Claudia Sampedro Biography – 5 Key Facts You Need To Know

Claudia Sampedro is a glamour/fitness model whom many online fans have likened to Kim Kardashian. This is certainly based on her curvy figure which she confidently flaunts through selfies and social media. Not just a beautiful face, the model also has brains to offer as you’re about to find out.

Keep reading to learn more about her biography, ethnicity, relationships and key facts you should know about her.


Claudia Sampedro, who is an Instagram model and a reality TV star,  is reported to have been born on October 27, 1989, in the Cuban city of Havana. Very little is known about Claudia’s family background and early life. While we have no idea as to where or when the model received her elementary and high school education, it is on record that her family moved from her birthplace in Cuba to settle in Miami, USA, when Claudia was six.

It is also reported that Claudia Sampedro worked for a top plastic surgeon in Miami. But the name of the plastic surgeon in question is still a mystery to the media and the public. While it is said that the reality star has a degree in cosmetology, no one seems to know the college she attended. Whatever the case, it seems that her background in both cosmetology and plastic surgery has influenced whom she has become today – a gorgeous model and TV personality.

1. Claudia Sampedro Is A Colombian With Moroccan And Spanish Roots

Claudia Sampedro may reside in the United States now but her history and bloodline can be traced to offshore destinations and cultures. Her father is reported to be originally a Colombian with Italian roots while her mother is said to be from Morocco.

Before Claudia’s family moved to the United States while she was six, they resided in Cuba. This is probably behind certain erroneous reports claiming that Claudia has is of Cuban heritage.

2. Claudia Sampedro Is A Glamour Model

Claudia Sampedro is one of the celebrities that social media (especially Instagram) is responsible for popularizing. She became famous for sharing her selfies on social media. Many people are of the opinion that the speed with which she built a fan base on social media is based on her close resemblance to the famous reality TV star, Kim Kardashian. Claudia’s social media presence now cuts across Instagram and Twitter mainly. Currently, she boasts over one million followers on Instagram.

3. She Is Now Better Known As A TV Personality

Although Claudia Sampedro came to be known as a model, the media now associates her more with the reality documentary show, WAGS Miami in which she has starred. ‘WAGS’ stands for ‘Wives And Girlfriends’ of Sportspersons. So, based on her status as the girlfriend of the NFL star Julius Peppers, and ex-girlfriend of another NFL star Reggie Bush, Claudia landed a role in the reality show that premiered on October 2, 2016.

4. She Is Rumoured To Have Undergone Plastic Surgery

The speculation is rife on the media that Claudia Sampedro’s enviable appearance is not all a product of natural endowment. Instead, it is widely rumored that she has undergone a surgical facelift. It is possible that this rumor holds no substance and has arisen only because Claudia is said to have worked for a top plastic surgeon in Miami. But, it could also be true.

Currently, it is reported that Claudia has a bust-waist-hips ratio of 34-25-36 inches respectively, which confers on her the famed hour-glass shape. While her bra size is said to be 34DD, her height is 5 feet 5 inches. Her shoe size is 6.5 (US) while her weight is reported to be 119 lbs. Her figure constitutes an asset for her as a model. But, which part of her body is as a result of artificial enhancement? While many say she had a boob job, we cannot say for certain.

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5. Relationship With Julius Peppers: Did They Get Married?

Claudia Sampedro
Claudia Sampedro & Boyfriend, Julus Peppers: Image Source

Claudia Sampedro has been having a romantic relationship with the Green Bay Packers outside linebacker Julius Peppers since 2014. Both of the lovers are also coming from equally public previous relationships. At the start of his relationship with Sampedro, Peppers deserted his ex-girlfriend, Lia Ames, who was pregnant for him at the time. Lia Ames then sued for child support for her baby who was named Elijah Peppers. Eventually, Julius agreed to pay Lia $8,000 monthly.

Claudia herself was coming from a previous relationship with an ex-NFL running back Reggie Bush, who is also an ex-boyfriend of Kim Kardashian.

Like Peppers, Claudia also had kids from her previous relationship. The names of her children are Keana Sky and Amaresito.

So far, it is being rumored that Claudia Sampedro and Julius Peppers had a secret wedding sometime in the past; others say they got engaged. But the last we have heard of the couple, Claudia was asking Peppers to consider upgrading their relationship to marriage. However, Peppers is said to be feeling no pressure to get married yet and prefers that they stay as they are; but that was back in late 2016. The situation may have changed by now. In any case, no trace of such has been found.

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