Truth About Dan Bilzerian and How He Made The Money He Flaunts

Regular partying with scores of gorgeous ladies, vacations in some of the world’s most exotic locales, and an array of luxurious vehicles, yachts, and private jets at your beck and call. Sounds like the ultimate fantasy for most humans or at least, the plot of a Hollywood flick, right? Well, this is not a fantasy but the real life of Dan Bilzerian.

Popularly known as the Instagram King, the American-born Bilzerian is a famed poker player as well as an actor and producer. He leads a lavish and ostentatious lifestyle which he gladly shares with his millions of followers on Instagram. Such outlandish living has predictably led to several controversies. It has also raised questions as to how the internet personality came about his stupendous wealth.

Unmasking The Sources of Dan Bilzerian’s Wealth

Some reports estimate Dan Bilzerian’s wealth at a whopping $200 million while more conservative estimates put it at $150 million. Whichever it is, there is no doubt that the internet personality is rolling in money as he doesn’t hesitate to share his escapades with the masses. But, how did all this wealth come about? That is what we shall find out shortly.

Winnings from Poker and Gambling

If you ask the internet personality himself, he will readily tell you that the primary source of his wealth is poker. According to Bilzerian, he started playing poker in college and gambled all his money away. He however regrouped and traveled to Las Vegas where he was able to turn a paltry $10,000 into $187,000. This was in the early 2000s and since then, Bilzerian has not looked back. He has become a famed poker player, playing in the World Series of Poker Main Event. He has also gone up against Hollywood stars such as Tobey Maguire, Nick Cassavetes, and Gabe Kaplan.

Going by his accounts, Bilzerian has made as much as $10.8 million in one night of poker as well as $50 million in one singular year. The Florida native has however had losses along the way including a loss of up to $3 million in one day. Despite this, Dan Bilzerian remains unperturbed and continues betting on high stakes games. For instance, in 2016, he made a bet with a famed poker player, Rick Salomon, that he could cycle from Hollywood Hills to Los Angeles (a distance of 300 miles) within 48 hours. The internet personality eventually achieved this feat within 33 hours and got to keep his private jet as well as $1.2 million from Salomon.

He’s a Trust Fund Baby

Dan Bilzerian is always claiming to be a self-made millionaire but this is not entirely true. The Instagram personality hails from a wealthy family and owes a portion of his fortune to his background. Dan is the son of the famed corporate raider, Paul Bilzerian. The senior Bilzerian held sway between the 70s and 80s, building up a humongous fortune from taking over companies. He was however investigated for unscrupulous practices and convicted of fraud in 1989. Since then, Paul and the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) has been in an intricate cat and mouse game.

The SEC states that he owes the government $62 million in fines while he maintains that he has no money left and even went ahead to file for bankruptcy in 1991. Financial experts however point out that Paul must have hidden his money in his wife’s name as well as the trust funds he set up for his two sons, Dan and Adam. That trust fund was worth $11.7 million as far back as 1997 and must have increased tremendously by now. Dan and his family have downplayed this fact but the truth remains that the Instagram king owes a significant portion of his net worth to the trust fund that his dad set up for him.

Dan Bilzerian
Dan Bilzerian’s parents, Paul and Terri: Image Source

Business Ventures and Acting Career

Another budding source of Bilzerian’s wealth is Hollywood. The internet personality has scored bit parts in several movies including The Other Woman, The Equalizer, Olympus Has Fallen, War Dogs, Lone Survivor, and Cat Run 2. However, and most importantly, Bilzerian also invests in the financing of such movies and makes a ton of money in return. For instance, he made as much as $1.5 million from investing in the 2013 military biopic, Lone Survivor.

Finally, Dan Bilzerian is also the founder of some business concerns including a global marijuana company known as Ignite. Ignite was launched in 2018 and carries products such as vaporizer cartridges, cannabis strains, CBD oils, edibles, balms, vapes, and pods. Ignite has so far achieved decent success; selling $1.5 million worth of products in its first year of operation as well as listing on the Canadian stock exchange. Having examined the source of Bilzerian’s wealth, let’s take a look at how he spends his cash

He Spends His Money on Legendary Parties

Dan Bilzerian has been hailed as the modern-day Hugh Hefner and the reason is not farfetched. The Instagram king throws mind-blowing soirees which are often filled with scores of gorgeous women, mostly in a semi-dressed state. These ladies often act as a prop, helping him stroke his beard or simply providing him company. Bilzerian’s wide partying has gotten him into trouble on occasions.

Dan Bilzerian
Bilzerian partying with some ladies: Image Source

He was sued for kicking a model in the face during a night out at a Miami club in August 2014. He was also sued for throwing a model off a roof and into a pool in December 2014. The stunt was intended for a photoshoot but the lady hit her leg against the edge of the pool and wasn’t too happy about that. Bilzerian’s wild lifestyle has also impacted his health. The internet celebrity has suffered two heart attacks thanks to a habit of consuming booze and Viagra.

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Cars, Houses, and His Gun Collection

Another thing that Dan Bilzerian splashes his cash on is houses. The Armenian native owns two mind-blowing cribs in Las Vegas and Bel Air, Los Angeles. Bilzerian primarily resides in his Bel Air mansion which he bought for $100 million in 2018. Prior to moving into the house, he threw an epic housewarming party that featured guests like Chris Brown, Tyga, French Montana, Shaun White (Olympian), and Nyjah Huston (pro skateboarder). The house measures 31,000 square feet and features a movie theatre, an infinity pool, 25 bathrooms, and a 60-car parking lot.

Bilzerian predictably owns several luxurious vehicles. Some of them are the 1965 AC Shelby Cobra 427 ($2 million), Mercedes Benz Brabus G63 AMG 6×6 ($1.5 million), Lamborghini Aventador ($400,000), 1970 Toyota Land Cruiser and Rolls Royce Ghost ($300,000). Apart from these gleaming wheels, Bilzerian also owns a Gulfstream IV Jet which goes for about $30 to $40 million. His jet is customized and has his trademark, a headshot of his pet goat, on the tail.

Finally, Guns! A simple scroll through Bilzerian’s Instagram feed will reveal that he cherishes his second amendment rights. The young man boasts of a gun collection that could start a mini-war and he proudly exhibits them on his social media accounts. Bilzerian’s weaponry is valued at $1 million and features assorted assault rifles including a 20mm anti-tank gun. This imposing collection once made Dan Bilzerian quip that his greatest fear is that he won’t be able to decide which gun to use if an intruder breaks into his house.

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