5 Facts You Must Know About Cirdan Heughan – Sam Heughan’s Brother

If you know the American Sam Heughan, who played the role of Jamie Fraser in the television drama series titled Outlander; then you’d be happy to learn about his brother named Cirdan Heughan. Heughan has become a well-known name in the American entertainment industry; all thanks to Sam’s exceptional acting prowess. The movie star is also popular for his appearance in the action comedy movie titled The Spy Who Dumped Me as well as the theatre display of the play titled Outlying Islands for which he got an award nomination in 2003, among others.

Sam has starred in a handful of movies, television series, and theatre performances since the inception of his career in 2001. He has equally recorded several awards in his name. Sam played the role of Philip Dorr in the British television series titled Island at War. Later on, he also appeared in the 2011 series titled A Princess for Christmas where he played the role of Prince Ashton. While Sam Heughan has been enjoying the glamour of the limelight, we have taken time to gather the following interesting facts about the actor’s lesser-known brother Cirdan. Read on

1. Cirdon Heughan was born and raised in Scotland

Cirdan Heughan was born in Balmaclellan, Dumfries and Galloway city in Scotland. He was born to British parents and was raised along with his brother Sam by their mother named Chrissie Heughan. He didn’t see much of his father, who reportedly left home when they were very young. His mother struggled to train Cirdan and his brother through school. She did a series of odd jobs so they could earn their living. Apparently, there is not much information available with regards to Cirdan’s childhood life, his date of birth and educational history. He belongs to Caucasian ethnicity and possesses Scottish nationality.

2. He Came from a Star-Studded Family

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Interestingly, Cirdan’s parents is an integral part of the movie titled Lord of the Rings. They both featured as members of the band called the Gandolf’s Garden. Also, Cirdan who is also very much attached to the movie decided got his name from the movie. In the movie, the character Cirdan was the elf who builds boats that took the elves to the middle earth. Surprisingly, Cirdan didn’t pursue a career in acting or entertainment biz; his brother Sam went on to become a prolific and well-established actor in the American/Scottish movie industry.

3. His Father Died of Leukemia

While his father left home when Cirdan and his brother Sam were very young, he didn’t go on with a second marriage. Rather he went on to stay on an island in Canada, when the kids were grown; they finally got the opportunity of reuniting with their father in 2015. It was an awesome moment for the entire family as they were so happy to have met their father before his death. Shortly, after their reunion, Cirdan’s father passed on after suffering from Leukemia.

4. Cirdan is Married to a Lady Named Victoria Heughan

In addition to his successful career, Cirdan Heughan is quite successful in his love life. Despite keeping his personal life under the radar, it is no news that the Outlanders’ actor’s brother is happily married to an amazing lady named Victoria Heughan. The pair has been together for many years, they have one child. However, nothing much could be said about their relationship, when they got married, their child’s name and when they started their relationship. Sadly, Cirdon’s wife disclosed in 2008 that he was diagnosed with testicular cancer. Vicki has been supporting charity for those who live with cancer. She helps to raised funds and donates to cancer patients every year.

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5. His Net Worth is Said to be Running in Millions

The Heughan’s brothers have been most successful in their different careers. While Cirdan Heughan has not disclosed what he does to the media, it is greatly believed that the celebrity is doing well for himself. His brother Sam is also successful in his career and has been earning huge amount of money in salary from his television series as well as movies. Cirdan’s net worth cannot be ascertained at the moment but that of his brother Sam Heughan is currently penned at $5 million.

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