Who Exactly is Crea Tyler, The College Dropout Living The American Dream?

Ever since social media became the leading platform for the congregation of humans, it has produced several celebrities. A majority of them are young people who achieved popularity through their activities on popular platforms like YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. Crea Tyler, an American Gen Z social media personality is one of the stars to have come out of the social networks.

Crea Tyler became popular, thanks to his call for young people like himself to drop out of college and pursue a life of adventure rather than sit in lecture halls, dreaming of the life they could be living. His message went viral and combined with videos of himself living what many has termed the ‘American Dream,’ Tyler became the voice of a subset of the young generation.

We discuss everything you need to know about who he is and other details about the internet star below.

Who Exactly is Crea Tyler?

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Crea Tyler was born on the 18th of August, 1997. His real name is Tyler Michael Johnson, and he is a native of Hampton in New Hampshire. Not much is known about his parental background other than the fact he was raised in a family of modest financial means.

He attended Winnacunnet High School for his high school education and after graduation, he enrolled in Emerson College. He reportedly spent a month in college before he dropped out to live a life of traveling the world and living the American dream.

Before he achieved national fame, he gained local popularity in his town as a video editor. At his school, Winnacunnet, he was a member of the school’s TV show production crew. He produced a couple of videos that were popular in his local community.

Crea Tyler achieved fame shortly after dropping out via the video he dubbed College Dropout. The video consisted of aerial shorts of Hollywood Hills mansions, bikini-clad girls in a pool and a montage of exotic travel on private jets. The video is a message about how great his life has been since he dropped out of college and encouraged other young people like himself to do the same and stop dreaming about the life they want and simply do it.

The video, which was released in December 2016, went viral with more than 2.4 million views. It also got attention from national news media, turning Crea Tyler into a certified social media sensation.

A Look at How He Makes His Money

Crea Tyler
Crea Tyler (second left) with his crew

The attention that followed the popularity of his video, College Dropout, came with multiple questions about how Crea Tyler could afford the lifestyle he showcased in the video. However, while he did make some money selling one of his high school videos to MTV, he did not own any of the luxuries he represented in the College Dropout video.

According to our findings and an interview he had with popular YouTuber, Cody Ko, he was a front for a group of scam artists. They had invited him to Los Angeles with the intention of using him to defraud unsuspecting teenagers who wished to enjoy a similar lifestyle.

Taking advantage of the viral status of Crea Tyler and his growing popularity, the team behind him set up a club membership as a means of soliciting money from gullible followers on YouTube and Instagram.

The failure to deliver on the promised products quickly led to rumors of Crea running a scam. Despite his attempts to quell the rumors, including posting another video showcasing his supposed lifestyle, the rumors persisted, and Crea was eventually forced off of social media in 2018.

Where Is He and What Is He Doing Now?

After a long period of silence, following his inability to dispel the growing rumors about the falsehood of his purported lifestyle, Crea Tyler returned to social media in October 2019.

He addressed the long-running rumors during a podcast with Cody Ko. He also announced two of his new projects – the New Youth project and Saint Utopia.

He has relocated to New York and continues to work on his clothing line, New Youth, which he intends to launch sometime soon. He originally had a clothing brand, Seacoast Swells, that failed to take off. He started the clothing brand back when he was in high school.

Saint Utopia is his video editing and production platform. According to Crea Tyler, he has produced videos for brands like Mark Cross, LG, and Bloomingdales.

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