Christina Evangeline – Bio and New Details on Kenan Thompson’s Wife

You have probably heard of the name, Kenan Thompson, or at least seen some of his work, particularly on Saturday Night Live, one of the leading comedy programs on American Television. While he has had a long and storied career, he has found a sweet spot in his career with Saturday Night Live where he brings joy and laughter to millions of Americans every Saturday. In his own life, his wife, Christina Evangeline has been his source of joy.

Unlike the spouses and partners of some of his Saturday Night Live peers, not much is known about Christina Evangeline but ever since they got married in 2011, the couple has remained together with zero scandals or conflict hitting the rumor mill about the couple.

Their lasting relationship has prompted a closer look at the woman bringing happiness to the life of one of America’s top funny men. Read below to learn more about Christina Evangeline.

Christina Evangeline’s Biography

Christina Evangeline might be unknown to several people and it appears she prefers it that way. The wife of the famed comedian has managed to keep a sizeable amount of information about herself away from the media, including details about her childhood life which include her parents or siblings, if she has any.

We know she was born on the 24th of March, 1989 and she was raised in the United States but her exact birthplace is unknown. Being raised in the United States also means that she had a typical American upbringing, which included a high school education, although we cannot say if she attended college.

Following the completion of her education, Christina Evangeline has had a professional career although details are still very much unknown in its entirety; however, her career is known to include modeling and acting. As an actress, Christina has only been credited for an appearance in a solitary film, Mini Supreme. The extent of her modeling career is unknown, although several reports suggest that she was once a professional escort. This has not been confirmed by her.

Other than her professional endeavors in the entertainment industry, Christina Evangeline also has a kind heart and it has driven her to establish a charity organization named Evermore. Individually and through her organization, she has also worked with other organizations like Save the Children Federation, American Refugee Committee and My Stuff Bags Foundation. She is also a recognized wellness advisor.

Relationship With Kenan Thompson

A quick scan through Hollywood celebrities shows a plethora of spouses who had little fame before they got involved with their famous partners, and Christina Evangeline is one of them.

But being unknown could be said to be one of the reasons why her relationship with the comedian has lasted thus far, as the couple’s low media attention has helped them maintain a normal life without the pressure of the media.

Christina Evangeline and Kenan Thompson have an age difference of 11 years but it did not matter to the couple when they began a relationship together that eventually led to marriage.

Christina Evangeline
Christina Evangeline, her husband, Kenan Thompson and their two children

So far, we know that Christina Evangeline and Kenan Thompson got married in November 2011 in Atlanta, Georgia, the hometown of the comedian. It was a relatively low-key affair that had close friends and families of the couple in attendance, including hip hop artist and actor, Nick Cannon who also hosted the reception.

Since they got married in 2011, not only have they enjoyed the companionship of marriage but they have been able to raise children together. Their daughter was born in June 2014, about three years after their marriage, and was named Georgia Marie Thompson.

Four years after in August 2018, Christina Evangeline and Kenan Thompson welcomed another daughter, a baby sister for Georgia Marie Thompson and named her Michelle Thompson.

While little is known of Christina Evangeline from a professional career perspective, it is safe to say she has been enjoying a relatively happy time raising her two children from their homes in Tampa, Florida and in New York.

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Facts And New Details On Kenan Thompson’s Wife

1. Christina’s first daughter, Georgia Marie weighed six and a half pounds when she was born.

2. Her husband, Kenan Thompson, is reportedly worth an estimated $9 million.

3. Her hobbies include interior designing, photography and traveling.

4. She has a considerable presence on social media, Instagram in particular.

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