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Ever since YouTube became a legitimate global platform for creative expression with financial benefits, it has become the home of several creative people who have turned to the video platform to showcase their talents to the world. Amidst the plethora of creatives who have joined are some unusual personalities, such as the YouTuber known as Cryaotic. Although he has been on the platform for over a decade, his true face has never been revealed to his fans or the public as a whole.

Cryaotic, who is also known as ChaoticMonki, despite his anonymity has established himself as one of the leading names on the platform with over 2.5 million subscribers to his channel and several hundred million of video views. There isn’t an abundance of information about the YouTuber, but we’ve compiled some of the most interesting information available about him. Read on.

Cryaotic Biography – What is The Real Name and Age Of The YouTube Star?

There are various variations of his online name, from Cryaotic to Cry to ChaoticMonki, but there is still a dearth of information when it comes to his real name. The extent of the background information about Cryaotic includes mainly his birth date, which was on the 11th of June, 1989 somewhere in St Augustine, Florida and the fact he is one of three children born to his parents. We also know that growing up, ChaoticMonki had to live without his father who walked out on their family.

All the pieces of information about Cryaotic have all come from his online interactions which is where he has achieved his status as a public personality. He joined YouTube on the 14th of March, 2006 and uploaded his first video on the same day. At the time, Cryaotic was a high school student who took to the internet to pass time.

Today, due to his distinctive voice and video contents like the reading of short stories like his Cry Reads series or commentary on video games, he has built a fanbase and popularity that cuts across the internet as a whole. He now has over 2.7 million subscribers and has recorded over a billion views on his channel.

Cryaotic’s face might not be known to his fans and viewers but that has not stopped him from collaborating with other notable YouTubers, such as the very famous PewDiePie. His collaborations also include a show, Late Night With Cry and Russ, who is the YouTuber, Russ Money. Together, they engage in conversations about various issues and create what is essentially a variety show.

As a gamer, Cryaotic has taken interest in games like ‘No Room in Hell’, ‘Beyond: Two Soul’, ‘The Last of Us’, ‘The Wolf Amongst Us’ and a few others.

He is also a cat lover and an all-around animal lover. Another interesting fact to learn about him is, before he ‘exploded’ on YouTube, Cryaotic spent some time working regular jobs, which he eventually grew disillusioned by because of the inability to work around his own schedules.

He has social media presence on other social media platforms like Twitter (@CryWasTaken), Reddit, Tumblr, and the music platform, Soundcloud.

Meet The Girlfriend

Cryaotic’s girlfriend, Cheyenne Avila

Seeing as Cryaotic has an aversion to having his personal information out in the public, there is a large amount of information regarding his relationship history that is so far, unknown. However, that is not to say we know nothing about the relationship status of the YouTuber.

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Regarding his girlfriend, her name is Cheyenne Avila. According to available information, they started dating when she was 16 years of age and He was 21, which means their relationship began in 2010. Although his girlfriend, who is now an adult was a minor at the beginning of their relationship, there appears to have been consent between both parties, which has, in turn, led to the absence of controversy.

For a relationship to grow, both parties must share the similar values and that is something Cryaotic and Cheyenne Avila share, at least when it comes to the LGBTQ community. Both of them are strong public advocates of gay rights, up to the extent of Avila identifying herself with the lesbian community as a show of support.

Not much is known about Cheyenne but we know she has a Twitch account where she streams and shares video games. She has been able to develop a fair subscriber base of about 20 thousand.

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