How Old Is Chloe Lanier ‘The GH Actress’ And Is She Married?

Chloe Lanier is a famous American actress who is well known for her appearances in many television series over the years. Starting out from when she was still a young girl, the actress has succeeded in establishing herself as one of many exciting persons to grace TV screens in her acting capacity.

The actress, who is now very respected for her versatility and ingenious displays in front of the camera, is most recognized for the villainous role she played in General Hospital, a popular ABC soap opera.

Who Is Chloe Lanier and How Old is She?

Chloe Lanier was born on the 3rd of November, 1992, in the city of Dallas, Texas, USA. Growing up the actress had always been interested in acting and dreamed of becoming a star actress. Talking about that period of her life, she once revealed that whenever she watched movies as a child, she would carefully observe the movie stars interpreting their roles and then imagine that she was one of them. Her desire to make it big in Hollywood began from then.

She soon relocated from Texas to Los Angeles in search of fertile opportunities to begin her acting and it was not long before she found them. Chloe was still a teenager when she finally got her chance to show the world just what she has got inside her. In 2009 when she was just 17 years old, she was cast in a movie which was called The Effects of Tragedy. Her performance gave her some exposure to American movie fans.

Three years later in 2012, the young actress was invited to join the cast of Army Wives, an American television series, where she played the role of Penny. The same year she starred in a short drama film titled in Binding Paper. She made appearances in two other short drama films, Bad Karma and High School Honeys in 2013. She was slowly building up her name and reputation as an actress to watch out for.

In 2014, Chloe continued finding more screen time than ever. That year, she scored a guest-starring role in an episode of NCIS, an action police procedural television series in which she played the role of Emma Carter. Shortly after this, she was cast in North Blvd, a drama film in which she played Young Elaine. The young actress then went on to appear in Stalker, another police procedural crime drama television series.

Despite featuring in all these television series and independent movies, Chloe didn’t fully break into the limelight until 2015 when she was cast in General Hospital, a daytime television medical drama which was very popular among movie fans. At first, she was cast to play the role of Young Patricia Spencer in the series; then in 2016, she returned to the show but played a different role as Nelle Benson, a villainous character. The popularity of the series gave her a lot of exposure and introduced her to an unprecedented level of fame.

Chloe Lanier
Chloe Lanier (Middle) on the set of ‘General Hospital’

In fact, her acting prowess on the television series was so profoundly recognized that in 2017, she got nominated for the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series and ended up wining the award the next year, 2018.

Since making her appearances in General Hospital, Chloe has gone on to feature in other movies such as Pie in 2018 and Quail Lake in 2019. At the moment, she is focused on finding a lot more screen time and wowing fans with her incredible versatility.

Meet The Parents

The identity of her parents is not readily available as the actress has remained tight-lipped in making that disclosure. There is also no information about who her siblings are or what her early days really looked like. Chloe has chosen to protect her family’s privacy from her media as a result of her growing fame.

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Does She Have A Husband?

Chloe Lanier is not a single woman. The actress is actually in love with a man identified as Morgan McClellan. The couple has often displayed each other’s pictures on their social media pages as a way of professing their love for one the other. However, information about who McClellan really is has been generally lacking as he is also a very low-key person who has very few followers on social media.

Chloe and McClellan are apparently head over heels in love with each other. On Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2019, the actress shared a photo of herself and McClellan fondly holding on to each other. In her caption, she expressed her deep affection for him and also revealed that they had been together for five years. However, there is no word on the two getting married just yet.

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