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Cindy Landolt has become a global phenomenon in the business of body fitness and modeling. She’s a total badass when it comes to helping people keep fit and maintain a good shape. Without a doubt, Landolt has done so well and has established herself as an authority to reckon with both on social media and away.

Widely known as the Swiss Superwoman, she has come a very long way as an online fitness sensation as well as a personal trainer who has attracted a huge number of fans and admirers because of her well-built body structure and amazing abs.

Cindy Landolt Bio & Age

The model and online fitness coach was born as Cinderella Landolt on the 11th day of January 1985 in the miniature town of Wetzikon, Zurich, Switzerland. Cindy Landolt became the name she adopted and is known with today. Growing up for Cindy was full of amazing adventures because of her love and passion for outdoor sporting activities like swimming, hiking, skiing, and snowboarding.

She would go on such adventures with her wonderful parents who were die-hard lovers of outdoor sports, most especially her father – a famous long-distance Swiss master cyclist who always encouraged Cindy to go for such sporting activities and also to keep fit.

When she was 5 years old, Landolt started gymnastics and became part of a team. For years to come, she continued to improve in it as she gave in her all. Thanks to this, she got to win many awards in the process. She wanted to have a career in gymnastics but the problem she had when she was 16 was that at that age, she had already grown too tall and muscular for the sport.

With gymnastics out of the way, she decided it was time to take advantage of what nature had given her and make something out of it. This led her into the gym where she started lifting weights and engaging in other activities.

Her Career

Cindy Landolt
Cindy Landolt (Image Source)

She became so obsessed with building her physique and soon afterward, she decided to extend it to others as well by helping to build people up and keep them fit. To achieve this, she took a step further by enrolling at the famous Swiss Academy of Fitness and Sport (SAFS), where she spent 3 years training hard and eventually bagging a diploma certificate.

This has given her the opportunity and avenue to coach and train people who are interested in keeping fit not just like any other regular instructor but as a professional fitness instructor. Cindy pursued her dream further by founding her personal training outfit named The Centurion Club. It is here that she gets to train clients who are motivated to build their physique.

As it stands today, Cindy has gained over one and a half decade of experience in fitness coaching and physical training business. She has touched and influenced a lot of people including celebrities around the world, cutting across cultures and ethnicities. She has a fitness training website,, which serves as an avenue for reaching out to her huge number of subscribers.

A self-motivated individual, the Zurich born bodybuilder has worked with many professionals and people who want to build their bodies. More so, she has also worked with professional actors and athletes, helping various people achieve different things.

Apart from just bodybuilding and training, Landolt has also offered nutritional coaching. She is also a rehabilitation coach, weight loss trainer, Nordic walking instructor, and also a specialist for sporting activities such as cycling kickboxing, marathon racing, and even training for actors and singers.

On social media, the trainer and model has many followers on platforms such as Instagram and YouTube, even though she is not the most active on the video sharing platform.

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Height, Weight & Body Measurement

As famous as Cindy is and for being a super fitness goddess, one can rightly assume that she is blessed with great beauty which is complemented by a good body structure.

She has a good height of 5 feet 10 inches (1.79 m) and a body weight of 78 kg (172 lb). For her other body measurements, Cindy Landolt has a breast measurement of 38 inches, a waist that measures 26 inches, and hips of 36 inches (38-26-36).

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