Courtney McBroom – Bio & Everything About Aziz Ansari’s Ex-Girlfriend

When it comes to fame, sometimes it is earned through the work of your hands and sometimes, through your relationship with an individual who is usually an established famous person. In the case of Courtney McBroom, the reason is both. Through her work as a chef, she has gained significant popularity which has also been solidified by her relationship with Aziz Ansari, whom she was in a relationship with for a significant period of time.

Those who know Aziz – an actor and comedian, probably got familiar with him from works like Parks and Recreation and Master of None. A very famous personality, particularly in Hollywood, the comedian and Courtney were together for about two years before a breakup happened.

However, since they parted ways, the curiousness hasn’t died over who Courtney McBroom is and we’ve got everything you need to know about her below. Read on to learn more.

Courtney McBroom Bio

Courtney McBroom was born on the 28th of June in an unknown year in Texas to parents who raised her in the Southern state. Not much is known about her childhood but she is known to have fallen in love with food and cooking when she was a child, owning her first cookbook when she was in the third grade.

The love she developed for cooking remained with her as she journeyed through each stage of her life, all the way to adulthood where she has crafted a career in the food industry and has remained relevant for over a decade.

She has worked as a culinary director for Momofuku Milk Bar, New York and has shared her expertise with food magazines, handling contracts for private dinners as well as holding consultancy roles for food products. While her work is primarily based in the kitchen, she has worked outside of it as a writer for major magazines like GQ, Vice Munchies, and Lucky Peach.

She has also been featured on the show, Chef’s Table, and has conducted an interview for Food and Wine magazine. Other than her food write-ups and owning her own restaurant, she also runs a food product company, Large Marge, out of Los Angeles.

Her ex-boyfriend, Aziz Ansari, is known for works like Parks and Recreation, where he famously played Tom Haverford. He has also played Dev Shah on the show Master of None. In movies, he has appeared in This Is the End, 30 Minutes or Less, Get Him to the Greek, and a few more.

Relationship with Aziz Ansari

Courtney McBroom
Courtney McBroom with Aziz Ansari

Considering the difference in both their background and profession, it is quite a wonder how Aziz Ansari and Courtney McBroom met; the answer to that question is Hokey Pokey cookies.

The two officially met while they were both at an event and struck up a conversation over the snack. However, prior to the event, about a year before, she had seen him in a bar in Manhattan, the Momofuku Milk Bar which she worked in at the time.

After they bonded over the sugary edible in 2013, Aziz Ansari was immediately drawn to the chef and although she was in a relationship at the time, he courted her and they began a relationship after she became a single woman.

They dated for two years, during which Courtney McBroom lived in Aziz’s home in Los Angeles, a definition of a serious relationship, that suggested to fans and the public that they were both headed for the altar. Unfortunately, that turned out to not be the case as they went their separate ways for reasons that have been attributed to Aziz’s busy schedule.

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Other Facts About Courtney McBroom 

1. A busy and attractive woman, McBroom has a height of 5 feet 7 inches and a suitable body weight of 60 kg. She is Caucasian and has blonde hair and light brown eyes.

2. Courtney has her own website ( where she promotes her brand.

3. While her exact net worth is unknown, Courtney is doing quite well for herself with her own restaurant. Her ex-boyfriend, on the other hand, has a net worth of $18 million.

4. Although not the most popular personality on social media, Courtney has a social media presence on Instagram via the account, @courtney_mcbroom. She also has a Twitter account, @caMcBroom.

5. While they were together, Courtney McBroom was credited with turning Aziz into a feminist.

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