What Is Cryaotic’s Real Name, How Did He Become a YouTube Star and Who Is His Girlfriend?

Ever since YouTube became a legitimate global platform for creative expression with financial benefits, it has become the home of several creative talents who have turned to the video platform to showcase their talents to the world. Amidst the plethora of creatives who have joined are some unusual personalities, including the YouTuber known as Cryaotic. 

Although he has been on the platform for over a decade, Cryaotic has never revealed his identity to his fans or the public as a whole. Despite this anonymity, the young fellow, who is also known as ChaoticMonki, has established himself as one of the leading names on the platform. He now boasts of 2.5 million subscribers on his channel and his content has been viewed half a billion times. 

Unmasking the Persona Behind Cryaotic 

There are various variations of his online name, from Cryaotic to Cry to ChaoticMonki, but there is still a dearth of information when it comes to his real name. The background information available about Cryaotic includes his birth date, which was on the 11th of June, 1989; his birthplace which is somewhere in St Augustine, Florida; and the fact he is one of three children born to his parents. We also know that growing up, ChaoticMonki had to live without his father who walked out on their family.

All the pieces of information about Cryaotic have all come from his online interactions – where he has achieved his status as a public personality. In one of his clips, the Florida native revealed that he has as much as six ethnicities including German, Italian, Scottish, Irish, French, and Cherokee. In yet another video, he revealed that he has blue eyes and wears glasses. The YouTuber has similarly hinted that his hair color is not brown as commonly depicted in fan art.

A glance at the above details will reveal that Cryaotic only likes disclosing unimportant titbits about his life. He, however, shies away from revealing deep stuff such as his real name or educational history. This is understandably due to safety concerns and the need to protect himself from the unknowns that exist out there. Cryaotic has even hinted that he has anxiety issues due to his fears that someone may still recognize him from his famous voice despite all the precautions he has taken. 

A Household Name in Online Gaming 

Cryaotic first joined YouTube on the 14th of March, 2006 and uploaded his first video on the same day. At that time, he was a high school student and only took to the internet to pass time. His content, however, proved to be quite popular with members of the YouTube gaming community and as such, that part-time hobby turned to a full time, money-spinning, occupation

Today, due to his distinctive voice and video contents, like the reading of short stories like his Cry Reads series or commentary on video games, Cryaotic has built a huge fan base and his popularity now cuts across the internet as a whole. As a gamer, he has taken interest in games like ‘No Room in Hell’, ‘Beyond: Two Soul’, ‘The Last of Us’, ‘The Wolf Amongst Us’, and a few others. He is also a cat lover and an all-around animal lover. He now has over 2.7 million subscribers and has recorded over 500 million views on his channel. 

Cryaotic’s face might not be known to his fans and viewers but that has not stopped him from collaborating with other notable YouTubers, such as the very famous PewDiePie. He also heads up a gang of collaborators known as the Late Night Crew. The crew comprises of the likes of Russ Money, Scott Jund, and Snake, and they host weekly live streaming known as Late Night with Cry and Russ. The stream is filled with gameplay and interspersed with hilarious commentary and animated conversations, and has essentially morphed into a variety show.

Apart from YouTube, Cryaotic also has an impressive presence on other social media platforms like Twitter (@CryWasTaken), Reddit, Tumblr, Twitch (where he has about 400,000 followers) and the music platform, Soundcloud.

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Meet The Girlfriend

Seeing as Cryaotic has an aversion to having his personal information out in the public, there is a large number of missing gaps in his relationship history. However, that is not to say that we know nothing about this particular aspect of his life.

The YouTuber was previously in a relationship with a girl named Cheyenne Avila. Cheyenne is a native of Las Vegas, Nevada, and was born in 1994. She is also an online gamer and has a Twitch account where she streams and shares video games. Cheyenne plays games such as H1ZI, Rocket League, Resident Evil, and has been able to develop a fair subscriber base of about 20K. 

According to available information, Cryaotic and Cheyenne first met during a Q&A session on one of his live streams. They became friends and later started dating in the year 2010; Cheyenne was 16 years old at the time while her man was 21. Her age raised some eyebrows as she was technically a minor but she maintained that there was nothing emotionally illegal about what they were doing. She, therefore, stuck with her boo and they weathered that particular storm.

Cryaotic’s girlfriend, Cheyenne Avila

For a relationship to grow, both parties must share similar values and that is something Cryaotic and Cheyenne Avila had. Both of them were strong public advocates of gay rights with the YouTuber identifying himself as pansexual, while Cheyenne identified with the lesbian community. Such similar interests sustained the couple’s relationship and they lasted for several years during which Cheyenne made frequent appearances on LNC. 

However, during these appearances, an ugly pattern emerged. Cheyenne often used harsh words on her boyfriend, and other members of his crew, only to pass it off as just a joke. She was also given to being manipulative and caused quarrels between members of the crew. Fans called her out for this and she apologized, attributing her actions to the fact that she suffered from a borderline personality disorder. She promised to change but this was not the case and as such, the couple’s relationship grew toxic. They later split up in 2019 and went their separate ways. To the best of our knowledge, Cryaotic is single for the main time and is focusing on doing what he knows best. 

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