Cynthia Blaise – Age & Facts About Keegan-Michael Key’s Ex-Wife

Making a mark in Hollywood is hard, but through comedy shows like Key and Peele, his viral skit as President Obama’s angry translator and his Netflix show, Friends From College, Keegan-Michael Key has risen to admirable heights in Hollywood as a comedian and an actor. As a result, it has brought personalities in his life into public focus, such as his now ex-wife, Cynthia Blaise, who is also a member of Hollywood, working as a dialect coach.

Although her career is mostly as a dialect coach, working on over 20 movies and TV shows since she began her career, she has also worked as an actress, appearing in films like Timequest and Star Trek V: The Final Frontier.

We discuss a lot more about the life of Cynthia Blaise and her relationship with Keegan-Michael Key below.

Cynthia Blaise’s Age and Biography

Cynthia Blaise was born sometime in 1958 in the United States. Much of her background is unknown but it is believed she was raised in Detroit until adulthood when she headed over to the University of Oregon where she obtained her bachelor’s degree in Theatre.

The degree was the culmination of an interest in performing arts that Cynthia Blaise had harboured since she was a child. She took further interest in becoming qualified for her profession of interest by attending the University of California, where she obtained a second degree, a Masters in Acting.

Having completed her education, she went back to Detroit where she was a part of the acting community in Detroit, working at the Detroit Repertory Theatre.

She made her acting debut on screen in Star Trek V: The Final Frontier as Amanda in 1989. Sadly, she did not star in another project until 2000 when she appeared in Timequest. In the 2010s, Cynthia Blaise appeared in multiple episodes of Key and Peele and a guest appearance in the show, Robot Chicken.

While her acting career hasn’t had much to celebrate, she has found great success as a dialect coach. Her first role as a dialect coach was for the film, The Spitfire Grill, although she was uncredited for her work on the film, she did, however, get credited on her next project, Polish Wedding and other subsequent projects she has worked on ever since.

Ever since, she has worked on over 20 movies or TV shows, as a dialect coach, including on major productions like Miami Vice, Bad Teacher, Faster and Hardcore Henry.

Cynthia Blaise’s Relationship with Keegan-Michael Key

When Cynthia Blaise met Keegan-Michael Key for the first time, they were both members of the Detroit Acting Community, seeking opportunities to spread their wings and show the world what they can do.

They were both performing at the Detroit Repertory Theatre when their world collided and they began a relationship that defied the 14 years gap between them. Shortly after they began dating, they got married, on the 27th of December 1998.

Their love story was poised to be an inspiring one as they both made the journey to Hollywood, eventually watching each other grow and become recognized national and international stars.

Unfortunately, even the best love stories have an end and in 2015, Cynthia Blaise and Keegan-Michael Key got separated, with Key filing for an official divorce from his wife; the news shattered fans of the couple.

It was a long drawn out divorce that was eventually completed in November 2017. Despite several attempts for fans and the media to identify the official reason for the divorce, neither party revealed anything, with the official statement being, irreconcilable differences.

However, investigation suggests that the couple went their separate ways over allegations of infidelity on the part of Keegan-Michael Key, who was reportedly having an affair with Elisa Pugliese.

During their time together, Cynthia Blaise and Keegan did not have any children together.

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Other Facts About Keegan-Michael Key’s Ex-Wife

• Since the divorce from Keegan, Cynthia Blaise has so far remained publicly single while her ex-husband, Keegan-Michael Key has gotten remarried, to Elisa. The marriage was held in June 2018.

• As a result of the divorce, she suffered health issues like depression, weight loss and severe anxiety, all of which resulted in her quitting Hollywood.

• The divorce settlement included a one-time payment of $655,000 to Cynthia Blaise from Keegan-Michael and monthly spousal support of $34,000.

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