Cindy Millican

To a number of people, Cindy Millican means different things. To music fans, especially rock fans, she is the wife of Glenn Frey, a founding member of the popular band, Eagles and a music icon. To movie watchers, she is an actress who appeared in the 1987 movie, The Running Man, and to those living with Lupus, she is one of the influential women championing the awareness and treatment for those who are living with the ailment.

Although Cindy has her claim to fame from three different areas, it is her work as a leading voice for Lupus awareness and her status as the widow of Glenn Frey that has made her one of the admired women in Hollywood. Learn more about Cindy Millican by reading below.

Cindy Millican’s Biography

Cindy Millican has been in the spotlight ever since she appeared in The Running Man in 1987. Her appearance in the science fiction film, which was directed by Paul Michael Glaser and starred Arnold Schwarzenegger was the culmination of the hard work and commitment that had driven her ever since she was found her passion in the arts as a young girl who was born in the United States in 1967. When it comes to her background, regarding details such as her parents, siblings, and education, very little is known about the actress.

Although she is considered an actress, Cindy hasn’t been an active actress since she made her feature-length debut in 1987, choosing instead to focus on her family life and her work on Lupus awareness and philanthropy.

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Her work as a Lupus advocate began after she was diagnosed with the disease. She got treatment under Dr. Daniel Wallace, a notable medical practitioner whose work is focused on the treatment of the disease.

As part of appreciation for his work and her desire to combat the disease, she began to lend her popularity and financial power to charities in support of the fight against the disease. She has worked alongside other notables names like Donna Karan, a fashion designer in hosting fundraising dinners and shows as parts of her efforts to support Lupus LA, a charity owned by Dr. Daniel Wallace.

Career As A Dancer

For a long time as a dancer, Cindy danced in music videos and directed the choreography for music videos. It was a modest success in a profession that wasn’t the most recognized among the various parts of the entertainment industry. She, however, got her major recognition as a dancer when she starred in The Running Man, featuring on the big screen alongside the 80s and 90s movie star, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Other than meeting the love of her life Glenn Frey through her work as a dancer, it was the most notable moment in Cindy Millican’s career. Partly due to the fact that she quit her life as an active actress to build a family with the Eagles’ lead singer.

How She Built Her Net Worth

Being the wife of the leader of one of the most successful bands out of America comes with its own perks. Having lost her husband in 2016, Cindy Millican, along with her income from her dancing days and other endeavors is currently worth $70 million, with a majority of it believed to have been willed to her after the death of her husband, Glenn Frey whom she was married to for 26 years.

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Her Husband and Kids

Cindy Millican and Glenn Frey
Cindy Millican and her family image source

Although she was born Cindy Millican, she also goes by Cindy Frey or Cindy Millican Frey. It is an identity she acquired after she got married to Glenn Frey in 1990.

Her husband, Glenn Frey, who unfortunately passed away in January 2016 after battling rheumatoid arthritis, was the lead singer of the rock band, Eagles. While he was alive, he was nominated and inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Having met each other during the shooting of a music video for one of the Eagles’ songs, with Cindy at the time, in charge of the video’s dance choreography, they began dating, got married and raised three children.

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They have two boys and a daughter named Deacon Frey, Otis Frey and Taylor Frey respectively. One of her sons, Deacon Frey has followed in the footsteps of his father by joining the rest of the band as an Eagle.

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