Chrissy Haley Biography – Family and Facts About Todd Haley’s Wife

There are different ways to become famous in the contemporary world. Some people attain fame by working extremely hard in making use of their God-given talents such as singing and acting or engaging in athletics, while others become famous by inheriting their parents’ wealth and popularity. However, others shoot into the limelight by getting married to a very popular person. Chrissy Haley is one woman who falls into this last category of people.

Chrissy Haley is an American woman who shot into the limelight after she became Todd Haley’s wife. Todd Haley, on the other hand, is a renowned American football coach who is highly acclaimed in the USA. He has had stints as the wide receivers coach of the New York Jets, Chicago Bears, and Dallas Cowboys. His work with different American football teams has made him quite famous and this fame has rubbed off on his wife, Chrissy.

We have been able to dig up some facts about Chrissy Haley for your reading pleasure. Continue reading to see more about her.

Chrissy Haley’s Biography

There is a huge dearth of information about Chrissy Haley at the moment. This is mainly because she has been a very private person over time and has not spoken about herself and her background.

Chrissy Haley’s date of birth is not known at the moment which means that her age is not clear. Also, the exact place where she was born has not been revealed, however, some reports have shown that she was born in the United States of America and grew up there.

It is believed that Chrissy Haley had some form of formal education while growing up, however, there are no details to show the institutions where she went to school. It has proven quite difficult to get details about her, especially because she is not known to be active on social media.

Chrissy Haley’s Family

The dearth of information about Chrissy Haley extends to her birth family. Details about who her parents are have remained quite vague over the years. It is also not certain if she has any siblings with whom she grew up in the USA.

It is noteworthy that the main part of Chrissy Haley’s life that is known to the public is her marriage to Todd Haley. This is because she only shot into the limelight after she became the man’s wife.

She has 6 children

The marriage between Chrissy Haley and her husband produced six children. Information about who the kids are have remained quite elusive over the years. However, it is known that the couple is very fond of their children.

Chrissy and Todd are, also, obviously very much in love and Todd has often spoken out about how much he adores his wife. According to him, she is his backbone!

Chrissy Haley
Chrissy Haley and Todd

Chrissy moves quite often

Chrissy and her children move around quite often. This is mainly because of the nature of her husband’s coaching career. Todd has worked with different American football teams in the past and with almost, each new job comes the need to relocate to another state or town in the USA.

Thus, the family has had to move quite often each time Todd lands a new coaching job. However, it is not on record that this has been too much of a problem for the family.

She once found a dead rat in her salad

In 2006, Chrissy Haley had a rather unsettling experience which led to a lawsuit being filed. According to reports, she had purchased some salad at a Southlake, Texas McDonald’s restaurant and later found out that there was a rat inside the salad after she and her live-in babysitter had begun to eat the food already.

After the sad incident, Chrissy’s husband, Todd, who was very angry about the development, filed a 1.5 million-dollar lawsuit against McDonald’s. However, the case was settled out of court for a confidential amount.

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She was involved in a scandal

Chrissy Haley is a beautiful woman and some respectable photos of her can be found on the internet. However, she has once been engulfed in a scandal after some nude photos said to her own were released on the internet. The incident happened in 2013.

The photos caused quite a stir after they emerged and fans of Todd Haley expressed shock at the development. However, Chrissy later claimed that the woman in the photos was not her at all. The development also led to a legal tussle.

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