Who Are Cleo Cole Elliott’s Parents, Is She Married and How Much Is She Worth?

The American actor Sam Elliott and his actress wife Katharine Ross can be said to be truly successful. After over fifty years of active Hollywood career, the couple is yet to retire; which means they are really enjoying their job. Not only have their careers in the entertainment industry paid off in terms of fortunes, but they also have a valid successor already, their daughter Cleo Cole Elliott. She happens to be the focus of our attention here.

It may be right to say that Cleo has taken after both her parents professionally but maybe, not exactly. This is because while her parents have had careers in acting, Cleo has taken more to songwriting, singing, and modeling, but then, it is all within the showbiz industry.

What We Know About Her Before The Fame

Also known as Cleo Rose Elliott, Cleo is widely reported to have been born on September 17, 1984. Her birthplace is said to be Malibu, California where she was also raised in a ranch owned by her parents.

Her educational history shows that she attended Colin McEwan High School and was trained in Joanne Barron/D.W Brown Acting Studio in Santa Monica California. This shows her desire in the entertainment industry wasn’t by chance.

Exploring Cleo’s Showbiz Family

As aforementioned, Cleo is the daughter of a famous actor couple Katharine Ross and Sam Elliott. Her maternal grandparents are Dudley Ross – who worked for the Associated Press and Katharine W. Hall. Her parents tied the knot in 1984 after falling in love onscreen in the 1978 film The Legacy. Cleo was born months following their union.

Her mother Kathrine is a highly talented old wig in the acting scene who performs as a film, stage and TV actress. She was raised in Santa Fransico and attended Santa Rosa Junior College for a short time before joining The Actors Workshop in San Francisco.

Cleo’s mother Katherine began her acting career as far back as 1965 in the drama Shenandoah. However, she is well known for her roles in The Graduate, and Curtis Harrington’s Games. The actress who spent her childhood in San Fransico also gathered widespread attention for her roles in western films; Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and Tell Them Willie Boy Is Here.

For her outstanding performance in The Graduate, she was nominated for an Academy Award in the Best Supporting Actress category, and BAFTA. She also won a Golden Globe for New Star of the year. She won BAFTA for her roles in the above named Western films.

As well, Cleo’s father, Sam Elliot who is Katherine’s fifth husband is also an award-winning actor whose acting career started in the 60s. He gained stardom for his appearance in Lifeguard (1976). He further sealed his presence in the limelight with his roles in The Quick and the Dead (1987) and Conagher, which was released in 1991.

Although he is yet to win an Academy Award, he has been recognized a number of times for his works. His accolades include two Primetime Emmy Award nominations, two Golden Globe Award nominations, an Academy Award nomination, and a National Board of Review Award for Best Supporting Actor.

Cleo Elliot seems to currently enjoy a good relationship with her parents now, but things weren’t the same in the past. In March 2011, Cleo’s mother got a restraining order against her claiming that she threatened to kill her. Thankfully, the two have patched up their relationship as they are currently spotted together in events.

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Cleo Cole Elliott
Cleo Cole Elliott and her Dad Sam: Image source

Her Interest in Music Started Quite Early

Cleo Elliot showed a strong interest and talent in music quite early in life. Even at ten, she was already able to play such musical instruments as guitar and flute. Then, at 18 in 2002, she enrolled to study music at the prestigious Joanne Barron/D.W. Brown Acting Studio in Santa Monica, California. At the acting studio, Cleo manifested an inclination for Italian opera, an inclination she still has.

Based on her musical inclination as mentioned above, Cleo came under the tutelage of the veteran singer and actress, Charity Chapman, in classical opera. Through Chapman, Cleo became a bonafide member of the professional body – ASCAP (American Society Of Composers, Authors, and Publishers).

Her association with ASCAP has had a positive influence on her work as a songwriter and singer. For instance, it was through ASCAP that Cleo met Bobby Harby who liked her lyrics and helped her release her debut solo entitled No More Lies.

How Rich Has Music Made Cleo Elliot?

It is believed that Cleo Cole Elliott has a net worth of $1.5 million. This amount may be a far cry compared to what her parents have (dad’s net worth is $10 million while her mom is worth $5 million), but she has done well for herself.

She has gathered her wealth from principally two sources: modeling and music. As a model, she appeared on the Sexy Hair Show in 2003. This is practically the only detail publicly available in terms of her modeling profile.

As regards her musical career, after her debut solo No More Lies, Cleo continued to collaborate with other professionals in the industry such as Tin Horn and 2Cents. This helped her career to blossom, she did so well that she became a two-time winner of The California State Award – in 1995 and 1996.

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She Is Dating Cyclist Randy Christopher

If the evidence from Instagram is anything to go by, then, Cleo Cole Elliot has been dating the professional cyclist Randy Christopher since 2013.

There have been several Instagram photos of them striking romantic poses together and actually expressing intimacy in words.

For example, on August 3, 2018, Cleo posted a photo of her and Randy sharing a kiss. Again, on September 27, 2018, Cleo posted a picture of her in a warm embrace with Randy Christopher on her Instagram page, unfortunately for her fans, she has now set her Instagram on private.

It seems these posts were a reciprocation of the earlier case of Randy Christopher posting a photo of him and Cleo together on March 18, 2018. We have also found photos of them together as far back as August and November 2015.

From their Instagram accounts also, we noticed that while Cleo resides in Malibu, Randy resides in Venice; both cities are in California. So, it is certain that they see each other fairly often, even if it’s not every other day.

Some time ago, evidence surfaced of Randy calling Cleo Cole Elliott his fiancee. This is a possible indication that they are engaged or at least thinking of lifting their relationship to a higher level of commitment. In any case, there is no news yet of them getting married, we hope it happens soon.

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