Christopher Cody Cyrus – Biography, Facts About Billy Ray Cyrus Son
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The Cyrus family is without an iota of doubt definitely one of the most successful and celebrated families in Hollywood. Just like other famous families, they have been involved in a series of scandals over the years. From leaked nudes, family feuds, to on-and-off divorce talks, the Cyrus’ sure have enough drama to kick off a successful reality TV show. One of such dramas was the 2010 revelation that there was a member of the Cyrus family lurking in the shadows named Christopher Cody Cyrus. The revelation piqued the interest of fans hence leading to further disclosure that he was the first child of Billy Ray Cyrus, who is also the biological father of Trace Cyrus, Miley Cyrus, and Noah Cyrus. Continue reading to know more about Billy Cyrus’ mystery son.

Who is Christopher Cody Cyrus?

Christopher Cody Cyrus was born on the 8th day of April 1992 to Bill Ray Cyrus and Kristin Luckey in South Carolina. He is of American nationality and White ethnicity. Although his father is internationally famous, not much is known about his beloved mother who raised him till adulthood.

Nevertheless, recent studies show that his mother was a waitress in South Carolina. While tending to customers, she came across Billy Ray Cyrus who was just an upcoming singer with high hopes of becoming famous someday. The pair fell in love, dated and eventually broke up a few months before she gave birth to her son.

Although Billy Ray Cyrus willfully and happily accepted paternity of Christopher, he wasn’t involved much in the raising of the lad, his excuse being his marriage to Hollywood actress Leticia Jean Finley who at the time of Christopher’s birth was pregnant. However, despite his absence from the actual raising of his first son, he was known to send monthly allowance to Kristen for upkeep.

As regards to his educational background, Christopher Cody Cyrus attended elementary school at Myrtle Beach Intermediate Schoolhouse before going on to enroll at Forrestbrook Middle High School. Upon completion of his high school education, he worked at an electric store for a brief moment where he was paid a meager sum of $7.5 per hour for his services. Despite the low pay, he did his duties with dedication and diligence as it offered him a chance to contribute to paying part of the bills which was a burden to his mother.

After a while, the boy decided to further his education by enrolling at the University of Texas to study Law. However, there’s a constant debate as to if he graduated or dropped out at some point given the fact that he doesn’t introduce himself as a lawyer.

Other Facts You Didn’t Know About Billy Ray Cyrus Son

The following are fun facts you should keep to mind about Christopher Cody Cyrus

1. Despite being a victim of intentional fatherly neglect, care and affection; receiving no gifts on his birthday while his other half-siblings received expensive presents, he doesn’t hold any grudge against his father, Billy Ray Cyrus or any of his half-siblings. As a matter of fact, he adores Miley Cyrus and is quick to defend her regular antics as being the behavior of a normal celebrity trying to have so much fun doing what she loves.

2. Unlike his other half-siblings who are in the entertainment business and always in the news for a thing or the other, Christopher begs to differ. Although there a few pictures of him on his Facebook page holding a guitar, it’s clear he doesn’t plan on taking up music as a profession. He has often reiterated his desire to live a quiet, simple life free from the constant scrutiny that comes with fame.

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3. By virtue of being the first child of a multi-millionaire father, it’s only normal for one to expect Christopher to be living in extreme luxury but the reverse is the case. His living condition is clearly the farthest thing from luxury and he doesn’t feel entitled to anything from his dad, at least to the best of our knowledge.

4. Christopher Cody Cyrus is currently single and hasn’t been rumored to be in a romantic relationship with anyone in the past.

5. He is quite active on several social media platforms. On Instagram, he can be found using the handle @chriscodycyrus

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