A Closer Look at Christine Baumgartner’s Life With Kevin Costner and How She Accrued Her Net Worth

Best known as the life partner of the multi-award-winning actor and producer, Kevin Costner, Christine Baumgartner is a well-established personality in the fashion world. She designs handbags that fit perfectly into any trending fashion style. Some of her designed daytime purses were carried by some leading actresses that featured at the opening episode of the drama TV series, Desperate Housewives.

Christine Baumgartner has also appeared in some documentaries on publications like Biography, Primetime, Extra, Entertainment Tonight, Inside Edition, as well as on TV shows such as Die Johannes B. Kerner Show. She has so far gained much reputation for herself both in the fashion world where she belongs. Christine also has a footprint in the entertainment world where her husband is rooted. Let’s get to know some interesting facts about the gorgeous model.

Christine Baumgartner’s Journey From Earning A Business Degree To Establishing Her Own Business

Christine Anne Baumgartner is à California native, born on March 4, 1974. Her father Jim Baumgartner happens to be the only publicly known member of her family. Not much about her childhood has made it to the media light as she only became popular as a result of her marriage to the famous actor Kevin Costner.

The 5 feet 7-inch model attended California State University located in Fullerton, where she bagged a degree in Business.

Following her keen interest in fashion and style since childhood, Christine Baumgartner joined the fashion business, in her late 20s, she forayed into handbag production. According to Christine, her decision to start designing handbags came out of necessity.

As a fashionista, she always had problems finding handbags that perfectly fit her taste. To satisfy her taste, she designed some samples for herself. It impressed her then-boyfriend, Costner, who then encouraged her to build a business out of it. Christine also received financial support from Costner to establish her handbag company.

Together with her friend, Tamara Muro, Christine established the Cat Bag Couture (CBC) in 2004. The ‘Cat’ is an acronym for Christine and Tamara. Unfortunately, Tamara later pulled out of the joint business for family reasons, Christine then changed the name to CBC to represent her name as Christine Baumgartner Costner.

Thanks to The Fashion Business, Baumgartner is a Millionaire

According to various online sources, Christine Baumgartner is worth about $30 million, earned from her modeling career and through her fashion business. Her husband, Kevin, on the other hand, has an estimated net worth of $230 million.

Christine Baumgartner has achieved so much wealth and fame through her fashionable handbags. While she believes in hard work and complete dedication to her business, the model and businesswoman also give credits to her husband’s fame, which has helped her brand gain conscious attention. With her net worth, combined with her husband’s wealth, there is no doubt she is living a luxurious life.

The brown-eyed and golden-blonde-haired beauty started her career with modeling before branching into designing bags out of dissatisfaction for the handbags she kept seeing. For Christine, the bags she was subject to had no appeal and did no good to her sense of fashion.

The most popular set of bags in her brand are laptop bags. She wanted a bag that was not only functional but also stylish. With this at the back of her mind, she designed the trendiest laptop bags in the market. They come with faux fur merged with metallic leather and have pouches and extra pockets for accessories. The launch of her bag line happened around the same time she was planning her wedding. Christine Baumgartner’s products are available online, as well as in specialty stores like Hidden Jewel in Aspen.

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“I’ll wait for you” – The Certainty of Christine’s Love for Kevin Costner

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Baumgartner met Kevin Costner at a golf course in the late 1980s. Then, Kevin Costner was married to Cindy Silvia. In 1998, four years after his divorce and many other relationships in between, he met Baumgartner again at a restaurant. They exchanged numbers and started dating soon after. The couple dated for another four years before exchanging marital vows on September 25, 2004.

The couple went on a break in 2002 when Kevin Costner told Christine that he is not ready to have more children. At the time, the actor already had three kids from his first marriage and had another child with Bridget Rooney in a brief relationship.

Kevin Costner confessed in 2012 in an interview that during their brief separation in 2002, Christine Baumgartner told him she was going to wait for him, but not for long, that he will come back to her when he comes to his senses and she was right. Well, obviously, he did come back to his senses.

Much like details of her background, not much is known publicly about Christine’s love life before Kevin. She met the actor while he was still married to his college sweetheart, Cindy Silva. He divorced Silva after sixteen years of marriage, blessed with three children. They are Anne Clayton (born April 15, 1984), Lily McCall (born August 4, 1986), and Joseph Tedrick (born January 31, 1988).

Before settling down with Christine Baumgartner, Kevin also dated other ladies, including Bridget Rooney, Birgit Cunningham, and Elle Macpherson. Rooney even had a son named Liam Timothy Costner with the award-winning actor. While Kevin was flirting with the ladies, he kept in touch with Baumgartner.

They later broke up in 2002 and got back shortly afterward. They got engaged in 2003. By September the following year, their wedding ceremony followed at the actor’s 165-acre ranch located on the outskirts of Aspen.

The ceremony was unique. Costner made his entrance in a carriage drawn by a horse while Christine arrived in a vintage pickup truck. They exchanged their wedding vows by a streamside. In attendance were icons like Tim Allen, Mary McDonnell, and Don Johnson.

Christine Baumg
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On May 6, 2007, Baumgartner and her partner welcomed their first child, a son named Cayden Wyatt Costner. They also welcomed two other children; Grace Avery Costner and Hayes Logan Costner.

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