100 Cool Band Names For Rock or Metal Band Groups

Rock music is one broad genre that has dominated the music community for many decades. Despite its sudden decline over the past years, Rock and Metals will still be cultural forces in the music world thanks to the standard formation of instrumentals like drums, bass, electric guitar, vocals and sometimes keyboards that they are known for. Bands like Maroon 5, The Beatles, and Coldplay are known to have all played meaningful roles in the lives of millions worldwide through their songs and music albums sold across the globe. Also admired and recognized among the most popular rock bands in the world, these groups have continued to influence not just culture and fashion; to a large extent, they are also behind the increasing formation of similar bands all around the world.

Following the influx of several upcoming artists in the genre, deciding on a useful, unique and impactful band name has remained one of the most challenging things for most emerging bands. The reason being that shorter band names which are usually more preferable for ease of remembrance have seemingly been exhausted while the longer names usually formed by combining two or more words or names are neither catchy nor inspirational.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Band Name

Band names are very much a strengthening factor for every band set to touch the world in a meaningful way. Among other things, they help to connect the band members and their songs to their fans. So, before you conclude on a group name, there are a handful of things you should consider. First, ensure that the name will help you show up easily on search engines. A unique and catchy name can help your band’s song show up easier on search engines and streaming sites. Abstract names reduce the chances you have to reach out to millions of fans all over the world.

Considering what a name says about your songs and the band in general, is another factor every music group should consider. Furthermore, finding such a name that resonates with your kind of music and image is worth your time. Having said that, we have carefully selected some cool band names you may consider for your rock or metal band.

Cool Band Names For Your Rock Group

1. Amy Wright and the Wrongful Discovery

2. Fleas on Feet

3. Peeble’s Pet

4. Wholly Moley

5. Throbbing Gristle

6. A-Plod

7. Black Light Dreams

8. The Wolves Of Yesterday

9. Dead Can Dance

10. Why You I Oughtta

11. Sickon U

12. Strapon Dickoff

13. Duodnym Duo

14. Butthole Surfers

15. Jelly Smooch

16. Sax Afire

17. Margo Escargot

18. The Pullout Nows

19. Nobody For President

20. Ducking Howard

21. Meat Puppets

22. Paradise Vendors

23. Bloodlust Angels

24. Sunny Day Real Estate

25. Amy Sanguine and the Complex

26. Mirror Racial

27. George LeRoy Tirebiter

28. Midnight Buzz

29. Schwing Kings of Bling

21. Danish Plato

22. American Whey

23. Psycho Tsunami

24. The Friendly Giants

25. The Fraidy Scats

26. Watchers From the Blind

27. P-Test

28. Garden Thunder

29. Amish Beauty Pagent

30. Gallery of Night

31. Amy Shrine and the Spin

32. Amygdala Lounge

33. Amygdala Milk

34. Crimson Carnation

35. Amygdala Pond

36. Bermuda Dreamers

37. Takeout Wrenched Ankle

38. Amy Sanguine

39. Lowbrow Unibrow

40. Logan’s Sun

41. Rizzuto’s Revenge

42. The Hell You Say

43. Manos Hand of Fate

44. Clams Got Legs

45. HellCowz

46. Highway Bloody Hwy

47. Starkweathermen

48. Whacko Mole

49. The Beta Rays

50. Zoey Loves Zeus

Cool Band Names For Your Metal Group

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51. Metallica

52. Zeta Zilch

53. Five Finger Death Punch

54. Tankard

55. Audio Poison

56. The Giggity-gigs

57. Freddie Fullasheet

58. Over Top

59. Black Skies

60. Slipknot

61. Easter Brook

62. Aura Imploring Alice

63. Architects

64. Daily Nightmare

65. Nile

66. One Foot Deep

67. Busted Chifarobe

68. Bambi Planet

69. Six Outlet

70. Hatebreed

71. Background Jesus

72. Obsidian Tears

73. In Flame

74. Emperor

75. Immortal

76. Maggot Breath

77. Brutal Truth

78. BackSpasm

79. Tainted Faith

80. Molecular Muscle

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Famous Rock and Metal Band Names

81. The Rolling Stones

82. Iron Maiden

83. Led Zeppelin

84. The Beach Boys

85. Slipknot

86.  Deep Purple

87. The Band

88. Battleaxe

89. Sly and the Family Stone

90. Mötley Crüe

91. The Flying Burrito Brothers

92. Black Rose

93. The Doors

94. Alice Cooper

95. Edgar Broughton Band

96. Flower Travellin’ Band

97. The Handsome Beasts

98. Pink Floyd

99. Deep Machine

100. Hollow Ground

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