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CupcakKe is a former church poet who is now a secular rapper. As a rapper, she is currently known for her sexually charged lyrics, raunchy dressing and suggestive poses. Her friends describe her as burly and happy, the kind of person who lights up a room with positive vibes just by entering it. However, she was recently in the news for attempting suicide. After receiving the necessary help, the musician later admitted to having been terribly depressed. Read on to get all the facts you need about the rap music star.

Early Life

CupcakKe was born as Elizabeth Eden Harris on May 31, 1997, in Chicago Illinois, the United States of America. From her earlier days, the rapper began to write religious poems in church mainly on faith-related themes. After some years, she began to put her poetic skills to use in the form of rap music at the suggestion of a friend. She is said to have started rapping from when she was 13 years old. This way, she became famous in her local church for her beautiful solo presentations. However, over the years, her lyrics became more and more sexually themed rather than religious.

Shortly after CupcakKe was born, her mother moved the family from Illinois to King Drive Chicago where the rapper eventually grew up alongside some of the big names in the entertainment industry today. For instance, she is said to have attended Dulles Elementary School Chicago sometime together with Lil Reese and Chief Keef. She later attended an unidentified High School in Chicago but dropped out eventually.

The singer was raised by a single mother in conditions of dire financial straits. Things were so hard that around the time she was seven-years-old, they lost their home which left them living either on the streets of Chicago or in shelters for homeless people for a couple of years. Amidst it all, she never saw her biological father.

CupcakKe is American by nationality and Afro-American by ethnicity. Some of her most popular songs are ‘Deepthroat’, ‘Vagina’, ‘Duck Duck Goose’, ‘LGBT’ ‘Old Town Hoe’, and ‘Spoilt Milk Titties’. She now resides in Los Angeles California where she practices Christianity as her religion. Her sun sign is Gemini.

As far as the media and public glare go, CupcakKe is single right now. But she told of having dated a man named Christopher Terrell for five months. She says her ex-boyfriend Christopher was abusive and had been threatening to kill her and her mom after they broke up. According to her, this was the reason behind her recent bout of depression.

CupcakKe ex-boyfriend Christopher Terrell
CupcakKe and her ex-boyfriend Christopher Terrell: Image source.

CupcakKe Net Worth

CupcakKe’s net worth is approximated at 3.4 million dollars. She gathers her net worth mainly from her albums, singles and endorsement as well as via ad revenue from her social media accounts.

The rapper-singer released her debut music video entitled ‘Gold Digger’ on YouTube at the age of 15 just after she launched her YouTube channel in 2012. The first and second mixtapes in her career entitled ‘Cum Cake’ and ‘STD (Shelters To Deltas) were released in February and June 2016 respectively. Then later on in October of the same year, she released her first studio album entitled ‘Audacious’. Her second studio album entitled ‘Queen Elizabitch’ was released the following year in March. In January 2018, CupcakKe released another studio album entitled ‘Ephorize’.

The rap queen also makes money from her social Media account. She currently has over 510,000 subscribers on her self-titled YouTube Channel, over 532,000 followers on Instagram and 482,000 on Twitter. Besides, she maintains a merch called ‘CupcakKe Store’ on her official website where she sells things like her albums and her branded t-shirts and hoodies.

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Other Facts About CupcakKe

Height, Weight, And Physique

The rap sensation CupcakKe stands at a height of 5 feet, 6 inches (168cm or 1.68m). Her listed weight is 72kg (158lbs) while her bust-waist-hip ratio is 36-34-38. Her bra size is 34 while her shoe size is 8 (US). Her eye color is dark brown while her hair color is black.

Favorite Celebrities

The celebrities that CupcakKe looks up to mostly are the actor Will Smith and the actress Jessica Alba.

Favorite Food

When CupcakKe suffered from severe depression recently, she said she realized something was wrong when she lost her appetite for three days, adding that she normally likes food a lot. Then, among all the available cuisine, she enjoys Mexican dishes the most.


CupcakKe enjoys singing, shopping and traveling in her spare moments.

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