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There is no shortage of celebrity families in Hollywood. There are several families with members spread across the major aspects of the industry and as far as popular families go, the Cyrus family is one of the most popular and often controversial. In the family are a number of notable names, including possibly the most popular, Miley Cyrus. Her half-brother, Christopher Cody Cyrus, trails behind her as a famous personality.

There are many pieces of evidence that show that the Cyrus family is a dysfunctional one, but none of them does a good job of showing it as much as the larger Cyrus family relationship with Christopher Cody whose only real association with the family is by name. There is a lot to tell about the strangeness of the life of Christopher Cody and we’ll explore some of them below.

Who is Christopher Cody?

After a short dating period between June to August 1991, Christopher Cody was born to Billy Ray Cyrus and Kristin Luckey. At the time, his mother, Kristin was a waitress who worked in a South Carolina restaurant. His father, Billy Cyrus, on the other hand, was on his way to becoming a legendary country music star, opening for musical acts like Reba McEntire.

Christopher Cody grew up raised by his mother alone. It is one of the many ways in which he stands out in the Cyrus family. Interestingly, he is the only one out of the six children attributed to Billy Ray Cyrus who is not completely related to any of his siblings.

He attended Myrtle Beach Intermediate School before he proceeded to Forrestbrook Middle High School in South Carolina. When college came around, Christopher headed to the University of Texas, where he attended law school. The education history of Christopher Cody might suggest a successful life in the corporate environment for the South Carolina-born Cyrus, but according to report, he has only managed to work in an electronic store.

This is a sharp contrast to several of his siblings who are one way or the other, stars in their fields starting with Miley Cyrus is an accomplished actress and musician. Brandi Cyrus is an actress, Trace is a musician, Braison is a model and Noah, an actress.

Relationship with the Cyrus Family

Christopher Cody
The Cyrus family without Christopher Cody

If babies could talk and express conscious understanding of the world around them, Christopher Cody must have exclaimed with joy when he opened his eyes to the world and learned that country music legend, Billy Ray Cyrus was his father. The excitement would have been borne of the belief that he was born to a celebrity and was set for a life of glamor and wealth.

However, that hasn’t been his reality ever since he grew into adulthood. Not only has he not shared in the family wealth and celebrity glamor, he is also barely recognized as a member of the family, as shown by a reality show about the family which failed to include him as part of the Cyrus family.

Growing up, Christopher Cody had bits and pieces of interactions with his siblings, particularly the superstar, Miley Cyrus but he was unable to maintain a relationship with her, enough to bring him into the fold. He does, however, have good things to say about Miley whom he recalls to be a really nice person.

When it comes to the Cyrus family patriarch, Christopher Cody may have had the luck of being born to a celebrity father, but Billy did not win the award of a good father. Cody has a very limited relationship with his father and despite his attempt at establishing one, he has always come up with nothing.

Still, Christopher Cody, who has always had to rely on his mother to raise his spirits when he is overwhelmed by the disappointment of his last name, still appears to have nothing but good things to say about his non-family family.

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Other Facts About Miley Cyrus’ Brother

1. Unlike the rest of the Cyrus family, Christopher Cody has managed to live a very private life. His choice to maintain a low profile instead of leveraging his last name for the opportunities it carries has been derided by those who are familiar with him but there is no doubt that the choice to keep to himself has also brought him peace.

2. He was once known to work in an electronics store that paid him $7.5 per hour. That is a laughable income in comparison to some of his siblings, particularly Miley who has a net worth of over $200 million. Although it is believed that he has since moved up to higher forms of employment, there is no doubt that the income and net worth of Christopher Cody pales in comparison to those of his siblings.

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