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Back in the 80s, and early 90s, action films held sway and macho men ruled the box office. Men like Arnold Schwarzenegger became global film stars, churning out box office hits one after the other. However, as the millennium rolled in and Hollywood began to expand its genre of films, action films got less popular but its major actors remained A-list stars in the industry, a fact that transferred to their family, in the case of Christopher Schwarzenegger in the case of Arnold.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is one a few celebrities who have touched multiple aspects of fame – He was once named the strongest man on earth and then he became a global film star, then he became a politician, serving an 8-year term as the Governor of California. His children, however, particularly Christopher are yet to have a claim to the throne of fame other than being the son of the super actor.

Learn more about Christopher Schwarzenegger, his family and everything you need to know about him below.

Christopher Schwarzenegger’s Bio

On the 27th of September, 1997, Christopher Schwarzenegger was welcomed into the world by parents, A-list actor and former California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger and his wife, Maria Shriver. He was the last child of the four biological children born to his parents – two sisters, Katherine and Christina and a brother, Patrick.

Like most celebrity children, Christopher has been dealing with the unending attention brought on his father’s status as a public personality, even as he journeyed through his education at Brentwood School, which he graduated from in 2016 before proceeding to the University of Michigan for his higher education.

Ultimately, despite the major attention his last name garners, Christopher Schwarzenegger has often shied away from the media, unlike some of his other siblings.

What Is Christopher Schwarzenegger’s Net Worth?

Christopher Schwarzenegger is still in the early stages of his life with no particular inclination to what he might do in the near future to become his own man yet but one thing is for sure, unless Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is worth a reported $400 million and his mother, Maria Shriver, who is worth $100 million decide to withhold their money from Chris, he is set for life.

When Christopher finishes college and starts a professional career, he might join the ranks of his brother, Patrick who is already worth an estimated $1.5 million, till then, the estimated net worth of the action star’s son is still unknown.

His Height

Arnold Schwarzenegger is an icon in the bodybuilding community, regarded by many to be the best bodybuilder to ever live. He was the pinnacle of the capacity of the male body in his younger years, a trait his son, Christopher Schwarzenegger does not share.

Christopher Schwarzenegger is 5 feet 11 inches tall but he is overweight, with his exact body weight currently unknown. He might be the son of his father, but he that’s a truth one can see from his physical looks.

Other noticeable features about Chris include blue colored eyes and brown hair.

Family Facts

Christopher Schwarzenegger
Christopher (2nd left) with other members of the Schwarzenegger family

Christopher Schwarzenegger’s family could have settled for simply being one of the biggest celebrity families in Hollywood due to their father’s position as a former Governor and a movie star, but like the Kardashian family, the Schwarzenegger family needs some drama.

Christopher Schwarzenegger has a half-brother

Christopher Schwarzenegger may have grown up to think he was the last of the children born to his parents, especially his father but that truth was shattered in 2011 when it was revealed that his father had fathered a child with one of their employees, Mildred Patricia Baena, giving birth to the child, who is named Joseph Baena, five days after Christopher was born.

His parents are divorced

Unfortunately, while it may have been cool for Christopher to have a sibling who is his age mate, the news did not play well with his family and his mother, Maria Shriver filed for a divorce from his father on the 9th of May, 2011, after being together as husband and wife for 25 years.

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His sister, Katherine Schwarzenegger is set to marry Chris Pratt

Do you remember Chris Pratt? The dork from Parks and Recreation who went on to become a superstar via the Guardians of the Galaxy films? He is engaged to Christopher Schwarzenegger’s sister, Katherine Schwarzenegger. They got engaged on the 14th of January, 2019. His sister, Katherine is an author who has published three books.

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