Everything You Should Know About Chris Stirewalt’s Biography, Family And Career

Although he isn’t the most famous among his peers, you can’t mention influential political news anchors without including Chris Stirewalt of Fox News Channel. The self-proclaimed country pundit is an editor, news analyst, and host with a remarkable difference. His skills have taken him places in the mainstream media including working for The Washington Examiner. He has also appeared in different political shows and runs a daily newsletter, Fox News Halftime Report, which churns out first-hand political updates for over 200,000 subscribers.

Additionally, Stirewalt has also extended his professionalism to the digital sphere and co-hosts a podcast titled I’ll Tell You What. The podcast, which is a joint venture with former White House Press Secretary, Dana Perino, analyses the daily happenings in the political sphere. Distancing his career and what he has achieved over the years, let’s explore Stirewalt’s biography, family, and other interesting details about him.

How It All Began For Chris Stirewalt

Chris Stirewalt made his entrance into the world on the 17th of November 1975 in Wheeling, West Virginia. Details of his family background and parents are scarce except that his mother is late and that her given name was Marie McCarthy. As a preteen, Chris split his time living in Wheeling and Missouri. In Missouri, he attended Whitfield School, a private school in St. Louis while in Wheeling, he enrolled in the Linsly School, a boarding and day school, however, he completed his high school diploma in 1994. Upon graduating from high school, Stirewalt spent the next four years in a liberal art college – Hampden Sydney College.

He subsequently returned to his hometown to kick-start his career. From the time he was a little boy, Stirewalt had a knack for reporting and by the time he was done with college, it was clear to him that journalism was what he was born to do – and even though he wasn’t the best student during his time in school, he had a distinctive talent for problem-solving. This skill eventually helped him to stand out in his first job at Wheeling Intelligencer, a daily newspaper company, in his hometown.

Chris Stirewalt
Dana Perino and Chris Stirewalt image source

Landing on the Fox News Chanel 

Following his impressive work at Wheeling Intelligencer, Chris Stirewalt gained the exalted position of politics editor at Daily Mail, located in Charleston, South Carolina, in 1998. He spent six years in this role and used it to showcase his boundless capacity for creativity. He also utilized this opportunity to build up a reputation in the broadcast journalism industry. After his successful sojourn in Charleston, Stirewalt joined the Virginia Media Holdings in 2004. He continued his political news editing roles there up until the year 2007 when he moved to the American capital and joined the Washington Examiner. While with the Examiner, Chris wrote a twice-weekly column that attracted massive readership. He also helmed political coverage for the paper as he served as their political editor.

In the year 2010, Chris Stirewalt joined the big leagues as he was hired by the Fox News Channel. He has been with the network ever since then and has established himself as an indispensable political analyst. Chris primarily serves as the Washington D.C. politics editor for Fox. He has also taken on other important roles such as hosting Power Play, a feature video series on FoxNews.com and authoring the daily political news note known as Fox News Halftime Report.

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It is often said that the reward for good work is more work and this certainly comes true in Stirewalt’s case. The Wheeling native has made such a good impression on his employer that he is now heavily involved in other activities of the media company. They include appearances on their various news programs such as Special Report with Bret Baier, America’s Newsroom, and Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace.

How Much Has Chris Stirewalt Earned From His Career?

In his over two decades presence in the media world, Chris Stirewalt has proven that he is a political guru. He has also amassed a decent fortune for himself which now stands at $6 million. Stirewalt accumulated his net worth from several sources including his primary employer, Fox News Channel. He reportedly earns as much as $1 million per annum from Fox and this does not come as a surprise given the enormity of the responsibilities that he handles for the conservative news media. Another lucrative source of income for Stirewalt is speaking fees. The Wheeling native is an avowed political advocate and a public speaker and his interest primarily lies in political issues and White House updates.

He is also blessed with expert storytelling skills, as well as unbeatable humor, which has made him the toast of several organizations that want him to speak at their events. Stirewalt is represented by the Leading Authorities Speakers Bureau and his fees range from $10,000 to $35,000 depending on the location of the event. Finally, Chris Stirewalt is also an author and makes money from his books. One of his published works is the 2018 text, Every Man a King: A Short, Colourful History of American Populists. The text provides a lively account of the antics of some of America’s populist leaders. They include the likes of Andrew Jackson, William Jennings Bryan, Pat Buchanan, Teddy Roosevelt and of course, Donald J. Trump.

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What We Know About His Love Life

The idea that once you are famous, you no longer have privacy doesn’t hold true for Chris Stirewalt. The political commentator has managed to keep his personal life off the public eye. As such, his dating history is nowhere accessible and neither is his marital status. In the past, there were speculations that he was dating his podcast co-host and fellow political commentator, Dana Perino. Both of them, however, stifled the rumor and Dana went on to marry her heartthrob, Peter McMahon. Since then, nothing else has been unraveled about Stirewalt’s love life. It is therefore quite possible that he is single. It is also possible that he has a lady love in his life but is choosing to keep her all to himself.


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