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Two things ring true for humanity – if you give us enough time, we will overcome any adversity, and also, if you give us enough time, we will make entertainment out of anything, including what used to be our adversity. An example of this is food, which was once a scarce entity that caused famine but is now a ubiquitous entity that we now make entertainment shows out of. Our decision to do the latter has produced several food stars from Gordon Ramsey to Anthony Bourdain to Claire Saffitz.

Claire Saffitz, who is the only woman out of the abovementioned, has been able to build a successful career off of being a talented chef, working for a popular food magazine, Bon Appétit. Learn everything you need to know about her by reading below.

Who Is Claire Saffitz And How Old Is She?

Through the YouTube channel of Bon Appétit, Claire Saffitz has become one of the recognizable names in the professional chef community. It is a status that is in fulfillment of a dream Claire has had as a child when she made the decision to become a chef.

Her life began on the 16th of September, 1986 in St. Louis, Missouri to parents whose identities are unknown but who definitely have supported Claire in her quest to become a globally recognized chef.

Today, Claire Saffitz is known as a hard-working woman with a big ambition and that is a trait that has been a part of her personality since she was a child, all through her teenage years, manifesting in her academics when she graduated with honors from the prestigious Harvard University in 2009.

Following the completion of her bachelor’s degree, she proceeded to take the next step in becoming a professional chef by studying at the Ecole Gregoire Ferrandi culinary school in France. She had her externship at Spring restaurant before returning to the United States where she earned her master’s degree, studying History at McGill University with a focus on culinary history in the early modern era.

Her career as a professional chef and food critic has seen her work for Bon Appétit, a magazine that has been in existence since 1956. During her time with the magazine, Claire Saffitz has worked as a Senior Food Editor, beginning her position in 2016 and has made frequent appearances in the magazine’s Test Kitchen program, alongside a fellow chef, Bran Leone.

Claire Saffitz
Claire Saffitz with fellow chef, Bran Leone in Bon Appetit’s Test Kitchen

Over the course of her time with the magazine, she has expanded her roles to become the star of one of the show’s digital programs, Gourmet Makes which began to air in 2017. She has also made appearances on the magazine’s podcast, Bon Appétit Foodcast.

Claire Saffitz is not only limiting the displays of her work to YouTube videos and Instagram posts, but she is also working on the release of her cookbook which is expected to be on bookshelves in a couple of years.

Is The TV Host Married, Who Is The Husband?

As for Claire Saffitz’s relationship status goes, there is no information confirmed by the chef. She has limited her relationship with her fans and food enthusiasts to food, concealing any information that might give insight into her personal life.

One thing is however for sure, if Claire Saffitz is in a relationship or she’s married, it is not getting in the way of the quest to own a cooking channel of her own someday, with the chef visibly focusing and spending a lot of time on her career.

How Much Is The Pastry chef Worth?

Claire Saffitz may not share the popularity of superstar chefs like Gordon Ramsey or the late Anthony Bourdain, but she is a successful chef in her own right. As a professional chef, she has starred on the show Gourmet Makes, where she was a host of the TV show, she is also a freelance recipe developer and the senior editor of the food magazine, Bon Appétit.

This career accomplishments, combined with an Instagram following of over 200k people, make her an attractive destination for food-related brands who wish to advertise their products. All of these have helped Claire Saffitz to an estimated net worth of $500,000.

Other Facts About Claire Saffitz

  1. On Instagram, she has the account, @csaffitz, where she posts videos and pictures of her cooking process and finished results.
  2. She has a height of 5 feet 4 inches, with modest body weight.
  3. Claire Saffitz has brown colored eyes and black hair.
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