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A talented actress, Courtney Henggeler has been entertaining fans since 2003. With acting credits both on the big and small screens, she has successfully carved a niche for herself in Hollywood and is assiduously working hard to get to the peak of her career. While there may be information readily available about Henggeler’s professional endeavors, the same can’t be said of her personal life. Read on to unearth detailed facts about the brunette beauty.

Courtney Henggeler’s Biography

A New Jerseyan, Courtney Henggeler’s birthdate is December 11, 1978. From details about her family to her parents and then to her early life, the actress has proven to be quite private with her personal life. Nonetheless, it is no secret that she was born in Phillipsburg, Warren County, New Jersey.

Courtney’s acting talent comes naturally and she seemed to be certain of her career path from an early age. Interestingly, it was one of the actress’s high school friends that convinced her to take up a role in a school production and thereafter pursue a career in theatre. Henggeler later moved to the home of Hollywood and entertainment hub in search of greener pastures. While in Los Angeles, Courtney first honed her skills for the ever-competitive entertainment industry before debuting as a professional actress.

1. Henggeler Shines More On The Small Screen

Courtney Henggeler debuted on the acting scene as the character Susan Beth in the 2003 film, The Bog Creatures. Her other big screen credits include roles in the 2005 film The Legacy of Walter Frumm, 2018’s The List and Do Not Reply (2019). Henggeler debuted on the small screen in 2005 with a guest role in the hit TV series House. But the actress gained wide attention for portraying Missy Cooper in the hit series, Big Bang Theory. Her outstanding performance as Sheldon Cooper’s twin sister in the sitcom paved the way for other TV roles.

Both guest and recurring roles, Courtney has since added other impressive acting credits to her resume. Notably are Mom, where she appeared as Claudia, Faking It where she played the character Robin and Cobra Kai wherein she starred as Amanda LaRusso. Other TV credits are Happy Endings, Melissa & Joey, NCIS, Criminal Minds, and Working Class, among others.

2. Her Net Worth

Henggeler is perhaps yet to get to the zenith of her acting career but she has so far done well for herself since she kicked off her career in 2003. It is uncertain if she has other sources of income but the actress has amassed a decent financial portfolio and can afford a comfortable lifestyle. Although her exact salary has not been disclosed, Courtney Henggeler has a net worth that is currently estimated at $500 thousand, a figure that is expected to increase in the future.

3. She Is Married And Family-Oriented

Courtney Henggeler is happily married to her heartthrob, Ross Kohn who also doubles as her colleague and a Hollywood executive. As earlier hinted, the actress is one of those celebrities who prefer to separate their professional and personal lives, choosing to keep the latter under the radar. Thus in her early career days, there was little or nothing known about Henggeler’s love life or relationship status.

Details regarding Henggeler and Kohn’s romance from the outset are unknown but they are believed to have dated for a while before taking things up a notch. During a lunch date at New York’s Madison Square Park in the year 2015, Courtney said ‘Yes’ when Kohn proposed and today, the rest is history. The couple later exchanged nuptial vows on October 11 that same year in a private ceremony.

Courtney Henggeler
Courtney Henggeler and family

Henggeler and Kohn are family-oriented as they have since expanded their small circle. Their first son, Oscar Noah, was welcomed in February 2017 and their daughter joined the family in 2019. Ross Kohn is a film producer with a few credits under his belt such as 10.0 Earthquake and Nanny Cam both released in 2014. Courtney and Ross share careers in a demanding industry. Despite their busy work schedules, they try to support each other both professionally and on the domestic front. The lovebirds are presumed to have settled in together forever and are living their best lives yet.

4. Courtney Henggeler Has An Active Social Media Life

The New Jersey star is very active on social media. While she may not be active on all popular social networking sites, Courtney Henggeler is present and has amassed a strong fanbase on Instagram. She connects with her fans on a more personal note and shares some special family moments on the platform.

5. She Is A Dog Mom

Animals have a special place in Courtney Henggeler’s heart and home. It is uncertain if she kept any other animals as pets in the past but the actress is currently a dog mom. She counts a Cockapoo canine breed as part of her family.

6. Her Body Measurements

Courtney Henggeler has impressive physical and distinct features. The brunette actress stands tall at a height of 5 feet and 9 inches, complemented by the weight of about 63 kg. Her other body statistics include 37 inches for bust size, 25 inches for waist size and 37 inches for hips size.

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