What Happened To Cody Connelly From American Chopper, What Is He Doing Now?

Cody Connelly is a well-known television personality who began garnering public interest following his starring role on the wildly popular reality TV show, American Chopper. He endeared himself to fans and followers of the Discovery Channel series with his remarkable exploits and impressive abilities as a motorcycle builder and designer. For a long time, he served as one of the employees at Orange County Choppers, a mid-sized company that specializes in building custom motorcycles. Cody was considered one of the best in the business as he had a magical imagination as well as the skillful hands required to bring his dreams to fruition.

After spending a few wonderful years working for Orange County Choppers, Cody took his services to a different company called V-Force Customs, where he continued his good work alongside other skilled designers such as Vincent DiMartino who also worked for Orange County Choppers. Since he stopped featuring on the reality TV series, a lot of people have been wondering about Cody’s whereabouts. So what has the motorcycle designer been up to since he left the American Choppers show, is Cody still engaged in the profession?

Cody Connelly’s Biography

Cody Connelly was born in the United States to Sean Connely and Darci Dembeck on August 30, 1987. He grew up alongside his younger sister, Tylar Connelly. He took an interest in bikes at a very young age. When he turned five, he was given his first bike as a present and he soon learned to repair and maintain it by observing his father do it. Cody considered his bike to be his most valued possession and he guarded it jealously. He took tremendous care to ensure that it didn’t get scratched up or broken when he was out riding it around the neighborhood.

In 2005, Cody graduated from Valley Central High School, from whence he proceeded to the American Motorcycle Institute. It was there that he gained the necessary knowledge and skills required to prepare him for a promising career as a motorcycle builder. While he was still in his teens, Cody took up a position with the reputable Orange County Choppers, a motorcycle design company behind the show American Choppers, operating out of Orange County, New York.

He left the company for a brief period to pursue his education at the American Motorcycle Institute but returned to assume a position with OCC after completing his studies. Since he was one of the employees at the company, Cody began making appearances on the show American Chopper when it hit the air. One of the most notable projects he worked on while on the show was the design and building of a unique bike which was christened The Cody Project.

A few years later, in 2007, Cody Connelly left OCC to go work for a rival motorcycle building company called V-Force Customs. He teamed up with his longtime friend Vincent DiMartino who also used to be a part of OCC. Sometime in 2010, Cody began starring in a new segment of the show called American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior, which also ran on the Discovery Network for a short while.

What Happened to Cody Connelly from American Chopper?

More than a decade has gone by since Cody Connelly took his leave from the American Chopper series, and save for a couple of appearances on the spinoff show Senior vs. Junior, not a lot has been heard from him. Cody has not taken up any more roles in any other television series since he severed ties with American Chopper.

After his exit from the show in 2007, Cody filed a lawsuit against Orange County Choppers and its owner, Paul Teutul Sr. for fraud and breach of contract. He asked the court to grant him damages against OCC for using his identity and brand to promote the show and the business without his consent. Cody alleged that Paul Sr. owed him a chopper which he helped design and was given to him as a gift on one of the episodes of the show, but not in real life. He also claimed that the company continued using his brand name on merchandise, posters, and other paraphernalia even after he was no longer with the show.

Upon his departure from Orange County Choppers, Cody took his skills to a different organization.

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What Is He Doing Now?

Although Cody Connelly stopped making appearances on American Chopper, that did not signal the end of his career. He has continued to build a career working as a motorcycle builder for other companies as well as personal clients. He tries to live life below the radar these days. Cody isn’t active on social media, so it’s getting harder to keep track of what he’s up to.

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