Colin Kaepernick’s Net Worth: What He Made From NFL and His Nike Deal 

More inquiries bothering around Colin Kaepernick’s net worth have been made since he landed his deal with the multinational footwear manufacturing company, Nike. The American football quarterback played in the NFL for six years before his career was intentionally brought to a halt by club owners and bosses in the NFL because of his controversial political views. In recent years, the athlete has come to be known for the protests he staged before every game by refusing to stand for the national anthem.

He began doing this on August 14, 2016, but no one really took notice until a picture of him sitting down during the national anthem ceremony while his other teammates were standing was shared on Twitter. When Kaepernick was queried about it, he explained that he remained seated as a way of protesting police brutality, as well as the prevalent oppression of blacks and other minority groups in America.

This sparked a huge firestorm that tore through the world of sports, media, and politics in the state. In the following weeks, some of his teammates joined him in kneeling in place of standing while the national anthem was being sung. Some players raised their fists while standing. Eventually, the protest spread across the industry to other leagues, with more and more athletes choosing to take the knee.

While many applauded Kaepernick for taking a stand, some people considered his actions to be a smear on the face of the nation and its military. Either way, everyone was talking about him, even world leaders.

Colin Kaepernick’s Background Details

The gifted quarterback was born in Milwaukee on November 3, 1987. He was cared for singlehandedly by his mother Heidi Russo after he was birthed as his father left before he was born. Shortly after he was given birth to, Heidi placed him up for adoption with Rick and Teresa Kaepernick who raised him as their own.

Colin Kaepernick spent his early years living in Wisconsin until his family moved to California when he was four. He attended grade school there before moving on to John H. Pitman High School. He began playing football at 8 and by the time he was in high school, Colin was a recognized All-State player in baseball, basketball, and football. He maintained a 4.0 GPA throughout high school.

Although he received scholarship offers to play baseball and football in college, Kaepernick decided to stick with football so he went off to the University of Nevada. In college, he quickly established himself as one of the best players in the entire nation. He was an elite passer who led his team to several victories. He received numerous accolades and honors for his brilliant performances, including the Western Athletic Player of the Year awards in 2008 and 2010, as well as the Humanitarian Bowl MVP award in 2008.

He began his NFL career after being drafted by the San Francisco 49ers in 2011 as a backup starter. However, the following year, he became the club’s first-choice quarterback. He led his team all the way to the Super Bowl XLVII where they lost to the Baltimore Ravens. He remained a star athlete, setting new records, and building a legacy as one of the most talented quarterbacks the league has ever seen.

Colin Kaepernick's Net Worth
(L-R) Eric Reid and Colin Kaepernick kneel in protest during the national anthem: Image Source

The national anthem controversy began gaining momentum in 2016 and Colin Kaepernick soon found himself without a team after he became a free agent at the close of the season. In 2017, he filed a grievance suit against the NFL claiming that the bosses colluded to deprive him of employment in retaliation for the leadership he displayed in advocating for racial equality and social justice in the United States. He is poised to receive up to $40 million in settlement for his claims.

How Much Did He Make From NFL and His Nike Deal?

In the six years that Kaepernick spent playing in the NFL, he earned a total of $43,479,216 in salaries alone, meaning he was paid about $7 million a year.

Although not being able to play in the NFL substantially took a huge bite on his annual income value, the football quarterback has been able to earn money through endorsements, especially the lucrative deal he signed with Nike. Even though he joined the company’s sponsorship roster in 2011, they didn’t use him in their campaigns until 2018 when he was made the face of the 30th anniversary of Nike’s Just Do It campaign.

The terms of the contract have not been disclosed, but it is reported to be worth millions of dollars per year, including his own branded shoe, apparel line, and royalties. This has left many wondering what Colin Kaepernick’s net worth might be. If you are one of those, find your answer below.

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What Is Colin Kaepernick’s Net Worth?

Kaepernick is estimated to be worth over $20 million. This figure is expected to increase substantially in the coming years, thanks to the endorsement deals that are coming his way as well as the settlement he will receive from the NFL.

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