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For a majority of the human race, being in a relationship or getting married comes with no more baggage than what we all expect from such a relationship. The story is however different for spouses of celebrities who have to deal with the excessive attention accorded to them and the scrutiny of the public, that is what Cindi Knight dealt with as the wife of Andy Griffith.

Even though Cindi Knight appeared in a couple of projects that inspired many to regard her as an actress, it was her relationship with Andy Griffith whom she was married to for 29 years before his death in 2012 that has made her a bonafide public personality.

We take a look at her life and her relationship with the deceased actor and producer. Read all about it below.

Cindi Knight Biography & Age

Cindi Knight joined this world on the 2nd of May, 1953; she was born in Jacksonville, Florida. There is not a lot of information available about the childhood of Cindi other than the fact that she was born to parents named Bobby Knight and Muriel Knight. If she has any siblings, that is a fact that is at present, unknown to the media.

There is no information regarding her education either but we have a bit of knowledge about her professional career, particularly as an actress. Cindi Knight did not spend a lot of active years in the industry as an actress. So far, she has two credits to her name which are for her appearance in Murder in Coweta Country, a film released in 1983 where she played Julia Turner and Matt Houston, a TV show.

She hasn’t made any credited appearance on any project ever since, unlike her husband Andy who had 72 credits to his name across film and television, starring in projects like Waitress, Family Law, Matlock, Scattering Dad, and several others. Through his many appearances, he has been the recipient of awards like Legend Award and most prominently, a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his contribution to Television.

Family and Relationship with Andy Griffith

When it comes to long-lasting marriages, Hollywood is not the place one should for inexhaustible examples. The industry is notorious for its rampant breakups but even in this sea of failed relationships and marriages, you will still find a few outliers who give the rest of the world hope in the existence of love.

For Andy Griffith, it came at his third try after he had been married twice with both marriages failing. He met Cindi Knight while he was shooting Murder in Coweta County, one of the projects Cindi appeared in as a credited actress. Following their meeting on the set of the film, they began to date and became known to friends and family as lovers.

Their love for each other did not wane so they sought to commit to each other as husband and wife. Cindi Knight became the wife of Andy Griffith on the 12th of April, 1983 after dating for a couple of years.

Their marriage was one without any scandal and it remained so throughout their time together which spanned a total of 29 years, ending only at the death of Andy Griffith on the 3rd of July, 2012.

Throughout the time they were together, Cindi Knight and Andy Griffith never had children of their own. Nonetheless, she became a stepmother to his two children from previous marriages, two children named Andy Samuel Griffith Jr. and Dixie Griffith.

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Facts To Know About Cindi Knight

1. Her husband, Andy Griffith died of a heart attack at the age of 86 in Manteo, North Carolina.

2. One of her stepchildren, Andy Samuel Griffith Jr. died in 1996 after battling alcoholism.

3. While Cindi Knight is still a young woman who could give marriage another chance following the death of her husband, she has opted to remain single and has stayed away from the media spotlight.

4. She is believed to be personally worth $1 million although her husband left a fortune of $60 million at the time of his passing.

5. Until Andy Griffith, Cindi Knight was never married to anyone. Her husband, however, was previously married to Barbara Bray Edwards and Solica Cassuto.

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