Biography Of Courtney Anne Mitchell & Facts About Her Marriage To Corey Feldman

Canadian fashion model, Courtney Anne Mitchell has pretty much been modeling all her life. Not only has Mitchell achieved wealth and fame through her career as a model; she is also popular for being the wife of a famed actor, Corey Feldman. The successful model has also expanded her career to include music, precisely working as a professional DJ, keyboardist, and vocalist. Thanks to her career and her status as the wife of Corey Feldman, Courtney has become an established public personality.

The Family and Early Years of Courtney Anne Mitchell

Courtney Anne Mitchell began her life on the 28th of January 1989 in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. She is one of the three children born to parents whose identities we are yet to be revealed. Her two siblings are a brother and a sister named Evan and Beverly, respectively.

Courtney developed a keen interest in performance arts right from a very young age. At the age of eight, she began learning tap dancing and soon added ballet and lyrical dance to it. Two years after she began learning how to dance, when most of her mates were navigating the complexities of middle school, Courtney Anne Mitchell began her career as a model.

Prior to her first modeling job, she competed and won a beauty contest. As part of her winning prize, she got the opportunity to model for a few brands. Although Courtney wouldn’t go fully professional until 21, she retained her experience and passion to become a model as she carried on with her education through high school.

Her Modeling Career and Other Endeavors

Courtney Ann Mitchell landed her breakthrough as a model through the popular adult magazine, Playboy. Working with star photographer Waldy Martens, her photos took her into the famous Playboy Mansion and began what has been an enduring career as a professional model. Courtney has since worked on various projects for a number of famous brands such as Sports Illustrated and Summunm. She has also had the privilege of having her shoots taken by several other renowned photographers such as Brian Hayes and David Mecey.

In addition to modeling, Anne Mitchell is also a professional DJ. She had trained in disc jockeying at the London Ministry of Sound after her high school education. While taking her lessons, Mitchell worked at a private workshop as a side job. As a DJ, she has performed for the promotional tour of Corey Feldman’s album, Angelic 2 the Core. Mitchell has since expanded her music career to also include singing and playing the keyboard.

Courtney Anne Mitchell is also a health coach. She is precisely a vegan and promotes the lifestyle via her Instagram account, @courtanne89. In addition to promoting vegan nutrition, Courtney encourages her followers to exercise in order to keep fit.

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The Ups and Downs of Courtney Anne Mitchell’s Relationship with Corey Feldman

Courtney Anne Mitchell
Courtney Anne Mitchell with her husband Corey Feldman

Hollywood, being a convergence of various aspects of entertainment and media professions, it is normal for people from different professions to meet each other and that is the story of Courtney and Corey Feldman’s first meeting. While working on one of their many individual projects, Courtney Anne Mitchell and Corey met and developed a fascination with each other. That was sometime in 2012. Some sources, however, say that the duo met at a Playboy Mansion party.

Not minding the 18-year age gap between them, Mitchell and Feldman soon began a romantic relationship. In 2016, after dating for four years, Corey popped the question to Courtney. Just two weeks after the all-important event, the couple tied the knot in one of Las Vegas’ most famous lounges, Sir Elton John’s Fizz Champagne Lounge at Caesars Palace. The wedding which happened on the 9th of November was a lavish affair officiated by the Gigolos series creator, Marklen Kennedy.

Funny enough, Courtney and Corey’s sudden engagement and marriage were inspired by the anti-immigrant administration of Donald Trump. Being Canadian, Corey was afraid that Courtney stands the risk of being deported from the U.S. He therefore quickly made her his wife, an act that automatically turned her to a U.S citizen. Aside from that, they were never thinking of marriage at that moment.

Being married to a man such as Corey Feldman is not, however, without its very many ups and downs. Recall that Feldman is the Hollywood actor who has been threatening to reveal the industry’s dark secrets. For almost a decade now, Corey has been insisting on opening Hollywood’s can of worms and exposing child actors sexual abuse by adult actors, an intention that has to a great extent, destabilized his personal life and career. Feldman made one of his initial revelations in 2011 on the popular Dr. Oz Show.

Among the numerous challenges that came with Feldman’s allegations have been security threats. Adding to her woes is also the fact that Corey has not had a smooth past. Having been allegedly molested as a teen with a history of drug addiction, the actor has a lot to struggle with. The beautiful blonde model has, however, continued to stand beside her husband amidst all odds. She has joined and supported him in some of his show appearances or interviews on the pedophilia issue, including the one with Dr. Oz.


Their Family Life and Joint Endeavors

So far in their marriage, Courtney and Corey do not have children of their own. Corey once revealed that Courtney is ditching childbirth for now in order to keep her body in shape for her modeling and music career. The former has, however, been playing stepmother to Zen, the latter’s son from his previous marriage. Before his marriage to Courtney, Corey Feldman married actress Vanessa Marcil (1989-1993), and model Susie Sprague (2001-2009). The actor had his only child with Susie. The ex-couple split in 2009 but only obtained a divorce in 2014.

One interesting aspect of Courtney Anne Mitchell and Corey Feldman’s relationship is that the couple shares a mutual love for music. Owing to this common passion, the two are not just husband and wife but also professional partners. Courtney is the disc jockey and keyboardist on Feldman’s music band, Corey Feldman and the Angels. She also takes the position of a vocalist on the band on regular occasions.

In addition to that, Courtney also works as Corey’s partner and co-manager of his music talent agency, Cory’s Angels. She moreover, coaches members of Corey’s band and agency in things like eating clean and keeping fit through exercise.

The couple has also co-starred in a couple of television shows including Celebrity Wife Swap (2015) and Marriage Boot Camp (2019). Mitchell has also featured in a number of Feldman’s music videos such as Ascension Millennium. Both Courtney and Corey are vegans and animal rights activists.

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