Chris D’Elia Net Worth: Here’s How Much Money the Comedian Has Now

Chris D’Erislia may be currently embroiled in sexual misconduct allegations but there is no denying the fact that he has done well for himself in his chosen field of endeavor. With a net worth estimated at $13 million, he ranks amongst the rich comedians in Hollywood. A native of Montclair, New Jersey, D’Elia dropped out of college to pursue an acting career in the early 2000s. He was able to score some bit parts but nothing concrete and so decided to explore his love for comedy.

It was the best decision as his aggressive and animated humor style, coupled with his endearing charm, charisma, and astonishing good looks made him a favorite on the stand-up circuit. From that humble beginnings, D’Elia has pulled off several Netflix specials as well as a popular podcast to his name. He has also been able to rejuvenate his acting career and his bottom line is all the better for it.

The Various Ways Chris D’Elia Made His $13 Million Net Worth 

He Makes Millions from Stand-Up Comedy Each Year

Chris D’Elia owes much of his net worth to his prolific career on the stand-up circuit. As earlier stated, the young man spent the early 2000s trying to get a breakthrough as an actor. He didn’t make much headway and so took to scriptwriting. When this failed to equally translate into something tangible, he decided to explore his love for comedy and started touring local comedy clubs.

D’Elia’s penchants for sharing personal awkward interactions and peculiar behavior made him a hit with fans and before long he was performing hundreds of shows each year. The Montclair native remains faithful to stand-up to date and has headlined comedy shows such as the Leafly 420 Comedy Tour Show.

He has also staged his own tours, including the Follow the Leader Tour in 2019. The exact earnings from these tours are not known but D’Elia charges about $30,000 to $40,000 for one show. If he does 100 shows in one year, it means that he would make as much as $3 or $4 million from that avenue alone.

The Comedian Portrayed the Lead Role in Undateable

Chris D'Elia
D’Elia in Undateable: Image Source

The success that Chris D’Elia has experienced as a comedian has helped to revive his acting career. The comic has thus far featured in several TV Series and movies including The Good Doctor, Whitney, You, Undateable, The Great Indoors, Boston Legal, Chicago Hope, Flock Of Dukes, Half Magic, Little Evil, and Celeste and Jesse Forever.

His exact earnings from these shows are not public knowledge but the average Hollywood actor makes between $150,000 to $300,000 while TV stars can earn anything from $25,000, $150,000, and even $1 million per episode depending on their status.

Chris D’Elia Has Pulled off Multiple Comedy Specials

Another means through which Chris D’Elia’s net worth has grown is the comedy specials he has done for different networks. The Undateable star dropped his debut comedy special, White Male Black Comic, on Comedy Central in 2013.

He has since released not less than three more specials on the stables of Netflix: Incorrigible (2015), Man on Fire (2017), and No Pain (2020). Netflix pays comics anything from $50,000 to $20 million for each one-hour comedy special. The average price is pegged at $500,000, meaning that Chris D’Elia has earned not less than $1.5 million from the three specials that he has done for the platform.

He Also Earns from Hosting a Popular Podcast

Chris D’Elia is the host of the popular podcast, Congratulations Chris D’Elia. The podcast which debuted in 2017 basically features the comic having hilarious conversations with himself on various topics such as happenings in politics, pop culture, random events, and what have you.

The podcast has topped the iTunes chart in several countries of the world. It also has an army of devoted fans known as “Babies”. This massive listenership translates into much revenue for Chris D’Elia as podcasters can make from $20 to $100 (per 100,000 listeners) from one ad in a single episode.

A Recap of the Sources of Chris D’Elia’s Net Worth

  • Stand-up comedy – $1 million+
  • Acting – N/A
  • Comedy specials – $1.5 million+
  • Podcast – N/A

How Chris D’Elia’s Net Worth Grew Over the Years

Chris D’Elia first tried his hands at showbiz, specifically acting, in the early 2000s. He struggled to gain a breakthrough and even his attempts at scriptwriting did not pan out so well. Rather than despair and return home with his legs between his tail, Chris decided to switch gears to stand-up comedy around 2006. He was an instant hit and was able to build up a net worth running into six-figures. He was thus able to buy his Sherman Oaks apartment worth $45,000 in 2006.

D’Elia continued to make waves on the stand-up circuit; touring various parts of the United States and even beyond. He was thus able to cross the million-dollar mark and his net worth was further buoyed by the acting roles he scored both on the small and big screens.

These acting roles were quite lucrative and helped D’Elia to become a multi-millionaire. He has since sustained that status to date but his future earning abilities are now under threat given the weighty sexual assault allegations against him.

The Comedian Stands to Lose Millions if Found Guilty of Sexual Assault

The MeToo movement gained momentum over the years and Chris D’Elia found himself on the wrong side of it. The comedian was first accused of sexually harassing and soliciting nudes from underage girls in June 2020. He vigorously denied these allegations but things worsened two months later when multiple women accused him of exposing himself to them. One alleged that he had masturbated in her car while the other claimed that he answered his door buck naked after asking her to come and fix an electrical issue in his hotel room.

As you can imagine, these allegations were quite damning and D’Elia was forced to go on the defensive once more, stating that he has never engaged in any sexual conduct with a woman without her consent. The women are undeterred though and are pursuing all legal options they have. One of these is a civil lawsuit which could see the actor being asked to cough up millions in compensation if found liable.

D’Elia Resides in a Beverly Hills Mansion Valued at $5.4 Million

Chris D'Elia
The interior of Chris D’Elia’s Beverly Hills home: Image Source

The comic has owned several homes over the years and the value of these houses has been commensurate with his net worth. D’Elia’s first home on record was a two-bedroom and two-bathroom condominium in Sherman Oaks which he snapped up for about $45,000 in 2006. He lived in it for about a decade before upgrading to a $2.6 million mansion in Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles, in 2016. The two-story home measured 3,825 square feet and contained three bedrooms and 3.5 baths. It also featured glossy interiors, an exquisite kitchen, as well as other amenities such as a spa and swimming pool. D’Elia spent about two years living in this house.

He subsequently placed it on the market in 2018 and moved into his present residence which he bought for about $5.4 million. Located in Beverly Hills, the 5,458 square feet home is perched atop a three-car garage and offers a panoramic view of the San Fernando Valley. Other interesting amenities include a bocce ball court, barbecue area with integrated TV and media equipment, plunge-sized swimming pool, and a spa.

When it comes to wheels, D’Elia is the owner of an RS7 Audi which he bought in 2014 at the price of $100,000. The German super-saloon/four-door coupe comes with an awesome 560 horsepower V8 engine. There is also a gorgeous 20-inch wheel as well as an impressive eight-speed automatic transmission.


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