A Critical Look At Claire Foy’s Filmography And Her Failed Marriage

Of all the actresses who have played Queen Elizabeth, Claire Foy’s portrayal of the longest-reigning monarch in the history of the world tops that of others. Claire is mostly known for playing the Queen — a performance that earned her a Golden Globe in addition to many other prestigious awards, but the entertainer’s body of work still extends to include a plethora of television shows and films where she displayed unparalleled prowess as a great talent. However, celebrities of her caliber will naturally attract unsolicited public attention which has sparked curiosity among fans and the general public who want to know more about her life experiences.

Claire Foy Displayed Early Interest in Acting By Joining Her High School’s Drama Program

Born on the 16th of April 1984, Claire Foy is the last of Caroline and David’s three children who have always shown interest in the world of the performing arts. Acting for Foy was something she had always wanted to do even as a child, and when she was at Aylesbury High School, the budding talent showed the stuff she is made of by becoming part of the school’s drama program.

Resolved to fulfill her dreams of joining the movie world, Claire Foy made a stop at Liverpool John Moores University in pursuit of further academic qualifications. Her days at the academic institution was spent as a student of drama and screen studies. In a bid to further hone her skills as an actress, she attended the Oxford School of Drama where she took a course in acting for one year. In fact, Foy left no stone unturned in her quest for excellence in the performing arts.

Her Exploits at the Oxford School of Drama

Claire Foy started professional acting when she was at the school of drama, and just like many others before her, she began her performances in theater productions –Top Girls, Easy Virtue, Watership Down, and Touched were the plays she acted in. Her professional stage debut was later accomplished in DNA and The Miracle at the London Royal National Theatre. It was not until 2008 that she had her first role in front of the camera and it was in the pilot episode of the show, Being Human. Foy had one more small role before she got cast in the BBC show, Little Dorrit, where she appeared in a total of 14 episodes. The actress’s performance as the protagonist in the show qualified her to be nominated for an RTS Award.

Richard Coyle and Claire Foy in Going Postal
Richard Coyle and Claire Foy in Going Postal: image source

Next, she came on the television film Going Postal and appeared in Season of the Witch – a popular horror adventure film. Claire Foy also played the lead role in the BBC’s revival of Upstairs Downstairs, essaying the character of Lady Persephone. February 2011 saw her on the set of the Channel 4 serial The Promise as a co-star. The television film The Night Watch which was based on a novel written by Sarah Waters cast her in the lead role of Helen. Claire Foy made a comeback to the stage in February 2013 playing Lady Macbeth, alongside actor James McAvoy who played the title role in Macbeth at the Trafalgar Studios

The actress has had notable roles in these films; First Man as Janet Shearon, The Girl in the Spider’s Web as Lisbeth Salander, Breathe as Diana Cavendish, and Unsane in a starring role.

Foy’s Portrayal of Notable Historic English Characters

Claire has had the opportunity to act as two different royal characters in historic English films. The first person of note she played was the English Queen Anne Boleyn in the 2015 series, Wolf Hall. Her performance was applauded and for the role, she was nominated for next year’s British Academy Television Award for Best Actress which she, however, lost to Brie Larson for her role in the independent drama film Room.

Claire Foy’s next portrayal as a royal figure was that of Queen Elizabeth II in the 2016 Netflix show, The Crown. This can be rightfully described as the magnum opus of her career and for the role; she received the most awards and nominations she has ever encountered in her career. They include the Golden Globe Award in the Best Actress category for Television Series Drama; she bagged the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series and became a two-time winner of the Screen Actors Guild Award in Outstanding Performance category by a Female Actor in a Drama Series. The performance also made her a nominee for the BAFTA TV Award for Best Actress.

Claire Foy was on the show for two seasons before some members of the cast were changed so as to better reflect the ages of the characters. Olivia Colman was cast as the older version of the Queen, hence taking Foy’s position on the show.

How Much has she Made From Her Acting Career?

It was while Foy was still working on the set of The Crown that the gender pay gap debate took the media by storm; it was discovered she earned significantly lower than her male counterpart. This caused an outrage and the producers of the show had to find a way to resolve it which they did by increasing Foy’s earnings to match what the male actors receive.

Even with this, many of her fans trouped to the studio and announced they don’t mind offering her a back-pay of the difference of her past salaries. However, Claire Foy later stated that she never received the promised payment. Despite this, she has a good net worth of $4 million, majorly earned from her acting career.

Meet Claire Foy’s Husband and Daughter

Claire Foy and Stephen Campbell Moore
Claire Foy and Stephen Campbell Moore: Image Source

Claire Foy got married to fellow actor, Stephen Campbell Moore sometime in 2014. According to the records, the duo met on the set of Seasons Of The Witch in 2011 and dated for sometime before tying the connubial knot three years later.

Their marriage produced a daughter, Ivy Rose. She was born In March 2015, barely a year after they got married, and four weeks before Foy started to shot scenes for The Crown. The actress stated in an interview that she had felt that taking on the job was a mistake because she could not comprehend juggling being a mother and acting. But she was able to pull through and do the job.

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Four years after they got married, Moore and Foy split up, announcing their separation in February 2018. They equally revealed that they had been apart for some time and the announcement was a way of fulfilling the formalities. The couple never deemed it necessary to state the reason for their break up.

Who is She Dating Presently?

After it became public knowledge that actor Matt Smith Claire’s co-star in The Crown had split with his girlfriend Downtown Abbey actress, Lily James. Rumors began to make the rounds that Claire and Matt have become an item. People even started pointing accusing fingers at Claire whom they believe had a hand in the Matt/Lily split.

However, the truth is that Claire Foy and Matt have been long-standing good friends and recently played the husband and wife role for the second time on the set of the play Lungs. During their time on set, the duo reportedly displayed ‘intense chemistry’. That notwithstanding, we should try and heed the fact that they most definitely could just be old-time pals who are just fantastic at their jobs just like Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. In conclusion, we cannot place our fingers on who exactly Claire is dating now, but time, as they say, will tell.

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