What is Courteney Cox’s Net Worth and How Much Does She Still Make From Friends?

A perfect blend of beauty, brains, talent and hard work is the best way to describe Courteney Cox. She is an award-winning actress, brilliant film producer cum director, and a smart businesswoman. Her role as Monica Geller on NBC TV sitcom Friends is what shot her to the limelight. Thanks to a successful career, she has a very attractive net worth. Courteney co-owns Coquette Productions – a production company she founded with her ex-husband.

She has been nominated for various prestigious awards, including the Screen Actor’s Guild Awards, Saturn Awards, People’s Choice Awards, Emmy and the Golden Globe Awards and has won some to her name. Cox has also featured in productions such as Scream, Cougar Town and Dirt to mention a few.

Who Is Courteney Cox?

She is an actress and businesswoman who was born on June 15, 1964, in Birmingham, in the United States and was named Courteney Bass Cox. She is the youngest of the six children of Richard and Courteney Copeland. Courteney got her education from Mountain Brook High School, and after completing her studies there, she proceeded to Mount Vermont College, Washington D.C where she intended to study Architecture. Midway into her architectural studies, she lost her passion for the study and instead decided to switch to a new career in acting and modeling.

Courteney is a very beautiful woman and she has definitely dated a few men in her life. She was married to fellow actor David Arquette – whom she met on the set of the movie, Scream, earlier in 1996. They walked down the aisle in June 1999 in San Francisco at the Grace Cathedral. The busy lives and schedules of the couple did not allow them to start making their own children early after marriage, as they had to wait for exactly 5 years before they had their first child – a daughter named Coco Arquette.

Courteney and her fellow on-screen (and real-life) friend, Jennifer Aniston, have a very special bond between them, so much so that she named her friend the godmother of her baby girl. About 11 years after Courtney got married to her husband, the union ran into some trouble and they separated from each other. They did not burn the bridge between them though as they still remained very close friends for the sake of the love they once shared, their daughter and the harmonious business relationship that exists between them. Courteney’s separated husband eventually filed for divorce in June 2012 – exactly 13 years after they first got married. It took almost another year before the courts granted the couple’s wish for a divorce. In 2013, Courteney began dating Johny McDaid, who is a member of the Snow Patrol band. They were together for barely a year before they announced their engagement via their social media handle, but they later called off the engagement and have remained in love as partners ever since.

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What Is Courteney Cox’s Net Worth?

Courteney has been in and around the entertainment industry since the mid-1980s, and she has acted in a lot of movies and has featured in a lot of television shows till date. She was at a time one of the highest-paid actors on a television show, earning about $1 million per episode – which was an industry record then. She currently has a net worth of $120 million which has landed her on number 15 on Forbes highest-paid actresses list. She is considered to be one of the wealthiest actresses around Hollywood today.

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How Much Does Courteney Cox Still Make From Friends?

Courteney Cox
Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox (Image Source)

Friends is one series that has had a great impact more in the lives of the cast members than the viewers. Despite the 15 years that have gone by since it last aired, it still remains one of the people’s favourite, considering the rumoured ($80 million) Netflix paid to Warner Brothers to continue streaming the show. Although Courteney’s salary started small with $22,500 per episode. Things changed in the last two seasons as they conveniently received $1,000,000 per episode.

Moreover, when the series was about to end in 2010, the starring cast negotiated a syndication deal which has made them millionaires years after. While the two percent syndication royalties they got might appear small, it fetches them $20 million per annum from the money Friends fetches for the Warner Brothers. Asides this, she makes royalties from the re-runs.

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