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Kimberly “Kim” Kardashian became famous as a reality TV star for her sexy curves and since 2014, she has also been on the spotlight as the wife of the American singer, rapper and songwriter, Kanye West. As many people know, Kim was once married to Kris Humphries before her present marriage. That marriage lasted for less than three months in 2011 but what many do not know is that eleven years before Humphries, Kim was married to a man named Damon Thomas.

Here, you will learn a lot about Kim Kardashian’s first husband. You will also get to know about who he was before he became famous, how he got famous, as well as his marriage with Kim Kardashian, including how they met. Most importantly, you will be treated to how they parted ways.

Damon Thomas Biography

Damon Thomas is a black American and a high-profile music producer. He co-founded a pop/R&B music production outfit named The Underdogs with Harvey Mason Jr. Through The Underdogs, Damon Thomas has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry such as R. Kelly, Chris Brown, Justin Timberlake and Lionel Richie. Damon has even been nominated for a Grammy for his quality music production.

Born on 15 December 1970, in California, Damon went to Clovis High School. Before he came to prominence through The Underdogs, he once played college football for the Wayne State Wildcats based in Nebraska. He even had a short-lived career in the NFL, playing for the Buffalo Bills. Afterwards, his career interest diverted to music production.

Before he started working with Mason in 1999, Damon Thomas was once a production partner with Kenneth Edmonds. As already mentioned, Damon has handled some of the biggest music production projects in the industry. His The Underdogs even produced and arranged the musical accompaniment to the 2015 film Straight Outta Compton.

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Damon Thomas’ Marriage To Kim Kardashian – How Did They Meet?

Kim Kardashian and Damon Thomas
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The songwriter met Kim Kardashian sometime in 1999. At that time, Kim worked as a salesgirl at a Los Angeles boutique named Body while Damon was just setting up The Underdogs with Harvey Mason Jr. In a year’s time, Damon and Kim were already deep into romance. This led to Kim eloping with him. They wedded in Las Vegas in 2000. At that time, Kim was 19 while Damon was 29.

The union survived for only three years as the couple broke up in 2003. Through Kim Kardashian’s confession in a divorce paper at Los Angeles Superior Court, we have an idea of what transpired during the three years that the union lasted. According to the divorce paper, Damon was not only possessive to the extreme but he also abused Kim physically and morally.

In the divorce paper, Kim tells of how Damon forced her to quit her job at Body only three months after their wedding. The reason Damon gave for this was to stop Kim from having any contact with her past boyfriends. According to Kim, Damon also made her quit college. Besides, he tried to poison her mind against her family, including sharing nude photos of Kim’s sister and calling her a whore.

Worst of all, Damon Thomas was physically abusive to Kim. In the divorce paper also, she tells of Damon throwing her on the floor and slamming her against the wall several times. She even revealed how he would cut through her lips.

Over the years, however, Damon Thomas has tried denying these claims of Kim Kardashian. He claims that Kim was obsessed with the desire to be famous to the point of being a “fame-whore”. According to him, Kim Kardashian did “dangerous things” in her quest for fame and in order to make up for her lack of talents.

Height, Weight, Eye And Hair Color

Damon Thomas stands at the height of 1.88m (5ft 10in) while his stable weight hovers around 80kg. This sports-like stature, of course, is what predisposed him to play college football. Being of the black race, Damon’s eye color is brown. His hair color is supposedly black but he constantly goes bald. From his relationships, it is clear that Damon Thomas’ sexual orientation is straight.

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