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The American entertainment industry comprises of several subgroups, with the major ones being music and acting. On average, those with talents, often pick one part of the industry to express their talent. Occasionally, multi-talented people come along and achieve success in both subgroups such as Crystal Bernard who is not only an actress with a popular sitcom in her resume but also a singer and a songwriter.

Crystal Bernard’s multi-medium career has seen her release two albums along with multiple singles. She also has an extensive filmography with over 30 films and television shows to her name. Learn more about the life of one of Hollywood’s multi-talented personalities by reading below.


Crystal Bernard was born in one of America’s blue states, Texas, to Dr. Jerry Wayne Bernard and Gaylon Fussell. She was born on the 30th of September 1961 in Garland, Texas. Crystal was then raised in Oak Creek Village, Houston along with three sisters, Robyn, Scarlett, and Angelique Bernard.

Crystal may not have spent a lot of time with her father who was a televangelist that traveled around the country preaching the gospel but she picked up one of her father’s talents, singing. She began singing as a child, most of which were gospel songs due to the status of the family as a Southern Baptist church home. She recorded her first songs as early as the age of eight.

Crystal Bernard’s early inclination to music already established a career path in entertainment for her and she solidified this by attending Baylor University where she studied Acting and International Relations after she graduated from Spring High School. She also attended Alley Theatre in Houston, Texas where she took on further knowledge of acting.

Is Crystal Bernard Married or Dating Anyone?

Crystal Bernard seems to be enjoying her time away from the spotlight, more likely as a single woman. Despite a rumor that linked her with Peter Cetera, a singer, there are no indications or confirmations that Crystal is married nor in a relationship.

Career Achievements

At the completion of her education, Crystal relocated to Los Angeles where she hoped to kickstart her music career but it was her acting career that first took off. She appeared in her first on-screen role in television in 1982, playing the role of K.C Cunningham in the tenth season of the sitcom, Happy Days. In the same year, she appeared in another television show Gimme a Break! and made her first appearance in a feature-length film, Young Doctors in Love as the character, Julie. Since she broke the ground on her career in 1982, she has starred in multiple projects across both mediums – film and television.

Crystal Bernard, over the course of her career, has played many characters but the one she is perhaps most notable for is her role as Helen Chapel in the sitcom, Wings. Crystal played the character between 1990 and 1997, appearing in a total of 172 episodes. Her other television appearances including Meet the Santas (2005), To Love, Honor & Betray (1999), The Secret Path (1999).

As someone who was completely dedicated to acting as a form of performance art, Crystal Bernard did not limit the extent of her talent to the screen. Returning back to the medium where she learned the art, she performed in a couple of stage productions like Crimes of the Heart in 1999 and Barbra’s Wedding in 2005.

With her acting career in smooth sailing, Crystal Bernard returned to her first love, music. She released her first project, a single, Forever Tonight in 1995 and Have We Forgotten What Love Is in 1996. She has also released two albums – Girl Next Door in 1996 and Don’t Touch Me There in 1999. As a musician, her genre was country music.

After 26 years in show business, Crystal Bernard retired from the industry in 2008. As part of the brand and career she built as an entertainer, Crystal is the brand ambassador for a bottled water company in Arizona, O Premium Waters.

Who is the Husband or Boyfriend?

Crystal Bernard
Crystal and a fellow star at the 1991 Emmy Awards

Perhaps her decision to pursue a career in Hollywood, home of liberal culture, may have been the signal that Crystal Bernard’s conservative upbringing did not take, but it most definitely showed in her personal life.

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The actor-singer has never been married and doesn’t seem to be interested in one. She has however been in a few relationships. Over the years, she dated Michael Shipley, Tony Thomas and was rumored to have dated Rush Limbaugh. She appears to be single at the moment.

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