Who Is Cristy Lee Married To, How Old Is She And What Is Her Net Worth?

It takes a car enthusiast less than two seconds, actually a split moment, to discover who Cristy Lee is. In a sphere traditionally dominated by men, Lee has made such a mark in such a short time that her exploits have left many wondering what manner of a woman she is. Breaking barriers of age-long norms, she displays enormous courage and verve pursuing her well-cherished career.

Over the years, people have become curious to know what makes her thick and every other thing about her including her background and the man she’s married to. Indeed, Cristy Lee is one of a kind; only a few would resist the urge to know her beyond the TV screen. With over 15 years of experience in auto engineering, sports, and entertainment, the auto diva has so much going for her that ignites interest.

The Early Life Of Cristy Lee

Since her rise to prominence, there have been many beliefs about her age with many holding the view that she is above forty. While she is looking forward to the golden age, Cristy Lee debunked all the false claims in a Facebook post stating that she is not even up to 40 yet neither is she from Huntsville, Texas. The reason for the conjecture could be due to a mix up with the American model and actress, Christie Lee Woods, who won the Miss Teen USA Crown in 1996.

As against what a lot of media outlets have published, Cristy was born in Daytona Beach, Florida, on the 1st day of July 1984. Her parents, Jean McCoy, a teacher, and Barry McCoy, a local shop owner and mechanic, loved and adored their little girl. One of the highlights of her childhood was learning under her father, who was a huge influence on her life. Lee gained mechanical training and developed interest and passion for motorcycles while working with her dad in the garage.

Not surprisingly, she is known to build and transform bikes; she even bought her own bike at the age of 18. Lee shares a strong bond with her parents who are believed to be very proud of their daughter. She attended Daytona State College in Daytona Beach, Florida where she studied dance. After graduation, she moved to Detriot, Michigan where she eventually put her years of training to good use.

All The Things Cristy Lee Does

Cristy Lee
Cristy Lee – All Girls Garage

Her exploits in the automotive and sports sector clearly show her fascination with everything ‘motors’. Thus, she has pursued a career in motorsports journalism that saw her work with the likes of ESPN and Fox Sports. As a motorsports reporter, Cristy Lee has covered everything from the XGames to Off-Road Truck Racing to World SuperBike. Beyond the automotive sector, Cristy Lee also has an eye on different business interests, especially real estate, a quest that led to her moving to Detroit in the first place.

In 2012, she joined Velocity networks’ all-female automotive how-to show, All Girls Garage, the show for which she is mostly known on TV. She would later appear in the movie Tunnel of Fire in 2013. She took on the role as a Co-Host of the Barrett-Jackson Collector Car auctions live coverage on Velocity Channel.

Lee is a larger than life personality with skills and talents beautifully interwoven. She is an actress, spokesperson, dancer, biker, car enthusiast, biker, model, and TV show host, with a real bank to show for it.

How Much Does Cristy Lee Make From Her Career?

With over a decade of experience in the auto industry, Lee has been an ambassador to many auto brands including OEM Manufacturers, raking in an impressive amount of revenue. And as a TV host, she also maintains a steady cash flow. This is in addition to proceeds from her work as a sports reporter and model. It’s not surprising, therefore, that media outlets exaggerate her net worth.

They claim the auto diva has a whopping net worth ranging from $13.0 million to $18.0 million. Cristy Lee, as much as she wished it was actually the size of her bank, she said her net worth is not within the stated range. However, she is yet to state how much she is really worth. Perhaps, the amount is still under review.

The automotive and motorcycle enthusiast continues to strive for growth in the industry which would no doubt increase her earning power. More than increasing her net worth, Lee hopes to continue to share her knowledge and learn more from others, to empower women, as well as be a positive role model – especially for young girls.

Who Is The Lucky Man In Cristy’s Life?

What would you call an actress, dancer, TV host, car enthusiast, biker, model, and sports reporter, all rolled into one? That’s Cristy Lee. And who is the lucky man beside this precious bundle of talents? Well, there is a lot known about the auto diva and TV host, except in her romantic life. Lee has successfully shielded her love life from public scrutiny.

When granting interviews, she would rather emphasize her accomplishments in the automotive sector, than spill her love life to the public. It is, therefore, not publicly known whether Cristy Lee has been in any relationship or not. It cannot also be said if she’s currently seeing someone or whether she has kids or not. She has successfully kept those personal details away from the public.

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Even though she is seen sporting an Atlas ring on her middle finger, the ring is said to have nothing to do with her relationship status. So, while she may be busy with automobiles in the garage, it may be safe to assume that Cristy Lee is still single. Despite her career-driven life, family comes first for the auto diva. Lee makes sure she spends enough time with her family.

With her various roles and appearances on TV, the hyper-active Lee appears very busy and focused on pursuing her passion and excelling in spheres where men are thought to hold all the aces. Apart from being a track motorcyclist, mountain biker, and mini-motor racer, Lee’s hobbies include driving at racetracks, autocross events, and performance driving schools.

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