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Clarababylegs is an internet sensation known to many as a YouTuber. Yet, she is not only popular on YouTube but also across other social media platforms. Indeed, she is almost equally popular on Instagram and Twitter. What does this Clarababylegs have to offer to be this popular? This post is devoted to her. So, scroll down and get to know more about the online celebrity.

Clarababylegs’ Biography

Her birth occurred on August 13, 1996. While Clarababylegs is her web moniker, she was born Clara Swan. As for her birthplace, it was in Los Angeles. For reasons best known to her, she is yet to share with her fans details of her family background and personal life. It appears she wants to keep them to herself and far from the media.

By her date of birth, Clarababylegs’ zodiac sign is Leo. So, if astrology is anything to go by, Clara should be bold and overly expressive in her manners. Also, she is expected to be vivacious and full of life. Besides, she should be a big dreamer.

Details of her education history are also lacking. While we are still digging to find out where, when or whether she went to school, the following are facts that are worth knowing about her.

Interesting Facts You Need To Know 

1. Career Attainments

One of the most difficult things to say about Clarababylegs is her specific career path. Certainly, she is a gamer and vlogger as she is widely described. But what do you say about her many modeling photos on Instagram, Twitch, and Twitter with which she garners a huge fan base? When you consider her career as a vlogger/blogger, it is quite a herculean task to pin her to a niche. She posts ‘how to’ videos,  gaming videos, modeling photos, and much more.

Perhaps, Clara is best described as a rising social media influencer. She maintains a presence across different social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, and Twitch. She currently has over 149,000 followers on Twitter, over 138,000 on Instagram, and over 237,000 subscribers on YouTube.

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2. Her Many Monikers

Clarababylegs is versatile, not only in her career expression but also in the names she bears online. It should be recalled that she started as ‘ItsBabyLegs’. Currently, she answers ‘Neverland’ or ‘The Queen of Neverland’. That’s not all, she also bears the name Clara Kitty which her web address is named after.

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3. She Dated Brandon Ashur (Bashur)

Clarababylegs and Bashur
Clarababylegs and her ex-boyfriend, Bashur: Image source

Until sometime after April 2015, Clarababylegs was romantically associated with a fellow YouTuber and gamer named Brandon Ashur. Brandon is also nicknamed Bashur or Bashurverse.

Clarababylegs’ ex got so famous he was collaborating with an over-the-top gamer, YouTuber, singer, and director Adam Dahlberg. Adam made his name as a gamer by playing Minecraft. He still plays Minecraft with the username ‘SkytheKidRS’. Also known as SkyDoesMinecraft, Adam has amassed over 39 million views on his Netnobody YouTube channel.

However, Bashur is now nowhere to be found after a series of cases linking him to pedophilia. He was arrested for having sex-tipped online chats with a 15-year-old girl when he was 19. He was also accused of raping a ten-year-old girl when he was 23.

Clarababylegs reportedly broke up with Brandon Ashur after he made a video admitting the pedophilia related accusations. Later on, Brandon Ashur deleted all his social media accounts and was no longer seen anywhere online.

Some of his fans are speculating that Brandon Ashur may have committed suicide. Also, after Bashur shared a ‘goodbye’ video, there were rumors that he is in a bad mental state. Nonetheless, there are reports saying he now lives a quiet life somewhere in Los Angeles with a new girlfriend.

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4. Clara Represents a Japanese Brand

Clarababylegs has been reported to be the official vlogger of Tokyo Treats. Tokyo Treats is a Japanese candy and snacks subscription box that ships its products to its customers worldwide.

5. Clarababylegs’ Body Facts and Figures

Clarababylegs has a bust size of 36 inches and a waste that measures 26 inches while her hips measure 36 inches. This confers on her the perfect hourglass shape that is highly sought after by ladies all over the world.

Being a Caucasian by ethnicity, Clarababylegs’ skin is fair. Also, while her eyes are blue, her hair is blonde. However, she regularly dyes her hair pink. We do not yet have specific figures regarding her height and weight.

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