Christa Podsedly – Bio, Family, Facts About Scott Steiner’s Wife

Christa Podsedly is one celebrity who is slightly unpopular. As a matter of fact, the popularity of the American citizen is majorly linked to her marital ties with the WWE wrestler Scott Carl Rechsteiner, best known by his ring name Big Poppa Pum or Scott Steiner. Scott is not only a divisive figure in the history of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) but also one of the greatest professional wrestlers in history to have achieved so much success in their career.

Despite being the beloved wife of the decorated tag team wrestler, Christa tries to maintain her own space as an independent woman. Although it is not yet known what she does as a career, her role in the successes achieved by her husband cannot be overemphasized. The well-said proverb, “Behind every successful man is a woman” is well proven by the New York native who has dedicated herself to ensuring the success of her husband. Let’s enjoy some interesting facts about the American lady

Who Is Christa Podsedly?

Christa Podsedly is a white American born in the 1950s to her parents Susan M. Podsedly and David Aloys Podsedly. Christa was born in Fairport, New York. Detailed information about Podsedly’s early years cannot be found. She has not also been generous enough with details pertaining to her educational background but looking at her, it is not difficult to deduce that she had a sound education.

What To Know About His Family

When it comes to Christa’s family, we could not ascertain if she has siblings or not. Christa has also not spoken about the history of her family hence information about her own family lineage is not known.

Scott Steiner and Rick Steiner
Steiner Brothers (image source)

However, being the wife of Scott Steiner, Christa Podsedly shares a relationship with his family members including Rick Stainer, Scott’s elder brother. Christa’s mother in law is Janece Rechsteiner, while her father in law is Mr. Leeroy Rechsteiner. With strong support from her husband’s family, Christa is able to manage her husband’s life and career effectively and today he is one of the famous personalities mention in the world of wrestling.

Important Details About Scott Steiner’s Wife

Her Career

It will not be wrong to categorize Christa Podsedly among the successful women of our time who have gone a long way in their roles as homemakers. Although one cannot say for sure if Christa has other activities that keep her busy as well as earn her a reasonable amount, from the roles she plays in Scott’s life, it won’t be so wrong to give her kudos.

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How she met her husband, Scott

Looking at the love and affection Christa and her husband share, one would easily think they were high school sweethearts. On the contrary, Christa only met Scott for the first time at a gym house. She never thought of him as her lover as she never liked him mainly because she was already used to seeing him trash-talk and buff on TV programs.

It took Christa Podsedly quite some time to convince herself to see the good side of the WWE player. Getting closer to him, she discovered that Scott was a different person from what she is used to seeing on the TV screen. She also discovered that his attitude was just part of his job as a wrestler. In real life, Scott is cool and fun to be with. Christa got to know more about Scott and his career after he invited her to one of his events and photo shoots. The two dated for a while before deciding to tie the knot in 2000.


She is the mother of two children; Brock and Brandon Rechsteiner. Since their marriage in 2000, the couple has maintained great love affection towards each other. The family of four live happily in their home in Atlanta.

Christa Podsedly Net Worth

Scott Steiner’s wife may not be a career woman but she does have an enviable amount for herself. Details about her current net worth are not yet known but as the wife of the award-winning wrestler, there is no doubt that Christa Podsedly shares from her husband net worth estimated at $1 million.

Scott is an experienced ring announcer. He was trained by Dr. Jerry Graham Jr and he debuted in the Indianapolis-based World Wrestling Association in 1986.

Height, Weight Body Measurements

Christa Podsedly is quite tall but not as tall as her husband who is 6 ft 1 in (185 cm) tall Christa is 5 feet, 6 inches (1.70m) tall. Her body weight is not yet known but as for her husband, he is 125kg (276 lb).

Christa’s hair is black and she has blue colored eyes and glowing skin tone.

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