of his professional career has led him to the position of Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of his wife’s company, For Your Ease Only. As Vice President, the focus of his work covers the management of company inventory, the accounts, shipping, and packaging.

2. He quit Bell & Howell Corporation to work with his wife

We mentioned the quote ‘behind every great man, there is a great woman’ earlier, emphasizing on how it should have simply been about supportive partners. Well, as far as being a supportive partner goes, it doesn’t get more supportive than Dan Greiner who quit his role as a controller at Bell & Howell Corporation to join and work for his wife’s growing company.

According to available information, with his support, the pivotal business move got For Your Ease Only on to QVC, the American Shopping Television Channel.

3. He has been married to his wife for over two decades

Dan Greiner
Dan’s wife, Lori Greiner

We do not have the exact date that Dan Greiner and Lori Greiner went to the altar to say their vows but we know the couple has been together as man and wife for over two decades, according to a piece by a magazine on Lori Greiner. The over twenty years old marriage began after a chance encounter in the Lincoln Park area of Chicago in a local bar called Kincaid’s. The coincidental meeting eventually blossomed into a relationship that blossomed into a marriage.

4. Dan and his wife, Lori Greiner do not have children

Dan and Lori Greiner seem to be a couple that has all they want and can afford what they have. However, in that list of wants, a child is not among. The couple has chosen not to procreate, a fact which has led to negative impressions of Lori Greiner when her status as a powerful businesswoman is considered.

However, she and her husband have been able to establish their lack of children isn’t out of dislike for kids, but rather they love them and simply do not believe the journey is for them. As babies, while Lori doesn’t have human ones, she has over 120 US and International product patents to her name.

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5. They live in Philadelphia and Chicago

Dan Greiner and his wife, Lori currently share their time between the two major American cities. They primarily live in Philadelphia, where they spend at least six months every year.

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