100 Famous Company Slogans and Taglines to Inspire Your Business

Slogan and taglines, like name, have roles they play in telling about a company or business brand. A brand or company’s slogan and tagline are among the advertising tool used to convey important messages about the company to the public. But while slogans stand to represent a company’s promise, strategy and personality, taglines gives founding idea or concept of business itself. A company may decide to change its slogan as often as possible but a tagline is expected to last the test of time.

Some brand taglines have become synonymous with the company that produces it. That is why when you hear “Just Do It” or “Life’s Good”, Nike and LG come to mind. That’s the power of a good slogan, they stick to the mind and that is why the phrases used are usually short.

How to Create Memorable Slogans and Taglines

To create a tagline and slogan with long-staying power, there are some key steps and guidelines you need to adhere to. They include:

  • Choose words or phrases that are simple and short. This will make it easier to memorize.
  • Consistency is key in every business. So when creating your tagline or business slogan, be sure those short, punchy phrases complement your company name, logo and projected image.
  • Be unique, focus on what makes your company different.
  • Make your slogan or tagline timeless
  • Your slogan should be able to tell your audience what your business is without needing any additional information. In other words, learn to dump out your entire business in a few sentences

It is, however, important that you don’t overpraise yourself. Be honest and steer clear of demanding clichés like “best”, and “No. 1”. You should also consider your target audience before making a choice of slogan and, most importantly, your slogan should have a nice and welcomed rhythm and rhyme so your potential clients could easily read and memorize it.

Having said this much, here is a list of some famous Company Slogans and Taglines to Inspire Your Business.

100 Famous Company Slogans and Taglines to Inspire Your Business

1. Think Big —  Imax

2. Life’s Good — LG

3. Easy as Dell — Dell

4. Just Do It — Nike

5. Don’t Be Evil — Google

6. The Power of Dreams  — Honda

7. The Art of Performance — Jaguar

8. Be the First to Know — CNN

9. Keep Walking — Johnnie Walker

10. Buy it. Sell it. Love it — eBay

11. A Diamond is Forever — De Beers

12. Be More Human — Reebok

13. For the Men in Charge of Change — Fortune Magazine

14. Quality is Everything We Do — Ernest Young

15. Share Moments, Share Life — Kodak

16. When There is To Tomorrow — FedEx

17. Travel Brilliantly‎ — Marriott Int’l.

18. The Happiest Place on Earth — Disneyland

19. We Bring Good Things to Life — General Electric

20. It’s Everywhere You Want To Be — Visa Inc.

21. The Best Men Can Be. — Gillette

22. Be What’s Next — Microsoft Corp.

23. Live Boldly — Revlon

24. Has it Changed Your Life Yet? — Compaq

25. Solution For A Small Planet — IBM

26. Impossible is Nothing — Adidas

27. The Company for Women — Avon

28. Keep Going, and Going, and Going — Energizer

29. Science. Applied to Life — 3M

30. What’s In Your Wallet? — Capital One Financial

31. There is No Substitute — Porsche

32. Quality Never Goes Out of Style — Levi’s

33.  Beauty Outside. Beast Inside — Mac Pro (Apple)

34. The Customer is Always and Completely Right — Marks & Spencer

35. The Best Tires in the World Have Goodyear Written All Over Them — Goodyear

36. Dare to Be Devoted — Jared the Galleria of Jewelry

37. Don’t Leave Home Without It — American Express Co.

38. Don’t Let a 1% Difference Cost You Twice As Much — Sprint

39. Help You Connect and Share With People in Your Life —  Facebook

40. When You Care Enough to Send the Very Best — Hallmark

41. The Best Bed for Better Sleep — Casper

42. Pleasing People the World Over — Holiday Inn

43. Inspire the World, Create the Future — Samsung

44. Welcome to the Human Network — Cisco Systems

45. Sharp Minds, Sharp Product — Sharp

46. At The Heart of the Image — Nikon

47. Pleasure is the Path to Joy — Haagen-Dazs

48. Something Special in the Air — American Airlines

49. Stronger Than Dirth — Ajax

50. We Are Revolving Beyond Documents — Xerox

51. Today’s Delivery Problem Solved Tomorrow — Courier Express

52. All For Freedom. Freedom For All — Harley Davidson

53.  Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun — Wrigley’s Doublemint

54. Because You Are Worth It — L’Oreal

55. Its Time For Clarity — KPMG

56. The Ultimate Driving Machine — BMW

57. Delighting You Always — Canon Inc.

58. Let’s Make Things Better — Philips

59. We move the world — DHL

60. Between Love and Madness Lies Obsession —  Calvin Klein

61. We Exist to Inspire the World to Play.” — Electronic Arts Inc.

63. You’re Going To Like The Way You Look, I Guarantee It — Men’s Wearhouse

64. When You Are At The Home Depot, You Feel Right At Home — Home Depot

65. Maybe She’s Born With It. Maybe It’s Maybelline — Maybelline

66. I Am What I Am — Reebok

67. The Car in Front of You is Toyota — Toyota

68. The Daily Diary of the American Dream — Wall Street Journal

69. Moving At the Speed of Business — UPS

70. Hello Tosh. Got A Toshiba — Toshiba

71. Save Money. Live Better — Walmart

72. A Mind is a Terrible Thing To Waste — UNCF

73. Let Your Fingers Do The Walking — Yellow Pages

74. We Put The Dot in Dot-Com — Sun Microsystems

75. It Takes A Tough Time To Make A Tender Chicken — Perdue

76. The Last Place You Want To Go — Dixons

77. It’s Not TV. It’s HBO — HBO

78. We Try Harder — Avis

79. Broadcast Yourself — YouTube

80. There Are Some Things That Money Can’t Buy. For Everything Else, There’s A Mastercard — Mastercard

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Food/Drink Company Slogans and Taglines

81. Come For The Food, Stay For The Fun — TGI Friday’s

82. Good To The Last Drop — Maxwell House

83. The Snack That Smiles Back — Goldfish

84. Invent — Hewlett Packard

85. Good Food, Good Life — Nestle

86. Betcha Can’t Eat Just One — Lay’s

87. Taste The Rainbow — Skittles

88. Be A Pepper — Dr. Pepper

89. It’s The Real thing — Coca-Cola

90. King of Beers — Budweiser

91. It’s Finger Licking Good — KFC

92. Probably the Best Lager in the World — Carlsberg

93. Where a Kid can be a Kid — Chuck E. Cheese’s

94. A Glass and a Half of Milk in Every Bar — Cadbury’s Dairy Milk

95. Be Your Way — Burger King

96. The Quicker Picker Upper – Bounty

97. They’re G-r-r-reat! — Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes

98. Together We Can Prevail — Bristol-Myers Squibb

99. Think Outside The Bun — Taco Bell

100. It’s Way Better Than Fast Food. It’s Wendy’s — Wendy’s

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