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A very impulsive and highly dexterous man, Christian Burns is a Canadian social media star who has become one of the sought after personalities on the internet. Over the years he has been able to build a charming profile of himself online, drawing lots of people to his social media pages as he tries to establish his influence across the different platforms on the internet. However, he is also known for being quite annoying and has often caused controversies with what many have called ‘arrogance’.

Christian Burns is best known on YouNow, a popular American live broadcasting service where popular stars stream their live videos for others to see. He has become quite big on the platform and has many people following his every move. His good looks have endeared him to many people especially his female fans who gush over him from time to time whenever he goes live to share his daily life with them.

Christian Burns – Biography

Christian Burns was born on the 30th day of the month of January in the year 1998. The social media star was born in Calgary, the largest city of the province of Alberta in Canada where he also spent his growing-up days

Nothing much is known about Christian Burns’ background. The identity of his parents remains unknown and it is not certain if he has any siblings with whom he grew up in Canada. It is believed that, with time, these details may emerge.

Christian is believed to have had some form of formal education in Canada but nothing is known about the institutions where he has his education at the moment. The main part of Christian’s life that is known to the public is his social media work and presence.

Facts About The Instagram & YouNow Star

His Works on Social Media

Christian Burns’s journey to social media stardom began in April 2014 when he opened a YouNow account and began to live-stream videos of himself. At first, he was just one of the many other YouNow users live-streaming themselves online. However, after a while, he started getting serious attention because of the way he spoke and the frequency at which he live-streamed himself.

Being a handsome young man, he gained popularity among the ladies following him on YouNow. The more he made live-stream videos, the more they tuned in to see him and the more he got more popular on the platform.

Despite his popularity, Christian Burns did not just remain on YouNow; after he had gotten some popularity on YouNow, he proceeded to open an Instagram account and gained thousands of followers in a matter of days. This was mainly because he directed many of his YouNow fans to join him on Instagram.

Christian now has more than 25,000 fans on YouNow and his videos have witnessed over 302,000 views the platform establishing himself as one of its very active users.

His Confrontation with Security Guards at a Convention Center

In June 2017, Christian Burns was embroiled in a serious controversy that threatened to put an eternal dent on his credibility as a social media influencer after he got into a heated confrontation with some security guards at a convention center.

The incident happened at VidCon, an annual conference that is held for social media celebrities. The VidCon 2017 was held in Anaheim, California from June 21-25 and it drew some of the biggest names on the internet to the event. Christian Burns also showed up for the event but got into a fight with the security guards at the entrance of the event center and was caught on camera in the process.

Christian Burns
Christian Burns verbally attacking the security guards at VidCon

In the video which went viral, Christian Burns was seen speaking very harshly to the security guards and verbally attacking them. He even called them ‘peasants’ and other such names. The security guards did not attack him back but kept on doing their jobs.

It was later revealed that Christian’s aggressiveness was a reaction to an earlier incident that saw the security guards tackle and subdue a young man in a rather humiliating manner. Christian asked the security why they would treat the young man like that and this led to the huge altercation.

The video of Christian Burns verbally attacking the security guards got people divided on the internet. While some people defended him for speaking up against the alleged brutality, others attacked him for insulting security officers who were just doing their job. Christian has since shown remorse for his actions.

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Christian Burns’ Net Worth

Christian Burns has often boasted about making lots of money. During his confrontation with the security at ViCon, he asserted several times that he was very rich and famous and that the security guards were absolute nobodies. Apparently, Christian must have been able to rake in some money for himself over the years, having worked as a model and now as a social media influencer.

However, his exact net worth at the moment is not known. He is believed to be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars but this has not been confirmed.

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