Discover The Situation of Things Between Chloe Pacey & Brenton Thwaites and Other Facts About Her

Success and fame are sometimes a result of hard work. Sometimes, it is about opportunities, and who you know. For Chloe Pacey, fame is most definitely a case of who she knows, and that is Brenton Thwaites – a rising Australian actor. Chloe stepped out from the darkness of regular folks when she walked the red carpet with Brenton for a film in 2017.

Since then, it has been a scramble to learn about the partner of one of Hollywood’s rising stars. For the most part, her relationship drives her presence in mainstream media. That is why fans have wondered how much of the relationship still exists.

Meet Chloe Pacey, the Naturopath

We know that Chloe Pacey was born on October 3, 1989. We know she was born in Perth, Australia. Apart from that, there is no more information available about her background. Her entire story tends to revolve around that of Brenton.

An investigative look through her Instagram page (@chloepacey), suggests that, like Brenton, she might be a creative too. Some photos display her art, with videos that show her going through the creative process. Chloe’s Instagram also reveals she might have a relationship with natural health products. In all likelihood, she is a naturopath.

Under that ideal or profession, Chloe is an advocate for breastfeeding. As a result, she has also led a campaign to encourage mothers to breastfeed their babies anywhere and anytime.

In one of her campaigns, Chloe reportedly made a stunning statement about women who keep breast milk away from their babies. She claimed, in essence, that the breasts belong primarily to the babies rather than the men. She also posted photos of her breastfeeding her baby to buttress her point further.

There is, without a doubt, plenty we still need to learn about Chloe Pacey. But like Brenton, as she spends more time in the limelight, we will get to know more about the woman behind the photos and artworks.

Unveiling Her Relationship with Brenton Thwaites

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Their love story reportedly began when they were roommates. Brenton needed a place to stay while filming the film Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tale when he came across adverts of such vacancy online, and that was how they (Chloe and Brenton) eventually shared a flat.

We don’t know the exact trigger that made them move from roommates to lovers. But with a height of 5 feet 2 inches, dark brown hair, and black eyes, there is no denying that Chloe’s beauty was a contributor.

They started dating since 2015 and have attended a few red-carpet events together. Although Brenton is yet to walk Chloe down the aisle, they already have two children together. They announced the arrival of their first child, named Birdie, in March 2016.

Their second child, another daughter, Pippa, was born in 2018, according to evidence from her Instagram page. The couple refers to their children as Bird and Pip. Though Brenton has a thriving Hollywood career, Chloe Pacey and their daughters still live in Australia.

Chloe Pacey
Chloe and Brenton with their daughter: image source

The decision to stay back in their homeland is reportedly their attempt at giving themselves and their daughters a chance at a normal life, away from the attention of paparazzi in the United States.

Brenton and Chloe Pacey Are Still Together

Despite sharing two children, neither Brenton nor Chloe seem to be in a rush to get married. While some have interpreted this to instability in their relationship, evidence suggests they are entirely wrong. All over the world, more couples are embracing building a life together without the performative exercise of a wedding.

Aside from the absence of a ring on Chloe’s finger, some have also pointed to the absence of red-carpet appearances by the couple in weeks. But while Hollywood history suggests a couple’s lack of appearance is a sign of impending doom, it doesn’t appear to be the case for Chloe Pacey and Brenton Thwaites.

The lack of appearance seems to be part of their attempt to separate his career from their personal life. Ultimately, everything appears to be okay with their relationship. Fans can rest assured that the Pirates of the Caribbean star will appear alongside his Australian beau for years to come.

Other Facts You Should Know About Chloe Pacey

Chloe Might be Worth $500,000

Chloe Pacey is an artist and a naturopath, and reports have it that she has about 212 artworks in her name. Whether Chloe sells her artwork is something we still don’t know. But a glance through her social media page suggests she is doing quite alright by herself.

Not only does she seem to live in a great neighborhood with lots of nature, but she has also done some global traveling. Aside from the multiple trips stateside, she has been to Italy on what was a lovely vacation with her partner.

With Brenton worth a little over $1 million, earned in about a decade as an actor, we think Chloe Pacey’s wealth might be half of that, at $500,000.

Her Partner, Brenton, Has More than 20 Credits to His Name

Chances are, as the years go by, and as Brenton’s career grows, we will learn more about Chloe Pacey. So far, he has appeared in more than 20 films and TV shows, a few of which are star-making blockbusters.

Some of them are Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (as Henry Turner, 2017) Slide (as Luke Gallagher on Fox8, 2011), Oculus (as Tim Russell, 2013), and many more. He also has a significant footprint on television. He plays the famous comic book character, Dick Grayson aka Robin, in Titans.

Chloe’s Boyfriend is Also an Australian Native

Brenton Thwaites, like Chloe, is also a native of Australia. But while Chloe is from Perth, he is from Cairns, Queensland. He was born there on August 10, 1989, as one of two children. His only sibling is a sister, Stacey.

Interestingly, despite being a native of the same country, it took Brenton getting a job in the US for their paths to cross back home.

Chloe Believes in the 5G Conspiracy

Chloe Pacey’s Instagram page points to one other fact about her – she believes in the controversial 5G conspiracy. An Instagram post by the naturopath showed her support for ending 5G.

A move proposed by those who think 5G technology is harmful to humans. It is worth noting that scientists have repeatedly debunked this belief.

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